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Thermo gel polish: a fashionable novelty!

The trends in manicure techniques are constantly changing, and specialists in this field are constantly looking for something new. An increase in the length of the nail with the help of artificial nails changed the extension, the varnish changed the gel varnish, and now there is also a thermo gel varnish!

What is thermo nail polish?

A feature of this varnish is that it changes color at different ambient temperatures.


Attractive appearance is the main advantage for fashionistas, however, in addition to appearance, usability also matters. Among the advantages are the following:

    1. The glossy finish always looks advantageous, it does not require multiple application.
    2. The material does not cut while wearing.
    3. After polymerization, a perfect manicure is provided for a long period of time..
    4. From the point of view of the master, there is no need for thorough preparation of the nail plate.
    5. The range of shades is very rich, which makes working with such material more interesting..
    6. The combination of changing colors is not only related adjacent combinations, but also unexpected colors.
Thermo gel polish: a fashionable novelty!
  1. It can be applied on nails of any length..

As a rule, it is enough to cover your nails once or twice.

Looking at a nail under a thermo-varnish, the effect of a chameleon is observed, that is, the color changes color from the base to the tip. This is due to the fact that the temperature of the nail on the entire plate is different, therefore, at the base, the nail changes its color, and towards the tip remains unchanged. “Work”, that is, the color begins to change the color after a temperature of 200 C. In addition, when lowering the hands in the heat, the nails will become monophonic, when it gets cold, the shade changes to another. On long nails, the color transition is smoother, on short – sharper. Be that as it may, the result is always unpredictable. Smooth transition can be initially incorporated into the varnish formula, which is kept in strict confidence..

 Thermal varnishes can be with various effects:

  • Contain holographic chips, that is, shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. This varnish has a matte finish..
  • Glitter can already be contained in the varnish, even of a large size. There are options in which both large and small elements are combined.
  • The effect of a chameleon can offer many manufacturers of varnishes. This is the reaction of the color scheme not only to temperature, but also to lighting.
  • Thermal varnish is not only a combination of two colors, it is also tri-color options. But few manufacturers can offer such options..

Evenly applying a thermo-varnish with sparkles of different sizes is more difficult than a plain version, but the final result is more interesting..

 Manicure Ideas

It is easy to use shellac at home, just follow a number of requirements.

Despite the apparent routine of applying the coating, there are several ideas for manicure using thermal varnish:

  • Using thermo gel polish, you can apply images with a brush. For example, a picture of roses with colorful shades will look fresh and new, especially when changing color.
  • Varnish can be successfully applied to decorate French manicure..
  • For a more successful embodiment of the idea, varnish can be combined with various types of decorative elements. These are rhinestones, foil, sparkles, crystals.
  • Using this varnish, you can easily make a gradient manicure combining several colors that turn into each other..

When applying the coating, you must pay attention to the following features:

  1. Before applying the base foundation, the nails must be degreased with acetone-free liquid..
  2. To maximize the effect, an acid-free primer is used. This will provide better grip on the nail..
  3. The base coat is applied to the nail and dried in a UV or LED lamp.
  4. Gel polish is applied either in one layer with a dense coating, or in two thin layers.
  5. This is followed by a top coating, which is dried in the lamp, after which the sticky layer is removed and the oil is rubbed into the cuticle.
  6. Avoid excessive drying of the varnish in the lamp..
  7. Thermo gel polish can also be combined with patterns, patterns and sliders for nails..

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