Almond hair oil – works wonders. Recipes for making homemade masks based on almond oil for hair


Among the variety of various natural remedies popular in cosmetology and trichology, sweet almond oil occupies a confident leading position. Improper lifestyle, too fast pace, poor ecology, junk food, addictions, stress and many other factors have a direct impact not only on the appearance of the hair, but also on the condition of the hair follicles. Almond hair oil is an affordable healing product that has a minimal list of contraindications and is able to return to health hair and radiant shine.

almond oil

Features of the composition of almond oil for hair and its beneficial qualities

Almond oil has an effective effect on the condition of the hair due to its high content of active and beneficial components. At the time of use, all substances of the oil penetrate deep into the hair and take part in metabolic processes. Therefore, almond oil can treat strands both from the inside and improve the appearance of the outside. Each component is important in its own way, and a certain role is assigned to it:

• Vitamin B9 creates a protective barrier for the hair from the effects of temperature extremes, for example, in severe frosts or, conversely, in the heat, also stimulates the active growth of hair;

• Vitamin PP saturates both natural and acquired hair tone, gives shine to curls, is a medicine for strengthening root bulbs, stopping loss, eliminating dandruff, normalizing the functioning of sebaceous glands, and is used to combat high fat content;

• the composition is rich in protein substances that charge hair with energy, they will noticeably come to life and shine;

almond oil

• a huge amount of organic acids, including linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic, arachinic, palmitoleic, linolenic and others. Acids are able to regenerate damaged hair cells, thereby restoring their structure, so they can also be used to revitalize dry ends, as well as for rehabilitation of hair after harsh and strong exposure to chemicals;

• fats help establish the subcutaneous circulation of lymph and blood, which can increase blood flow to the roots of the hair. Thanks to this, the nutrition of the hair improves, they become stronger and stronger, and their loss is eliminated;

• carotene has a moisturizing effect on the hair, which can revive even the driest strands and saturates the dull natural color;

• squalene is a component with anti-aging functions, which makes the hair elastic, but at the same time soft and docile;

• Vitamin E or tocopherol is necessary to enhance the natural qualities of squalene, in particular, anti-aging.

The rare use of such a unique ingredient as almond oil will give quick, but short-lived results, the best effect in the form of complete healing of the hair can be achieved only with regular use. Oil can be applied to curls both in pure form, and use it as an ingredient in various therapeutic masks.

Tips for choosing almond hair oil

The finished product almond oil is a viscous and not thick liquid that has a light yellow tint, a rather pleasant aroma and a small amount of fat. Almond differs from other cosmetic oils in that it rinses off the hair much faster and does not leave a greasy gloss on them. Almond oil is very convenient to use at home, but before that, you must choose it correctly.

1. The oil must be of high quality, fake and expired products should be avoided.

2. There should be no residue in the oil bottle.

3. The liquid should be transparent, with a yellowish tint.

4. The smell can be either slightly perceptible sweetish or completely absent.

5. Delicate nutty notes to taste..

6. Do not purchase almond oil in large volumes. It will be much better for hair if you purchase oil in volumes of 250-500 ml, so the product will always be fresh.

7. You need to purchase and store oil in dark glass bottles to preserve all their properties.

8. For cosmetic purposes, both varieties of almond oil are suitable: bitter and sweet.

almond oil

Features of using almond hair oil

The bottom shelf of the refrigerator is best for storing almond oil. However, before preparing a medical mask for hair, the product must be removed in 2-3 hours, so that it becomes room temperature. To enhance the properties of the oil and improve the effect of active components on the hair, the oil can be heated in a water bath, up to a maximum of 40 ° C.

Depending on the exciting problem, you should choose the method of applying almond oil:

• if it is necessary to strengthen the roots, stop hair loss, then it is necessary to apply masks based on almond oil on the scalp with gentle massaging movements;

• to restore split ends it will be enough only to get them wet in the prepared composition, preferably warm;

• to saturate the shine and enhance the color, it is necessary to apply the finished compositions evenly along the entire length of the hair.

After any method of applying the treatment mixture to the hair or skin, it is necessary to create a vacuum effect on the head using cellophane. On top of it, for warming, you need to put on a warm hat or wrap a terry towel.

The duration of maxi socks with almond oil depends on the type of skin. If the skin is thin or sensitive, and the components of the mask are aggressive components like mustard, alcohol, lemon juice, then you need to keep such products for no more than 15 minutes on the hair. In other cases, you can vary the time from 30 minutes to 8 hours, that is, calmly leave the mask overnight, depending on the selected components.


It is not difficult to rinse almond oil masks from the hair, they do not make the hair sticky and too shiny. To wash off, you need any ordinary shampoo. But it will be useful to rinse your hair after washing with a herbal decoction or water with the addition of lemon juice.

The frequency of procedures is 1-2 times a week. This is the optimal amount for any type of mask. After a cycle of procedures (10-15 pieces), it is advisable to take a break for 1 month and allow the hair to relax and recover during this time.

Almond oil mask hair recipes for all occasions

1. Mask for nutrition of dry tips. Frequent use of hair dryers, flat irons, exposure to wind and sunlight significantly worsen the condition of the ends of the hair in the first place. To prepare a nourishing mask for their recovery will need 1 tbsp. l each ingredient:

• almond oil;

• cereals;

• milk.

Apply the composition exclusively to the ends of the hair, leave it covered for 30 minutes, and then rinse off.

Another mask recipe for the rehabilitation of damaged ends includes almond oil, 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp lemon juice. Such a composition is applied similarly to the previous one, but is washed off with warm water.

2. Mask to enhance hair growth. The composition of such a mask is as follows:

• almond oil;

• yolk of 1 chicken egg or 3 yolk of quail eggs;

• peach oil 1 tbsp. l .;

• as much cognac – this ingredient can also eliminate oily hair.


The composition is applied to the hair roots for at least 40 minutes, for a maximum of 1 hour. During this time, the head should be warmly wrapped..

3. Mask against hair loss. Another mask recipe, which includes an egg yolk, as well as a powder variety of mustard 1 tbsp. l., the main oil, water and kefir (can be replaced if necessary yogurt) in a mass ratio of 2: 1: 3. The mixture is rubbed into the roots and left on the hair for about 1 hour in a warm form.

4. Mask for oily hair. To create this mask, you need to mix several oils – almond and any ethereal of the choice. It can be lemon, cypress, cedar, bergamot – all of them have a beneficial effect on the hair. Apply a mixture of oils should massage movements to the root area. Then you need for weeks a plastic hat or bag, wrap a towel over your head and hold the mask on your hair for 30 minutes to 2 hours. With such a procedure, you can significantly reduce the oil content of your hair every week, and strengthen the hair follicles..

5. Mask for dry hair. For it, you will need 1 additional ingredient – ylang-ylang oil of the fragrant cananga tree 2 drops (can be replaced with mandarin, orange or sandalwood if desired).

You can wear such a mask without using insulation, in the clear. Another version of the mask to eliminate dry hair includes such an auxiliary component as any brown oil in a proportion of 1k2 relative to the base. Such a mixture is applied completely to the entire hair for 1 hour.

6. Mask against dandruff. Problems with the scalp, such as dandruff and itching, can help eliminate the mask from almond oil and pulp from the aloe vera plant. Ingredients must be taken in equal quantities in a ratio of 1: 1.

Another recipe for dandruff mask: you need 2 tbsp. l almond oil and liquid honey, as well as 2 drops of eucalyptus and rosemary.

Any of the compounds must be gently rubbed into the skin and wait for the result for about 1-2 hours.

The essential advantages of almond oil are its versatility and the absence of contraindications. Only individual intolerance to the product or its components can become an obstacle to use..

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