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broken glass manicure: photos, latest news

 The art of nail art expands its horizons. Today, there are many interesting techniques that allow you to perform a manicure of unprecedented beauty..

Most recently, nail service masters began to use the original Broken Glass design. What is its feature and how to do it at home, we will talk in this section.



  • Broken glass fashion manicure: design options
  • How to manicure broken glass with gel polish at home?
  • Manicure ideas broken glass, photo

Broken glass fashion manicure: design options

The design of the manicure “Broken Glass” of the photo, which can be seen on our website, attracts with its original drawing, which cannot be repeated. No, glass is not used in the work, as you might think, starting from the name of the technique. Bright highlights and overflows are created using pieces of holographic cellophane, which are glued to the nail plate. Today, holographic stickers can be purchased in specialized stores without problems, which will help you quickly and easily achieve the desired result. If you don’t have time to visit the shops, you can completely dispense with the mica that remained after the flower bouquet, a wrapper from chocolate bars or irregular rhinestones.

Like any other manicure, “broken glass” can have various design options. To create an unusual effect, multi-colored foil, mirror cellophane, holographic stickers, etc. are available..

Fashionable manicure looks spectacular when using a black background with silver or golden fragments. This design of nails creates a three-dimensional pattern that captivates and attracts the eye. You can admire it for ages.

Shiny pieces look interesting against the background of deep shades of the base varnish. Especially this season, dark blue, purple, cherry color is relevant..

In order to make the manicure look concise, but at the same time have its own unique zest, you can design only a few nails in the style of “broken glass”, and cover the rest with monophonic gel polish.

Of course, it’s hard not to mention the romantic and delicate version, which uses pastel-colored varnishes or a colorless coating in general, on top of which foil pieces are laid in a chaotic manner.

You can also beat not only the color, but the shape of the pieces. They can be in the form of triangles, rhombuses, squares. Sizes start from the smallest to the largest.

Broken glass manicure goes well with other types of design. He can often be seen in a duet with a French jacket..

You can perform a traditional French design, and decorate two (nameless and index) nails with fragments close in color to the main color.

How to manicure broken glass with gel polish at home?

If you want to learn the technique of “broken glass with gel polish”, then you are advised to read the photo step by step, as well as draw various ideas for manicure on our website.

So, how to make a manicure with the effect of broken fragments. It is created using special material that can be purchased at the store. It can be holographic polyethylene or foil. Moreover, the foil can be with a 3 D effect. You can also use chocolate foil.

For work you will need:

  • Colorless base;
  • Gel polish of any desired shade;
  • Top coating;
  • Foil or stickers;
  • Thin brush or tweezers.

Before proceeding with the design of the nail plates, it is necessary to carefully prepare them. Cut the cuticle, remove the old coating, give them the correct shape with a nail file.

In advance, you need to prepare decorative elements, if necessary, cut foil pieces giving them the desired shape and size.

Next, you can proceed to the design:

A base coat is applied to the nails, which polymerizes in a UV lamp.

  • Further, the nails are alternately covered with a colored or transparent gel polish and dried thoroughly in a lamp.
  • Without waiting for the varnish to dry, use tweezers to grab the pieces and put them in the necessary order.
  • In the final, a top coating is used, which also needs drying. At the end, the sticky layer is removed.
  • The place where the cuticle was cut is recommended to be treated with nutritious oil.

That’s all, the original and stylish design on the nails is ready!

Manicure ideas broken glass, photo

Manicure the effect of broken glass is a current trend that has won the hearts of millions of girls. He is unusual, bright and creative. It looks appropriate in a festive way. The right color scheme with fragments will look spectacular and solemn.

Often, girls use this type of design in the summer. After all, glare and transfusion in the sun look very unusual! With the skillful combination of colors and iridescent fragments, you can create a real kaleidoscope.

The fragmentation design has no limits. It suits both young women and adult women.

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