What to give the girl: fulfill the wishes of the little princess


Girls are real little princesses, every whim of which I want to certainly fulfill. This is especially true of popes who don’t dwell on their lovely little daughters. And here’s what you can give a girl for a holiday?

The choice of a gift must be taken with all responsibility. It hardly makes sense to give dolls that the child already has nowhere to put. I want it to be something unusual, original, taking into account the addictions and hobbies of the girl. A gift should not only arouse interest, but also be beneficial.

Gift for a little fashionista

Girls are very fond of dressing up, so a certificate for the purchase of children’s clothing in a fashion store will be a wonderful gift. And if you are aware of the fashionable addictions of the baby, then you can choose a beautiful outfit yourself.

You can also give interesting shoes, a bright handbag, or a pretty hat.


And little girls just love all sorts of hair clips, elastic bands and trinkets, so your trip to the jewelry department will surely be crowned with the purchase of a wonderful gift.

Now all parents are trying to provide their children with cell phones. Therefore, a great gift will be mobile accessories – pendants, trinkets and little things, as well as a custom case – with a touching cute print or even a photo of a girl.

Girls 9-10 years old are already beginning to be interested in cosmetics. Of course, for sets of shadows and mascara, the time will come soon, but for shower gels, shampoos, boiling bath balls and hygienic lipsticks, the crumbs will certainly be happy!


Gifts for school

The school can not do without stationery and special accessories for lessons.

Chalk board.

Beautiful pencil case.

Table set.

Set of felt-tip pens or colored pencils.

Easel and tripod.

Brushes, watercolor, gouache.

A personal diary that closes with a key.

Unusual Erasers Set.



You can give either one of the above, or combine several items, for example, a set for painting, consisting of an easel, tripod, paints, albums, brushes and colored pencils, will be a wonderful gift option for a girl.

Gift for a girl: a hobby is your guide when choosing a gift

Parents often send their children to classes in the sports section, dance or music school. If you know what the baby is sincerely passionate about, this will greatly facilitate your task when choosing a gift..

If a girl makes music, a musical instrument will become a wonderful gift, and not necessarily the one on which she learns to play. Baby mastering a guitar? Then give her a flute – she will be pleasantly surprised! Playing different instruments is interesting and incredibly useful for the development of hearing, hand motor skills, and aesthetic perception of a child. Is the girl seriously interested in computer? Then she will definitely appreciate the wireless keyboard and mouse as a gift, a stylish headset or a comfortable computer chair.


You can give the necessary materials for creativity to a little needlewoman who loves to sew, knit or sculpt beautiful figures. If the baby likes to go to the rink, give her skates. To stimulate the desire to engage in figure skating, present the girl with a bright performance suit embroidered with multi-colored sequins – she will be delighted!


You can buy a young swimmer a beautiful swimsuit and a hat, a cozy terry dressing gown and bright slates, or a subscription to the pool.

Many girls have their favorite idols, which they imitate with pleasure. It can be actors, singers, athletes or characters of fairy tales and cartoons. You can profitably use the information you have and present as a gift:


a bag or backpack with an image of an idol;

clothes with his photo;

autographed poster;

a watch, a pencil case, a diary with a picture that depicts a beloved hero;

a collection of songs, DVDs with films or cartoons, etc..

Believe me, having received one of these presents, the girl will just squeak with delight!

Firework of emotions as a gift

What do all children love to do? Of course, have fun! So give the little girl extravaganza of pleasant impressions!

If baby loves animals, be sure to take her to a circus or zoo. Such events can get bored quite quickly for small children, but a girl of 7-10 years old will watch our smaller brothers with great interest.

You can also go to the cinema for a cartoon or fantasy in three-dimensional format. The girl will gladly look at her favorite characters in 3D glasses and gnaw on sweet popcorn. A win-win idea is to go with your whole family to an amusement park. Shouting on a roller coaster, admiring the view from the Ferris wheel, nibbling a piece of cotton candy from a pink cloud, which could be more wonderful for a child! Does the girl have a special interest in the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom? Then give her a ticket to the aquarium. Also a great option is a trip to the dolphin show, where you can not only see what incomparable tricks these smiling creatures make, but also swim with them. Believe me, a child will remember such a stunning fountain of emotions for a long time!

In addition, you can arrange a grand holiday for the baby at home or in a cafe, inviting her best friends. Let it be a theme party where all guests dress up in fairy-tale characters, and the hero of the occasion will be dressed in the oriental outfit of Princess Jasmine or Cinderella’s magnificent ball gown. And if you also call the animators who will arrange funny contests, games and dances for boys and girls, the kids will be just overjoyed!


Original birthday gifts for girls

This category is especially for those who do not know what to give to a girl who has everything. Original gifts will not leave anyone indifferent!

PHOTOSESSION. Girls, as a rule, are very fond of posing for the camera and often dream of becoming actresses or models. Photo session will give the hero of the occasion the opportunity to try on interesting images and admire vivid photographs.


Plant in a pot. Such a gift will teach the girl care, because the flower will need to be watered and generally looked after him in every possible way. Parents can actively engage in this process, measuring the plant, which will grow together with their little mistress.

A pet. He will become a true friend for a girl!


Original piggy bank. It’s time for the girl to find out the price of money, so the piggy bank of an unusual shape will become not only a decorative element in the interior of the room, but also a very useful little thing that will teach the child how to save and correlate desires with opportunities.

Sweet gifts. But why then they are classified as unusual, you ask. And all because this should be an original chocolate cake, and possibly a pastry masterpiece, baked with your own hands, a bouquet of kinder surprises or sweets interspersed with soft toys. There will be no limit to the delight of the little sweet tooth!

Children’s master class. Specialists will help teach the hero of the occasion and the rest of the young guests how to make origami, make soap, make candles, sculpt chocolate candies or draw with sand on glass. Such a gorgeous gift will absolutely appeal to the baby and invited children!

Put as a gift a beautiful card with sincere wishes and a bunch of flowers – a small coquette should already get used to such signs of attention!