How to celebrate a birthday in winter – 6 holiday options

Below we will consider several options for organizing the holiday, with the exception of those that imply the two banal scenarios described above.

Rent country apartments

The holiday will surely succeed if it takes place in the bohemian surroundings of a country mansion. Yes, not just in a cozy, but cramped cottage, but in a luxurious palace with a bathhouse, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a wood-burning fireplace and other components. It is unlikely that the average layman has such a luxury, so you have to rent a mansion for the weekend.


Who said celebrating a birthday on nature in winter is less fun than in summer? On the contrary, the weather will only add to the romanticism of the situation. Have a picnic with your company in a park or any other picturesque place. Stock up on food, make a fire, and the rest will be done by the gracious mood of those present. And for appetite, there is nothing better than skiing in crisp snow and participating in outdoor contests..


Ski resort

A more thorough option, how to celebrate a birthday in winter, is a trip with friends to a ski resort, since almost every major city has a similar complex nearby. Here you can pass the day for a leisurely ride or descent from the mountain, fool around, driving on a sled, and later in the evening arrange a noisy feast in a restaurant or bar.


Go to the water park

This option is relevant only for those who live in large cities with developed infrastructure. Although it will be celebrated in the winter, a trip to the water park will give you a summer mood, where it is always warm and streams of water will remind you of a vacation in the tropics. Especially appropriate if your company has children – they will be more happy than the birthday.


Go to the seaside resort

If you don’t have a water park near you, but you want to plunge into the summer, leave to celebrate your birthday at the seaside resort – the most radical, but also the most memorable option at the same time. You can surely find a cheap short tour, but you are unlikely to gather all your friends with you. But even if the trip lasts for a few days, a vivid impression of a change of scenery is guaranteed.


Hire Organizers

And finally, the last alternative is to entrust the organization of a birthday in the winter to professionals. Today, there are many companies that are happy to undertake a holiday from scratch and turnkey. Moreover, even the birthday person will not know about exactly where and in what format it will flow. The more pleasant the surprise will be and the brighter the experience..

At least one of the above six scenarios of how fun and unusual to celebrate your birthday in winter is suitable for any situation. As you can see, there are not so few alternatives for going to a club or a home feast.