Girlfriend’s Birthday Surprise: 23 Original Ideas

The main rule of a successful surprise is that it should cause just a storm of emotions. To guess, one must proceed from the tastes of a person, his desires and character. But a surprise for a girlfriend’s birthday should in no case mean buying a thing that she had wanted for a long time – this is a pleasant, but still just a gift. Give emotions better – they are much more valuable than any things.

For a surprise to be a real surprise, choose a moment when nothing distracts your girlfriend. And do not forget to prepare a few kind words. Well, so that you do not have a headache, we will tell you 23 original ideas on how to make a birthday surprise for a girlfriend that fits into any budget.

If you don’t have much financial resources

Box with a surprise. Present a gift box, just refuse the usual presentation, it is better to fill it with butterflies, flowers or balloons.


A surprise of balloons. Inflate a lot of balls, hide them behind the door, wrapping them in plastic so that they do not fall out. When a friend opens the door in the morning, they will fall on her. Such a surprise for a birthday will be appreciated by girls with humor.


A lot of wishes. Make wishes with her name and print them on plain paper. Post them all over her daily itinerary.

Congratulations on the pavement. Remember your childhood and draw a festive inscription made of crayons on asphalt or on the wall of the house opposite.


Congratulation on a billboard. Rent a shield for advertising and place on it her portrait with wishes. Your girlfriend will definitely appreciate such a surprise.

Money bouquet. If you plan to give money, instead of a standard bouquet, present a bouquet of balls, hiding money, sparkles, confetti in them.


Recording a song. Record a funny song with your friends and congratulate your girlfriend.

Skating rink or rollerdrome ticket. It will be a great surprise to gather a few close friends secretly, to invite a birthday girl and to go rollerblading or ice skating with a fun company.


Hire a bowling alley. Book a track in advance so that you don’t have to stand in line with her birthday on her birthday. And when the game is paid, divide into teams and help win the hero of the occasion.

Congratulatory poem. Remember all the dates, nicknames, jokes that are important to you, and include all this in a personal congratulatory poem. It can be spoken orally or written on a beautiful card.

Fortune cookies. You can either buy it or bake it yourself, by putting pieces of paper with cool predictions inside the finished cookies.


A bouquet of sweets or a box of sweets. The bouquet can be made independently by purchasing all the necessary sweets, or purchased in a specialized store. Even if the birthday girl is an adult woman, she will be delighted with the big box with sweets, fruits and kinder surprises. If desired, an additional gift can also be hidden inside..

A huge snow sculpture. If a girlfriend’s birthday surprise is planned in winter, you can dazzle a huge snowman near her house by dressing him in a hat and giving a bunch of balls in his hand. And then, as in childhood, call her out and arrange a snow fight with a gift for the winner.


Oscar statuette. If a friend plans to celebrate a birthday, you can warn all the guests in advance and play the Oscars. You can give nominations to the guests, and the main prize to the birthday girl.

Quest in search of a gift. Arrange a holiday quest for a girlfriend on your girlfriend’s birthday looking for a gift. For example, give her some small gift in which the first clue will lie. Then, when she finds the first surprise, you can hide the next little surprise (lip gloss, eye shadow, handkerchief, notebook, pen, Best Friend medal, everything that comes to mind) and another hint. So until she finds the main gift.

If finances allow you to arrange something more

A ride in a limousine. Book with your friends an evening trip around the city in a limousine and celebrate her Birthday in it.


Rent a table. Book a table in the club and have a real party with close friends (tell a friend that you took care of everything, just warn in advance so that she can get ready. In addition to the club, you can choose a beach, boat, just a booth in a cafe.


Private dance. If you have a bachelorette party – order a birthday dance a private dance. But be careful with such a surprise if your girlfriend is married.

Certificate for spa treatments. Buy a certificate for relaxing spa treatments and take her there after a hard day. This will greatly relieve fatigue and set you up for a real holiday..

Strip dance membership. Even if a friend never had a special love for sports, she would definitely like pylon exercises.


Campaign for fish peeling. While Garra Rufa’s fish remove rough skin from their feet, you can have a great chat in the company of your closest girlfriends over a cup of cocoa or fragrant tea.

Interest master class. On specialized sites you can buy an individual or group master class of any subject – from soap making to learning the basics of samba.

A day at the water park. You can feel like the queen of the beach even in winter. Moreover, in the water park you don’t have to ride the slides – there is also a jacuzzi, a sauna and a relaxation area.


And even if the idea is even the most reckless, it will surely become another reason for your smiles over the years. Do not make banal surprises like buying a huge bear – we have prompted you to more than twenty options for truly cool surprises for your girlfriend’s birthday. Think and exercise.