Pajama Party Scenario: Three Event Options

It is believed that pajama parties are the lot of young people, and always women. The company of young girls retires and spends all night long for their favorite pastime – washing the bones of guys and girlfriends who for some reason are not present at the event. But if you are a little more than 18 years old, do not despair – gatherings in pajamas are not forbidden for you at all. Maybe the “est-party” format is more suitable for your company?

Pajama aesthetic party

What is the difference between a pajama party aesthetic scenario and regular youth? Only the fact that quite adult girls participate in it. The most important thing in gatherings of this format is the corresponding dress code. Guests do not even dress up in pajamas, but in erotic lingerie – stockings, erotic tops, high-heeled shoes. Of course, and conversations in adults I will give appropriate – relationships, fashion, etc..

From the refreshments at the esthetic party, there can be anything – from light sandwiches (to light ones, after all, esthetic girls need to keep an eye on their figure) to sushi. For drinks, cognac and cocktails are preferable – but here you will orient yourself depending on the tastes of the guests.

Pajama fly-party

Aesthetic-style pajama party scripts don’t you like? Do you think a quiet pastime for a leisurely conversation and sipping a drink is too boring? In this case, we offer you an alternative holiday option – fly-party.

If you decide to follow this particular scenario, then remember that the main thing on it is noisy fun, so you have to wake up youthful enthusiasm in yourself. The dress code should be in the subject – bright colorful pajamas, T-shirts, underwear. Do not forget to furnish the apartment in a cheerful setting – arrange a comfortable bed where you can comfortably accommodate, scatter pillows around the room. The apogee of the party according to the scenario of the fly-party is a fight with the very pillows.


Pajama romantic party

The romantic party script is a classic of pajama parties. It may not be noisy here, the main thing is the corresponding relaxing atmosphere, when everyone feels comfortable. Therefore, invite only the closest friends to a romantic party.

Entertainment at a romantic pajama party can be very different. For example, a get-together begins with the exchange of gossip and eating delicacies – fruits washed down with champagne. When everyone has talked about it, you can watch in a warm and confidential atmosphere everyone’s favorite romantic film – “Twilight”, “Vanilla Sky” or any other.

If you are interested in a script for holding a pajama party, we hope that we helped you decide on its format. You can issue it in your own way, most importantly, so that the appropriate company of friends is picked up.