How to celebrate an unusual and inexpensive birthday: 5 ideas

You need to think about how your birthday will be in advance, at least for a week or two. In order for both you and the guests to enjoy the holiday, it is not enough to take care of the treats, it is important to think through everything to the smallest detail: the venue of the celebration, the number of guests, themes, contests (if any). Even weather conditions should be taken into account if a birthday is planned in nature. Based on these requirements, the budget of the celebration will depend.

How to Celebrate a Birthday: Ideas

The training plan includes:

Decide on the venue of the celebration. It can be a restaurant, cafe, night club, cottage, even the most ordinary apartment can be turned into an ideal place for a celebration, if it will be a themed birthday. In this case, you need to decide on the topic.
Come up with and write a script. “Beach mood”, “Cocktail party”, “Pajama party”, no matter what name you come up with, the main thing is that it coincides with the main idea of ​​the celebration.
Design a place of celebration. If the birthday is planned at home, in the country or in nature, then you should think about the design of the place. All details must match the theme of the celebration. If the birthday will be held without a script, it’s enough to decorate the atmosphere with colorful balloons, posters, funny photos of you and your friends.
Prepare surprises for guests. To make it pleasant not only for the birthday party, but also for the guests, it would be best to prepare small gifts in advance. You can present them at any stage of the birthday. The surprise will be more unexpected, the more interesting. The main thing is that he be cheerful and harmless.
Do not forget to capture the holiday in the photo. Imagine how it will be interesting to gather with friends and remember this day. Therefore, think about the photo and video in advance. If you don’t have a high-quality camera, think about who can take it from.

5 best ideas for an unusual and inexpensive birthday

Now that all the important points have been taken into account, it is time to decide on the format of the celebration. The 5 best ideas on how to celebrate a birthday are truly unusual and very inexpensive..

Japanese-style birthday

Japan party

If you and your friends are regular guests of Japanese restaurants, love sushi and rolls, then it’s time to get acquainted not only with the cuisine, but also with the culture of the land of the rising sun. Inform guests in advance about the format of the holiday so that they can prepare geisha dresses. To do this, it is not necessary to look for a real kimono, a bright beautiful dressing gown or an elongated silk shirt with a wide sleeve, belted with a strap, is suitable.

As treats, the same rolls, sushi, sashimi that can be ordered in a restaurant or made by yourself are suitable. Diversify the table with other fish and seafood dishes. Forget about the usual serving. Prepare dishes and appliances traditional for Japanese cuisine: wooden sticks, bamboo mat mats, square or rectangular plates. Decorate dishes with bright umbrellas, and a table with floating candles and napkins folded in a fan. Finish the feast with a tea ceremony.

To create a festive atmosphere, take care of decorating the apartment. To do this, suitable paintings depicting sakura, fans with oriental patterns, bright paper lanterns, scented lamps, incense, floating candles.

Birthday in karaoke style

Karaoke party

If the soul requires music and fun – organize a karaoke party. You can celebrate your birthday both at the karaoke club and at home. In the first case, you don’t have to worry at all about how to entertain the guests, in the second – just find the right equipment (you can rent it) and pick up incendiary songs. For your convenience, you can create a catalog with a list of available songs, so that it is easier for guests to navigate.

Singing under karaoke can be accompanied by contests. The simplest is the performance of the song on points. This can be a one-on-one competition or team competition. Or the competition “Who sings whom,” where each team competes in who will remember more songs on a given topic. You can play “Guess the melody”, for this you need to guess the song by the initial melody and sing a small passage.

Keep in mind that for a full-fledged karaoke party you will need at least two or three microphones.

Birthday on the beach

Beach party

For those who have a summer birthday, there is a great idea – to organize a party on the lake or even the pool. To do this, you need to make light snacks in advance and prepare the necessary products for cocktails. The celebration should be accompanied by a disco, beach games and competitions. Alternatively, have a Hawaiian party. Dress Code – Swimwear Only.

Main costs: snacks for the festive table and transportation costs.

Rooftop birthday

Rooftop party

Perhaps the most unusual idea is to celebrate a birthday on the roof of a tall house with a beautiful view of the city. This option is offered by many agencies in Moscow and St. Petersburg..

Alternatively, you can organize a holiday yourself. To do this, set the festive table or arrange an original buffet, think about music and decorating the venue. The final moment of the party will be a festive firework. Just before you go to the roof, make sure access to it is open.

Birthday on Wheels

Birthday on Wheels

Try at least once instead of the usual restaurant or home feast to celebrate a birthday on wheels – this is really unusual and very inexpensive. You will only pay for the rent of a limousine or party bus (cost from 2 thousand per hour). You can bring drinks and snacks with you..

Of course, ordering a table in a restaurant with the appropriate show program will greatly facilitate the life of the birthday person. But will such a birthday be special, unusual and inexpensive? Therefore, at least once refuse a boring home feast and mark your holiday so that it will be remembered by you and your friends.