What to give a girlfriend for her birthday: a difficult question, an easy answer


You can say that we are too practical and pragmatic, but we think cheap gifts need to be said no. There are no sufficient financial means for the purchase of excellent and high-quality goods? Then “throw off” money with your friends. Even with an inexpensive tablet or smartphone, a gold bracelet or small household appliances, your friend will be glad much more than a soft toy or other unnecessary trifle.

There are several universal options for birthday gifts for a girlfriend that will help solve the problem quickly and easily..

We give creativity and show imagination with benefit

Original gifts for a girlfriend for her birthday can be a great choice, no matter what age she is. The vast majority of women’s magazines and sites give the right advice – remember what your friend likes and likes.

What to give a friend - a ticket to a theater or concert

Theater or concert ticket

Suppose she wants to get to the theater or Present her and buy a ticket for the premiere of a performance or a concert, and you will see that she will be pleased. Note that the cost of such pleasure is low. But it will bring double benefits – it will please now and increase the level of education subsequently.

What to give a friend - fitness subscription

Fitness subscription

What to give a friend for her birthday, who is crazy about sports and constantly watches her figure? Everything is very simple. The ideal gift option is a fitness subscription to the best hall in your city. Sports equipment is also perfect, but it all depends on your financial abilities. A variety of simulators cost a lot. And equipment such as a jump rope or hoop may just be unnecessary. Do not litter their friend’s apartment.

What to give a girlfriend - certificate for extreme entertainment

Extreme Entertainment Certificate

The issue with an original, but useful gift for the birthday girl is solved in two ways, if she likes extreme sports. Yes, yes, you should not think that only men like active pastime.

Your girlfriend will scream joyfully for her whole birthday if you buy for her a certificate for a hang glider or parachute jump. Or maybe you are ready to send her to the sky with an instructor on a small plane, in which she can take control? Then she will remember your decision not only the whole next week, but all her life.

Summing up the theme with practical, but original birthday gifts, let’s say that certificates and season tickets can be your salvation. After all, you can even buy them at a tattoo parlor or at a Thai massage session. Think about what your friend is delighted with now or what she dreamed for a long time.

Useful gifts. Trite? No practical!

If you still don’t know what to give your girlfriend for your birthday, remember yourself. you must have been presented with beautiful but useless presents more than once. Do you need them? No, which means your friend doesn’t need them either.

When choosing practical gifts, you should also consider several rules. The main thing – try to choose what the birthday girl has been dreaming of for a long time, but what she herself cannot acquire. Believe me, there are many such things..

What to give a friend - makeup kit

Makeup kit

As a birthday present, you can choose cosmetics, but only expensive and of good quality. No matter how old your girlfriend is – 20 or 60, she will always be happy with such a present. Don’t know what makeup your girlfriend prefers? Why don’t you start a conversation about it and take a closer look, which company’s funds are on its shelf now?

What to give a friend - shower set

Bath and shower set

Let a set of shampoo and conditioner be the most commonplace choice. But it will be useful, unlike an artificial stuffed rabbit or an expensive skull-shaped ashtray.

What to give a friend - bedding

Beautiful bedding

A win-win and memorable option, because she will sleep on it almost every day. For a girl 25-35 years old – this is a beautiful bedding made of silk. Choose a kit that a friend wouldn’t buy personally, but that looks expensive and luxurious. Don’t let the fact that the gift is already in solid packaging relax you – pack it again. Branded packages do not count.

What to give a friend - beautiful underwear

Perfumes or beautiful underwear

There is a big BUT! In such matters, you can make the right decision only if you know exactly what aroma she likes or if you and your friend take a walk to the nearest perfume shop and choose a gift for her birthday. For underwear, the same rules apply. Go shopping together.

Given the tastes of a friend, be guided by the mind and consider the following gift options:

elite varieties of coffee and tea, stylish coffee makers and teapots for them;
for held young mothers who are crazy about their child – toys that involve joint transmission of the parent and the baby.

Expensive cosmetic sets, bedding, home decoration and even cutlery – all this you can safely give to your girlfriend for his birthday. BUT! They must be really necessary and of high quality. No flower pots for that friend who is not enthusiastic about home plants. And no pots and sets of plates, if she does not like and does not know how to cook.

Best Gift – Great Mood

No matter how strange it may sound, but the best option that it is only possible to present to a friend on her birthday is sometimes joy and pleasant emotions. The following gifts will definitely give your friend a great mood.

What to give a friend - spa membership

Gift certificate in SPA salon

Think about “dropping off” along with other guests invited to the holiday and getting a certificate for visiting a spa center or beauty salon. Imagine that an event begins with a massage or with a manicure. Your happy girlfriend and you are created the perfect hairstyle and great makeup. You are treated to champagne or tea, sweets and chocolate. This is a dream that can be realized easily and pleasantly..

A visit to a stylist, beautician, massage therapist can end in a nightclub or cafe. Never forget such a gift.

What to give a friend - an unusual gift

An ordinary gift in an unusual performance

Has it already been decided that the celebration will take place at home or in the restaurant? It is quite possible to supplement a practical present with incredible positive emotions. Inflate a lot of balloons and put a miniature gift and a note with wishes in each of them.

Let the hero of the occasion every half hour “open” one ball and take out mini-gifts. In the notes, you can specify various tasks for both guests and herself. To say a toast, sing a song, read poetry, crow in a chair – everything is limited only by your imagination with your friends. But the fact that such moments will be remembered for many more years is beyond doubt.

For Birthday, friends are presented with a variety of things. Many psychologists advise one tricky trick – tell the birthday girl that they allegedly gave you, and you will know her attitude to gifts. She said “hmm” in response to being presented with a book, a stuffed toy, bedding or a bouquet of flowers? Feel free to put off the idea of ​​such purchases in the long run and look for other solutions..