How to decorate the office for the New Year: create a festive workplace


How to decorate the office for the New Year 2017. At work, we spend most of our time. Christmas and New Year is no exception. Therefore, it is so important to create a New Year’s atmosphere in your office in order to properly tune in to the right mood. At the same time, the rule of decorating the office is somewhat different from the basics of decorating your own apartment. In this case, certain requirements are made to the cabinet. And if at the office you receive clients or business partners, and the rules provide for a business style in everything, then in this case you should be extremely careful when decorating the office. Finally, we should not forget that those decorations that are appropriate at home are completely unacceptable in the office. In addition, if you share an office with colleagues, you should also consider their opinion.

If you are still thinking about whether to decorate the workplace – it’s time to stop doubting.


How to decorate the office

When decorating an office in the New Year’s style, you should adhere to the basic rules so that your office is beautifully decorated, it is best to keep a single color scheme. In addition, it is imperative to coordinate your ideas with management..

With the help of jewelry you can show your loyalty to the company and increase your reputation in the eyes of partners and customers. Hang on a Christmas tree toys with the symbols of your company. Place a vase of tangerines on the reception table that every guest can enjoy.


This will not require excessive investment and labor, but what effect you will achieve! The best rule of decorating the interior of an office is better, less is better. Therefore, the main style that should be followed is minimalism. After all, the main thing – jewelry should not distract from work. They must tune in a festive mood and help relax during breaks..


How to decorate an office for the New Year 2017: office decoration

The easiest and most effective way to decorate the office is to resort to the professional services of a designer. In this case, you will get a beautiful, festive decor, and not separate, scattered and unpretentious decorations. It makes sense to resort to this method if your office is focused on expanding your client base, raising your reputation and strengthening market positions. In this case, it makes sense to contact one of the many holiday agencies, which will take all the care of decorating the office into their own hands.


Designers will be able to create a real Christmas tale in your office or home office. Typical decor options offered by holiday agencies for decorating the office: a variety of artificial Christmas trees; handmade Christmas trees look unique and especially festive garlands of paper, spruce or pine branches, decorated with branches of mountain ash, tangerines, cones or other decorative elements; needles arches (which will look great in doorways); New Year’s compositions from fir branches, bows, tangerines and flowers in baskets; light garlands and figures; helium-inflated balloons; elements of New Year’s decor made of polystyrene and felt; drapery fabric.


One of the latest trends is the creation of a selfie zone. As a rule, this trend is more relevant for cafes and entertainment venues, but why not take advantage of their experience? This will create a positive atmosphere in the workplace, and if you are busy servicing customers, then their number will also captivate. In this case, the likelihood that they will take your brochures with them increases. They will definitely remember you for a long time and distinguish you from competitors.

A budget version of the selfie zone is New Year-themed wall stickers. At the same time, ordering a festive decor from professionals, whatever one may say, requires certain investments. This is perhaps the only minus of this design option..

How to decorate the office with your own hands

If your office is more focused on working with documents than with clients, then you can decorate your office for the New Year with your own hands. In addition to the fact that it will cost you much cheaper, it will also unite the team.


Free team building, so to speak. If you involve the whole team in this pleasant activity, then the effect will undoubtedly intensify. An affordable option for independent decor is hanging stars from branches. In addition, you can always order individual design services. For example, you can limit yourself to a designer garland and decorate the front door with it. And the rest do it yourself. Or you can order an arch of bright Christmas balls.


If traditional New Year’s ideas seem unnecessarily cliched to you, then you can show your imagination and create a truly unique festive interior. An option for the most daring – a comic figure of the chief, placed under the Christmas tree. However, this idea is suitable if your leader is endowed with a sense of humor. Such a figurine can be created using wire, cotton wool, Christmas accessories and other handy materials, or you can use any ready-made stencil (for example, ready-made figures of Santa Claus or Snow Maiden). Add the traits inherent in your boss to the figure – and you’re done.


Ideas for decorating the office

Office decor is worth considering the concept of decoration in advance. You need to think about choosing a unifying theme, a single color scheme. You can prepare for the Year of the Rooster by decorating the office with New Year’s balls of red color or adjacent shades – orange, cranberry, fiery red.

for decoration, it is better to choose one, maximum two colors, so that the workplace does not look chaotic.


An interesting option is to design an office using balls that are designed in a color palette corresponding to the symbols of the company. At the same time, with the help of holiday balls, you can decorate not only the Christmas tree, but also the ceiling, hanging them on a New Year’s rain. In this way, they can be combined into whole compositions. If you want something more original than Christmas balls, then you can decorate the ceiling and Christmas tree with Christmas red-white sticks, candies, or tangerines. Even sweets will do. Remember how police officers decorated their office in the popular TV series Commissar Rex. They decorated the office tree with sausage sandwiches. Of course, we do not offer you such an extreme option (sooner or later the sausage will deteriorate and will not exude the most festive aromas). Lol)


Office tree

What is New Year without a Christmas tree? Perhaps even stricter requirements are imposed on the decor of an office beauty than on the decoration of a home Christmas tree. Of course, this should be an artificial model that will serve your team for more than one year. Therefore, you should not save on it.


Go to decorate the Christmas tree with fantasy and decorate it with elements that refer to the specifics of your office. If you are connected with photo services, then voluminous paper toys with pictures captured on them are suitable. If the work of your office is related to real estate or tourism, then why not hang toys on the spruce branches in the form of figures of the most famous world attractions – Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum. It’s a good idea to hang your company’s products in a smaller form on a Christmas tree. A mini-tree with newspaper sheets is suitable for decorating office tables of a media holding.


However, not every office can accommodate even a small Christmas tree. As an alternative, you can use miniature desktop options. To create a fragrant atmosphere, buy pine branches with cones in advance. They can simply be put in elegant holiday vases and decorated with New Year’s decorations. On the doors you can hang Christmas wreaths, which are easy to make yourself. The image of a Christmas tree can also be depicted on the wall – using branches or tinsel.

Ideas for Wall Christmas Trees

We will figure out how to decorate the office for the New Year with the help of a wall Christmas tree. For the wall-mounted version of the Christmas tree, you can use the following ideas. A great option is to create a warm, cozy and fluffy Christmas tree from pompons.


They can be attached to a strong thread or fishing line and, giving it the shape of a Christmas tree, attached to the wall. If your office keeps up with the times and respects today’s fashionable styles – Scandinavian and minimalism – then the idea of ​​a Christmas tree made of clothespins will be very appropriate. To do this, you will need ordinary linen clothespins and decorative elegant ribbons. Next is a matter of taste. Attach the clothespins to the tape and use it to create the shape of a Christmas tree, adapting it to the wall. Idea: rough wooden clothespins combined with a red satin ribbon will look unusual and bright.


Another option for a mini-Christmas tree in the absence of sufficient space in the office is to use indoor plants as it. They can also be decorated with tinsel or light miniature toys: – it all depends on the size of the plant. The main rule – do not choose small indoor plants, which may not withstand the entire load of decorative elements. You can use a more practical option – a Christmas tree-shelf.


If your office has shelves with books, then they themselves can become an interesting decoration. Simply slide the books in the form of spruce branches, and decorate the last shelf with a star. Put the books one on top of the other on the bottom shelf – and you get a trunk.

Unusual and traditional ideas for the decor of the New Year’s ceiling

The most popular version of the ceiling decor is hanging threads on which you can attach stars, balls, sweets or other decorative elements..

It is not necessary to decorate the ceiling itself, if you do not want to suffer with its return to its original state. It is enough to hang a few holiday wreaths. The original idea for decorating not only the ceiling, but also the entire office, is helium balloons. It is preferable to use soft, noble tones so that the room does not look unnecessarily congested. The recommended color scheme is silver and blue. To ribbons you can attach photos of employees or pictures from past cooperatives or events held in the office for the year. This will undoubtedly unite the team even more.


Balloons inflated with helium will last a maximum of one week. Therefore, do not inflate them in advance. You can also attach a wreath to the ceiling by decorating it with, for example, a chandelier. However, here you must not forget about safety precautions. Some designers manage to attach a real Christmas tree to the ceiling, but you still don’t need to build such a Christmas tree yourself. The ceiling can also be decorated with twinkling stars that glow in the dark.


They can be bought in almost any interior store. Now you know how to beautifully decorate an office for the New Year. A little imagination and joint work – and you will definitely get a festive office decoration that is in no way inferior to the masterpieces of professional designers. In such a festive atmosphere, you can celebrate the upcoming holidays with a friendly team.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!