Rack of lamb on the grill

Tender and flavorful meat, lamb doesn’t really need pickling, but it really benefits if the marinade is selected correctly and does not suppress its taste.


1 kg. lamb (leg or rack)
several sprigs of rosemary
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp coriander
a pinch of ground chili or hot paprika
4 tbsp olive oil
black pepper

How to cook lamb on wire rack

Crush black pepper and coriander in a mortar, add rosemary leaves, crushed garlic and salt, and crush so that the garlic turns into slurry and the rosemary gives juice. Add olive oil and ground chili or hot paprika (just a little bit, not even for taste, but for flavor) and mix well. Cut the flesh of the lamb into cubes, and if you use a rack – cutlets. Add the marinade and mix thoroughly so that each piece is covered on all sides with aromatic olive oil with spices, garlic and rosemary. Marinate the meat for 2-6 hours, and fry it on sufficiently hot coals, removing the lamb meat from the fire before the meat inside has lost its pink color and allowing it to reach for several minutes in a warm place.

Bon Appetit!