Stretching for weight loss – exercises and recommendations


Slimming Stretch

Stretching for weight loss – the best start to the path to perfection

The whole modern world is simply obsessed with the issue of weight loss. From everywhere on us «falls down» information on the most effective and advanced methods of losing weight, starting from diets and a variety of workouts, ending with medications and non-traditional methods of fighting fat.

However, most «thinness fighters» excess weight remains undefeated. Why it happens? Perhaps many did not learn the main thing – to listen to their body. Driving yourself into the framework of strict diets and exhausting exercises, a person does not stand up and often gives up.

An unprepared physically challenging workout will not only be too much for it, but it can also hurt. Muscles from tension will begin to hurt, not allowing them to give all the best in the classroom. But physical activity is the main key to a slim figure. But there is a way out and it is available to everyone – stretching for weight loss. Fashionable word today «stretching» help you succeed on your way to a beautiful body without pain and excessive effort.

The benefits of stretching


  • The benefits of stretching
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Is stretching really so effective and able to help us achieve our cherished goal? Answer: «Yes». And, moreover, it is necessary for everyone who wants to always be in good shape and excellent physical condition. It will allow you to feel your body, every cell of it, develop flexibility and forget about muscle pain after training.

Some doubt whether stretching helps to lose weight, because it is less energy intensive than strength or cardio exercises. Do not underestimate its importance. It is with her that you should start if you decide to seriously take up your body and want to not only build muscle or grow thin, but also get a toned and toned silhouette. Make it your primary physical exercise at first, and later use it as an addition to basic training. Thanks to this, firstly, you can easily get involved in fitness classes, and secondly, avoid clogging up muscles and pain during exercise.

Next, we will consider the most effective stretching options that can be practiced both in the hall and at home – just have a yoga mat and a few minutes of free time.

Stretching exercises

Dog looking down

Stand on your hands and knees. The hands are located slightly in front of the shoulders, the knees are directly under the hips. Exhale and raise your knees from the floor, slowly straightening your legs. Press the heels to the floor. Stand on your hands with your elbows straight. Brushes are pressed to the floor. Start stepping with your feet to your hands, and then carefully straighten to your full height. Repeat the exercise at the beginning and end of each complex. The meaning of this stretch for weight loss is that it allows you to develop flexibility in the body and better feel all your muscles.

Active pigeon

In this exercise, the focus is on the deep gluteal muscles. Take a pose for push-ups, put your elbows on the floor at a right angle. Pull your left knee so that your left heel touches your right thigh. Lower your right foot so that your foot rests on the floor. Keep your back straight, your gaze down. Now gently lower the chest, pressing it to the floor, and arms stretching forward. Pull in your stomach, tighten your pelvic muscles, shortening the right side of your buttocks. Fingers of the right foot rest on the floor, as if pushing the heel. Return the left leg to the position «straight», repeat the exercise five times.

Then, do the same with the other leg. Such a stretch helps to lose weight in the legs and tighten your knees..


The purpose of this exercise is the abdominals. Lie on the mat face down, stretch your legs, place your hands under your shoulders. Tighten your pelvic muscles and press your hips to the floor. Shoulders «push» first down, then to the sides. Push your hands off the floor and raise your chest so that it faces the wall in front of you. Stretch as much as you can. Now relax and repeat again five times. This stretch helps to lose weight in the waist and gives tone to the entire upper body.

Leg up to the head

This stretch involves mainly the hamstring. Fold a small towel and place it under your head. Lie on the floor face up, legs stretch. Bend your right knee and pull it to your chest. Grasp the knee with your hands and pull it towards you. Then straighten your leg, stretch your heel up to the head. Relax and regain your starting position.

Repeat five times on each thigh. This stretch for weight loss is simply indispensable, moreover, it allows you to tighten and strengthen both the lower leg and thighs..

Knee to chest

Pull your knee to your chest, and then try to straighten your leg.

Half-toes and lunges

In this exercise, the leg muscles are well developed. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Take a wide step forward with your right foot. Put your hands on your belt. Raise the foot of the right and left foot alternately to the half-toes. You should feel the calf muscles stretch. Put your left foot forward and repeat the exercise. Then go to the lunge. Bend both knees slowly and move your hind leg back further. Try to sit as deep as possible, so that you feel the stretch of the back of the thigh. This is one of the most effective stretch marks for weight loss..

In general, stretching for losing weight involves a wide variety of exercises. You can find many of them in the article. «Best Twine Exercises».

Other advantages of stretching

The most interesting is stretching for weight loss and improving body tone, but its benefits do not end with these components. Such exercises can qualitatively improve not only the body, but also well-being, and even a person’s mood. Daily stretching energizes, teaches you to hear and feel your body. It is an excellent stress reliever, improves sleep and lowers blood pressure..

Thanks to regular exercises, you can improve blood circulation, improve posture, increase your flexibility and forget about muscle tension. At the same time, as an addition to more serious workouts, stretching is also useful, because it relieves pain during and after exercise, prevents muscles from clogging, and relaxes after vigorous training.


Include a stretch in your daily exercise routine to lose weight on your legs, abdomen, arms, whole body, and soon you will notice significant changes. Do not forget to give her time after strength and cardio training, and on rest days do it after waking up or, conversely, before going to bed. Make sure from your own experience that you can lose weight without pain, stress, high financial costs, and even with health benefits.