Step aerobics for weight loss and good mood!


Step aerobics is a fun way to quickly take shape. If you are tired of the gym, do not like the pool and dancing, then the step can be your secret to the perfect figure. Classes are held at a fast pace to the rhythmic music and perfectly drive away the “blues”!

Step aerobics make the figure perfect

Step aerobics will not only bring your figure closer to ideal, but will also cheer you up!

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of classes
  • Beginner lesson example

Not sure if step aerobics is right for you? Explore the strengths and weaknesses of classes.


  • high calorie intake;
  • training all the muscles of the body and the cardiovascular system;
  • the ability to independently complicate the lesson with the help of new elements, accelerating the pace or adding weighting agents;
  • interest, which is fueled by the constant learning of new ligaments and movements;
  • minimum necessary equipment (you only need a special platform);
  • the opportunity to conduct classes at home.

Cons that step aerobics has:

  • high load on the knees and injury risk (if the movements are performed incorrectly);
  • the need for regular classes to improve results;
  • the difficulty of learning the movements that many beginners face.

Thus, step aerobics is not suitable for people with sore knees and those who do not plan to exercise regularly. With rare workouts, there is a great risk of not feeling progress, forgetting some of the learned movements and quickly losing any interest in continuing classes.

Step aerobics performance

To increase the effectiveness of step aerobics classes, train yourself to exercise regularly.

In addition, I want to dispel the serious myth that accompanies step aerobics for weight loss. This training is believed to be unique, as it allows you to live fat locally in the legs and buttocks. In fact, step aerobics works just like other fat burning exercises. The whole body is losing weight, and a local effect is achieved due to the gradual strengthening of individual muscles. If you want to speed up this process, do strength training or choose a special kind of step aerobics with increased load (for example, with dumbbells).

Recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of classes

If you want to lose weight and improve your fitness with step aerobics, use the following tips.

  1. Spend a few lessons learning the basic steps and elements. This will help you step aerobics for beginners, or rather – a few basic movements below.
  2. Never miss a warm-up and stretch. They help to avoid injuries and relieve pain in the muscles during and after training..
  3. Train regularly. Do step aerobics at least 3 days a week. If you are looking for intense weight loss, add another 1 lesson.
  4. Do not forget about safety while doing step aerobics. Skip the lesson if you become sick, feel weak or dizzy. Like other types of cardio exercises, step aerobics is intense and will require you to be fully committed..

Beginner lesson example

This step-by-step aerobics exercise for beginners will help you get involved in training. We are sure that just a few workouts will make you fall in love with this area of ​​aerobics forever.!

Start with a light workout. Given that step aerobics involves legs most, pay special attention to them. Turn on peppy music and jump, make a “mill” and spin your knees. These movements will warm the joints, ligaments and muscles that step aerobics uses..

Step aerobics for beginners consists of basic steps.

Tap up

For the first movement, stand next to the platform.

  1. Take a step with your right foot on the platform. Remember the most important rule of aerobics step – the heel should never hang from a height, and the foot should be fully supported.
  2. Put your left foot to the right, slightly touching the step with your toe.
  3. Step back with your left foot and place your right foot on it..
  4. Repeat starting with the left foot..

In the future, you can use this simple kind of step as a workout before step aerobics for weight loss..

Basic Step

The step “basic step” is included in the basic program of all classes in step aerobics.

  1. Step on the platform with your right foot. Put her left.
  2. Get down with your right foot and attach the left.
  3. Repeat in the same sequence.

None up (Knee up)

Step number 2 is also included in the main group of movements necessary for learning complex ligaments.

  1. Take a step with your right foot. Lift your left knee up without putting your foot on the platform.
  2. Lower your left foot down and place your right foot on it.
  3. Repeat using the left foot as a reference.

Mini bundle

Next, a complicated movement combining the two previous steps will be described. Proceed to it after the basic step aerobics for beginners is mastered.

  1. First, execute the “basic step” step 4 times in a row.
  2. When both legs are on the floor, go to the “no up” step. Also repeat it 4 times.
  3. Perform a ligament for 2-3 minutes, gradually increasing the pace.

Step curl or “overwhelming”

Classical step aerobics for weight loss also includes a step “overwhelm”.

  1. We step on the platform with the right foot. Raise the left lower leg, pulling the heel to the buttocks.
  2. With your left foot we go down and put the right foot to it.
  3. Repeat the same with the other foot..

Step aerobics for beginners ends with a stretch. Sit on the floor and stretch your legs, arms, and back well.

Step aerobics requires regular practice

Step aerobics at first may seem complicated and incomprehensible to you, but after 4-5 lessons you will get involved and begin to enjoy every movement!

Step aerobics for weight loss will give noticeable results after 3 weeks. And such effects as a feeling of vigor, fit and good mood will appear already at the first training.