Step aerobics at home and at the fitness club – which is better?


Step aerobics is a fashionable fitness area that allows you to quickly and excitingly find your perfect shape. Is it possible to master this type of training at home or is it better to go to a fitness club.

Girls are engaged in the steppes

Step – one of the most fascinating ways to tighten your figure and recharge your batteries..

Training Features


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  • What to choose?

Step aerobics has deservedly become one of the most popular types of cardio exercises. The main reason, of course, lies in its high performance. In just a month of training, the silhouette is noticeably tightened, and with proper nutrition, the extra pounds simply melt before our eyes. At the same time, training itself is well perceived by the body and seems familiar. After all, a step on a step platform is very similar to walking on stairs.

Another advantage of step aerobics is its dynamism. No occupation is like another. Once you learn the basic elements and the simplest bundles, it is time for creativity. You can invent your own “dances” and unusual combinations. Trainings are held to a fun rhythmic music and definitely will not let you get bored!

Step aerobics has virtually no contraindications. Like other sports, it is not recommended for people suffering from heart disease and bronchial asthma. In addition, you should not do step aerobics at home without first consulting a doctor for joint diseases.

Step aerobics at the club

Training at a fitness club is right for you if:

  • You are a sociable sociable person and feel comfortable and confident in the environment of your kind.
  • The spirit of rivalry is close to you, and looking at other people, you always try to do even better, even if while you complete all the movements perfectly, you can’t.
  • You are not afraid of the expression “in a large family, don’t click with your beak.” Yes, yes, in most fitness clubs there are a lot of people and if you were late and late for a lesson, you may not get a good step platform and a place in the front rows, from where the trainer will be clearly visible.
Step classes in a fitness club

Steps in the fitness club – for those who like big companies and group activity.

What benefits will give you a fitness club:

  1. Learning steps is made easier for many in the classroom with an instructor. He will show you how to correctly perform all movements, indicate obvious errors in technology and give motivation.
  2. Enthusiasm, which is fueled by the atmosphere of a fitness club. Many people say that it’s very difficult to study at home, because you are constantly distracted by different things. This problem will not happen if you go to the gym. Moreover, the purchased subscription and money spent often become the best motivation to continue the program..
  3. The opportunity to engage in the company of a girlfriend or find new friends. The common thing brings together, and classes in the fitness club are no exception! If you like socializing, step aerobics at home may seem too boring for you. Go to the club and share the positive emotions from the sport with other people!

Cons of classes in a fitness club:

  1. Nobody will wait for you if you stay at work 10 minutes longer, because step aerobics classes at the club begin on schedule. If punctuality is not your strong point, you will have to put together a will in a fist.
  2. The coach during the lesson will focus on the average level of students. Its main task is to make the training interesting and useful for the maximum number of people, which is not easy, because we are all different. Therefore, if you are completely new, the first time it will be quite difficult for you. The opposite is also true – if you have been practicing step for more than a year, it will be too simple for you and will want more. Step aerobics is very variable, in particular, there is such a direction as “dance step”. If classical training is not so interesting for you, we recommend that you try this direction!
  3. There are a lot of people in fitness clubs – almost always. In the locker room and in the hall during classes. All equipment is general and hygiene rules are respected, alas, not all. Therefore, be careful, always carry a towel with you and do not lay your naked body on rugs and other common equipment.

Step aerobics at home

Suitable for you if:

  • You are an independent and responsible person and you do not need someone who will control and motivate you.
  • You are an individualist, you can hardly transfer large crowds to the people, and any group activity is alien to you.
  • You feel insecure if someone nearby performs movements better and faster than you.
  • You have your own step platform, rug, and, most importantly, a place in the apartment where you can fearlessly take not only energetic steps, but also jumps and pirouettes. Also important is the availability of Internet access or a disc with a guide for doing exercises.
Step aerobics outdoors

Step aerobics is great for practicing at home or outdoors.

What are the benefits of doing step aerobics at home:

  1. The ability to work at your own pace. If basic elements and connectives are not good for you, you can learn them for as long as you like. You will not need to look back at those with whom you train, and worry about the fact that something does not work.
  2. You will not depend on the schedule of the fitness club. Step aerobics is suitable for training at any time of the day. Therefore, you will always find time in your schedule..
  3. Practice with your favorite music. Not everyone likes the tunes chosen by the trainer. You can create a playlist for your home step aerobics yourself.
  4. To start training, you need a minimum of equipment and free space. You can easily find a place for step aerobics even in a small and crowded room. You need only a few square meters to install a special platform and ensure freedom of movement. Many trainers advise conducting the first classes without a platform in order not to be distracted by it and easier to learn unusual movements.

Disadvantages of self-study:

  1. In order to study at home, you will need much more willpower, because no one will force you and encourage you.
  2. If you are a family person, then be prepared for the fact that everyone at home, including the cat, will be happy to stare at your attempts to make your figure perfect. Your main task will not succumb to provocations like: “Why do you need this?”.
  3. It’s much more difficult to independently control the technique of doing exercises and ligaments.

What to choose?

If you just think about what is best: step aerobics at home or in a fitness club, conduct a trial homework and evaluate your strength. We have selected several videos to help you get comfortable. These workouts are suitable for beginners. For your own safety, do not forget the most important condition. Correct step aerobics assumes that the foot always stands completely on the platform. It is also important that step aerobics always starts with a light workout..

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As a result, we can say that step aerobics at home and in a fitness club has the same efficiency. Your choice should be based solely on individual wishes and preferences. Try step aerobics only once, and we are sure that you will love this type of fitness forever, no matter where you do it!