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In this article I will talk about how to ensure a full-fledged workout by doing cardio exercises at home. I will not consciously mention cardio machines such as a treadmill or exercise bike. Since the owners of this wonderful sports equipment can easily create aerobic loads of any degree of difficulty.

We will talk about how to make your cardiovascular system work more intensively without additional devices, increase endurance, and, of course, start the mechanisms of burning subcutaneous fat. It’s not difficult to do cardio exercises at home, the main thing is to follow them according to the rules, and then the result will not take long.

Briefly about the effectiveness of aerobic training at home


  • Briefly about the effectiveness of aerobic training at home
  • Rules for doing cardio exercises at home
  • Aerobic exercises at home
  • Immediate effect of cardio workout

Before giving specific exercises, I will make a brief digression about what cardio training is and why it is needed.

Aerobic exercises (cardio exercises) are those exercises that require the energy received by your body through aerobic glycolysis. That is, energy is released during the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats in the presence of oxygen.

In terms of value for the body – in the first place are proteins, then fats, and then carbohydrates. Accordingly, it is he who will spend carbohydrates in the first place. And until he spends, he will not accept fats.

In order for the fat-burning effect of aerobic training to manifest itself, it must last at least 20-30 minutes. During this time, the glucose accumulated in the muscles will be used up, and your body will have no choice but to part with carefully stored subcutaneous fats for a rainy day.

What should be the duration of a cardio workout at home? I answer: if you haven’t practiced before or had a long break, you should not immediately train for more than an hour. In other words, 45-60 minutes will be enough for you. For trained participants – training can be extended up to 90 minutes. You no longer need it – create too much stress for the body, which, of course, will not lead to anything good..

Rules for doing cardio exercises at home

Cardio, or aerobic exercise at home should be chosen taking into account the size of the area for training (your home gym).

Here are a few rules for successful cardio workouts at home:

  • Take care of the joints. Exercises related to the impact load on the legs (running, jumping, etc.) should be performed in sneakers (yes, we don’t jump barefoot on the laminate) or laying a soft non-slip rubber mat. Take care of your joints and the peace of your neighbors from below.
  • Music. Take care of the music in advance. Turn up loud fast rhythmic music, cheer up and you can start!
  • Diversity. Combine different aerobic exercises, alternate them and perform various variations, since doing the same thing for an hour is not very interesting, and to achieve the effect it is important to enjoy the workout. Choose a few exercises and follow their approaches. Try to include the muscles of the whole body during the workout, add arm movements to jumps, etc..
  • Pulse. Remember that for an effective cardio workout you need to raise the heart rate to 60-80% of the maximum. This value is calculated using a special formula, depending on the age and heart rate at rest. It is also worth considering the fitness of the trainee.

In this article I will not dwell on the calculations, I’ll just say that for most women 20-40 years old, without physical limitations – the optimal heart rate for fat burning is in the range of 120-145 beats per minute.

What if there is no heart rate monitor? Check yourself as follows – with a good cardio load, it will be difficult for you to talk (breathing will be lost). If you can easily talk to your girlfriend on the phone while running or jumping, you don’t train, you just lose time.

Aerobic exercises at home

Below I will list the main aerobic or cardio exercises that can be safely performed at home. Do not stop at one thing, combine and modify basic exercises, make up the perfect workout for yourself!

1. Running and jumping

Cardio Exercises At Home - Jumping

Jumping – great cardio load.

The small size of the apartment does not always allow you to run in the traditional sense of the word. Therefore, running on the spot is the best way out. It is important to perform the exercise – lazy trampling from one leg to another will not give an effect. The movements should be energetic, as if you are engaged in the gym under the vigilant gaze of the most severe coach.

  • Running on the spot (classic). It’s good to start a home workout with this exercise. Run to the pace of the music, help yourself with your hands, work hard with your elbows.
  • Running with a high knee lift. Without slowing down, raise your knees as high as possible. Bend your arms at your elbows and place your palms forward. Knees touch the palms.
  • Running with overwhelming (when running with heels we touch the buttocks). Put your palms on your waist or slam over your head.
  • Jumping in place. Alternate shallow quick jumps and deep squat jumps. Jump – legs together and legs apart. When legs together – lower your hands down; when apart – do cotton over your head.

2. Jumping up

Jumping is a complicated version of jumping. This exercise should be done in several approaches, alternating with jogging or simple jumps or other less energy-intensive exercises. Jumping is a great option for high-intensity cardio at home, as this exercise does not require a lot of space.

  • Keep your back straight, feet shoulder width apart. We do a deep squat, with our hands we touch the floor, we jump up sharply, with our hands we reach the ceiling. We land gently on slightly bent legs and again we go into the squat. Perform this exercise as many times as you can. Jumping not only gives an excellent load on the cardio system, but also tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

3. Jumping point-blank

This is a variation of the previous exercise, during which the abdominal muscles get additional load.

  • Starting position – standing upright, legs slightly wider than shoulders. On the count of times – we squat down, put our palms on the floor in front of us. On the count of two – we transfer the weight to our hands, we jump back with our feet, we accept the emphasis lying. At three – we return legs to arms with a jump. Four – get up (return to the starting position). This is one replay. You can complicate this exercise by adding jumps up.

4. Kicks

Kicks came to fitness from kickboxing. They can be performed forward, backward or sideways..

  • Starting position – feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, arms bent at the elbows, palms clenched into fists at the level of the jaw (imagine that you are defending yourself). Forward and backward we beat with the heel (the foot is shortened), with a side impact – you can beat with the rise of the leg. Perform several hits in each direction. Do not bend the knee in the final phase of the impact until the end so that you do not accidentally get injured.

When doing kicks at home, it is important that there are no children, cats or various fragile objects nearby. Exercise must be performed with good amplitude, putting all your energy into each beat.

5. Elements of aerobics, step aerobics, dancing

As the name implies, these fitness workouts are initially focused on cardio exercise. If you have ever done aerobics or step aerobics – just choose any exercises and do them at home to the music for your pleasure.

By the way, on our website there are articles devoted to the basic steps of aerobics and step aerobics. You can also familiarize yourself with them:

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Well, if you have already done enough work, made several jumping approaches, ran and kicked the figurine off the shelf when doing kicks, or if your favorite song just played, relax and dance a little!

Immediate effect of cardio workout

At the end of the article I’ll say a few words about what effect you will feel immediately after training. The flow of blood to tissues and organs will increase, you will be invigorated, your metabolism will accelerate, your mood will improve, and lightness will appear throughout your body..

The aerobic exercises described in the article will help you independently create a full-fledged cardio workout at home. Exercise at least 3 times a week and after 4-5 workouts you will notice how the figure begins to tighten. After a month, look at yourself in the mirror – you will like it!