The best exercises for twine – instructions


Today we’ll review the five most popular and effective twine exercises. If you set a goal to sit on the splits, you are probably no longer a beginner in terms of stretching training. Therefore, we will skip the preparatory phase (for example, warm-up exercises) and go straight to the point. Twine exercises should be performed slowly, gradually increasing the load.

Twine exercises are an effective way to achieve your desired goal.

Twine exercises should be performed for several minutes each.

Do the exercises below in sequence in the order in which they appear on the list. Pre-do a warm-up, warm up the muscles well, knead the joints and you can proceed. A soft fitness mat should be laid on the floor..

So, the exercises for the twine.

Exercise 1 – tilt to the floor between legs apart


  • Exercise 1 – tilt to the floor between legs apart
  • Exercise 2 – tilt forward to straight legs
  • Exercise 3 – tilt in position «butterfly»
  • Exercise 4 – lean forward, kneeling
  • Exercise 5 – Static Lunge

Sit on the floor and spread your straight legs to the sides as wide as you can. Keeping your back straight (with a round back we don’t stretch – this is dangerous for the spine), we try to lower the stomach to the floor between the legs apart.

Make sure that the legs are always completely straight and there is no corner in the knee. The feet in this exercise are reduced, the socks are directed up. Bend down as deep as you can without bending your back. You should feel a noticeable tension on the back and inner thigh. But, do not allow sharp pain.

Fix yourself in the extreme possible position, and sit until you feel that your muscles are accustomed to the effect and relax slightly. It will take you about a minute. Then exhale deeply and while exhaling, go down even lower – to the limit.

Perform this exercise for five minutes, gradually bending deeper. Try to completely (first belly, and then breast) lie on the floor between the legs apart.

This exercise can rightly be considered a classic exercise for stretching the muscles of the back and inner surface of the legs. The hamstring also extends.

Exercise 2 – tilt forward to straight legs

After you have completed the first exercise, change position. Gather straight legs together in front of you. Feet shortened, socks looking up. With a straight back, lean forward to straight legs. Stretch your belly to your hips, and your hands to your feet.

This exercise is convenient to do with your feet resting on a wall or on any other vertical surface. This allows you not to worry about stopping your foot. «stretched out», but has been reduced. The principle for performing this twine exercise is similar to the previous one..

Stretch forward for several minutes, fixing at extreme points, gradually relaxing and dropping lower. This exercise extends the back of the thigh as well as the popliteal area very well..

Exercise 3 – tilt in position «butterfly»

Now bend your legs and rest your feet one on top of the other, laying them on the floor in front of you. Keep your back straight, try to put your knees on the floor in this position, and with your body stretch forward to the feet.

No need to wave your knees – in this case, the exercise is static.

Exercise 4 – lean forward, kneeling

Stand on the floor on one knee. The second leg is straight in front of you, the foot is shortened, the heel rests on the floor. Place your hands on the floor on either side of you. With a straight back, lean forward towards the leg..

Exercise 5 – Static Lunge

This exercise involves changing several positions in which almost all the leg muscles stretch. It is from him that we will pass into the twine.

  1. Lunge so that the knee of the front leg is at an angle of 90 degrees. The back leg is straight, the foot is on the toe. Lower the knee of the hind leg to the floor and try to lower the pelvis to the floor. Lock in this position.
  2. Grasp the foot of the hind leg with your hands and, without changing the position, bend the leg at the knee, trying to pull the foot to the buttocks. In this position, the quadriceps or the front surface of the thigh stretches well.
  3. Bend the back leg and lay it on the floor. Put your hands on the floor. Gently push the forefoot forward, gradually bending the knee. Keep your back foot straight. Lock yourself in this position for a few minutes, and then move your foot forward a little more. Make sure that the pelvis is closed during exercise. This means that the pelvic bones should look forward. The pelvis should not turn sideways, although you certainly want to do so. Gradually moving your foot forward, from this position you will move to the splits.

Perform the above exercises regularly, and your dream of twine will soon become a reality. Do not spare time and patience, because nothing is impossible!

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