How to Sit Twine Quickly – Stretching Guide


It’s no secret that the question «how to sit on the twine quickly?» excites thousands of people around the world. A good stretch makes your legs beautiful, your gait becomes soft, and your movements become smoother and more intense..

How to sit on the twine quickly - the rules for effective stretching

How to sit on the twine quickly and without injuries? The secret is simple – practice by the rules.

Stretching on the twine improves blood circulation in the lower body, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the pelvic organs. In addition, if you are engaged in dancing, strip plastic or some kind of fitness that contains elements of choreography, the ability to sit on a twine is one of the key conditions for success.

What time will it take to sit on the twine


  • What time will it take to sit on the twine
  • How to train your muscles for stretching
  • How to exercise to sit on the twine quickly

How to quickly sit on the twine – the question is not entirely correct. After all, the concept «quickly» each person is associated with his own time interval. The following factors influence how much time it takes to sit on the twine for you:

  • Genetics. In some people, by nature, muscles are more plastic than in others. This is due to the composition of the muscle fiber. For others, on the contrary, any stretching causes significant discomfort. If you are not plastic and cannot immediately reach your socks with your hands, do not despair. Just yours «quickly» will be a little slower, be prepared for this. As a rule, people who are full and what is called stocky are easier to reach. People who are tall and have a slender physique are usually more difficult. One way or another, you can’t influence your genetics in any way, so take it for granted and proceed to the following factors.
  • Age. I think everything is clear here. The earlier you decide to learn to sit on the splits, the easier it will be. So don’t put it off, start working on your stretch today.
  • Training in the past. If in childhood you went to the section of rhythmic gymnastics and could calmly raise your foot to the head, and now you have slightly lost your shape and cannot put your palms on the floor when tilting – do not worry. You can’t forget how to twine. You will need much less time than those who start stretching for the first time. But if you are a beginner – do not despair – there is nothing impossible. Your body has tremendous opportunities, you just haven’t had a chance to reveal them.
  • Perseverance and patience. This is a key factor..

The main idea of ​​this introduction is that how quickly you get to the splits will turn out for you, depends on several factors. For some «quickly» – it’s to sit on the twine in a month, most will be quite happy for three months (if only it worked out, what could it be there), and it might take a year.

I say this so that you do not give up training, if it did not happen to sit on the splits for a week. If you do everything correctly (what and how to do it – I will tell further), then you will achieve the desired result.

How to train your muscles for stretching

In order to learn how to sit on the twine, you should understand how the stretching mechanism itself works.

The secret to effective twine stretching is patience and focus

When performing stretching exercises, it is important to focus on your actions and be fixed in each position for at least a minute.

Imagine that you are taking a position that allows you to feel the tension in the necessary muscle. For example, if you stretch the body to the floor between legs spread apart, then you should feel the tension on the back and inner thigh.

Once you accepted it «uncomfortable» position, and began to unnaturally stretch the muscle – the muscle perceived its lengthening as a prerequisite for injury. To prevent this injury, the muscle contracted sharply. At this time, you feel that your body is literally resisting stretching. So it is – the muscle resists stretching and this is its natural defense mechanism.

The signal from the muscle was transmitted to the brain. A message comes from the brain to the muscle that there is no threat and that you have accepted such «uncomfortable» for her, the situation is conscious. Well, since there is no danger – the muscle relaxes and, obeying your will, lengthens. At this time, you feel relaxation and getting used to the load.

Now you can slowly increase the impact (in the case of a tilt to the floor – bend a little deeper). You will go down a couple of centimeters and feel tension again. Muscle again «scared» and declined. Then the whole cycle repeats.

Thus, slowly and gradually, you explain to your body what is actually happening, that there is no danger of injury, and you stretch the muscles consciously, because you yourself want it.

Having understood the stretching mechanism itself, you will clearly understand for yourself that all twine exercises must be done meaningfully, thoughtfully, focusing on your feelings.

How to exercise to sit on the twine quickly

There are several key training rules that you should follow in order to quickly learn how to sit on the twine. It’s easy, you just have to be careful and follow them all.

  • Dynamic workout. This warm-up is necessary in order not to get injured during stretching on the twine. You need to warm up your muscles and joints before you begin training. For exercises, any exercises involving the muscles of the legs and buttocks are suitable. This can be squats, swinging legs, rolling from foot to foot in a squat, swaying in a lunge, jumping, bending. To warm the joints, bend the leg at the knee and make rotational movements first with the foot, then with the knee, then with the thigh. Repeat on both legs, make a few circular movements with the pelvis and begin stretching exercises.
  • Awareness of one’s actions, concentration. Do stretching exercises slowly, thoughtfully, gradually increasing the impact.
  • Fixing in one position for at least a minute. Muscles need time to get used to their unnatural position and relax. Therefore, stay in one position for at least a minute. Stretching on the twine, as you already understood, is a leisurely and thorough business.
  • Breath control. Proper breathing will allow you to concentrate. Breathe deeply, increase exhalation.
  • Avoid sharp pain. If you feel a sharp pain in the muscle, stop the exercise. Pain is a signal of a traumatic effect. Muscle tear is a very unpleasant thing. A scar may form at the rupture site, which will significantly complicate further stretching. In no case do not allow injuries, and if you still get injured, immediately stop exercising until fully restored.
  • The total duration of the training is at least an hour. As with any other workout, if you want to achieve results and sit on the twine quickly – you have to work.
  • Training at least three times a week. If you exercise less often, your muscles will «forget», about what kind of load you gave them a week ago, and every time everything will have to start again. In this case, the coveted twine will not come nearer, and after several months of training you will feel disappointment. Ideal to train with an interval of 1-2 days.

So, if you follow these simple recommendations, you can really quickly sit on the twine. Our body is amazingly good at adapting to any conditions, and regular high-quality workouts can work wonders.

Do not go astray if at first something didn’t work out – absolutely everyone involved goes through it. After a few months, you will see that the twine that seemed previously unattainable is now an already conquered height. Good luck!