5 best free workout and fitness apps

Now that the gyms are closed indefinitely, you no longer have any excuses. You can play sports anywhere, anytime. So, various mobile applications that can be used absolutely free of charge will help you with this. Take out the rug to work properly!

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5 effective resources with free training for quarantined

1. Four-time Olympic Gold Medalist Venus Williams regularly shares his five-minute workouts that are easy to do at home. The tennis player also shares life hacks on nutrition and keeping herself in shape..

2. P.volve – A great option for those who want to try something new in fitness. The application allows you to set up a mode that is ideal for your body. You can follow a structured 30-day program, set up a calendar and stream all your workouts to a 30-day free trial

3. Fight Studio Rumble offers to try workouts in an online format. The traditional 45-minute workout is transferred from the gym directly to your home so you can work hard on endurance and pump your muscles..

4. A cult brand of fitness apparel, along with trainers, conduct online broadcasts on Instagram account Bandier every weekday. On Monday, the weekly schedule is published, where you can find dancing, boxing and strength exercises.

5. LULULEMON also did not stand aside and launch ethers in which you can practice yoga with a professional instructor. You can also find cool tips there..

Good luck!