Step aerobics for weight loss – how to get the result

Many women, doing at home and in a fitness club, are wondering – is step aerobics effective for weight loss? Time goes by, you have been doing it for several months, and the weight does not even think to change.

Let’s see if it’s possible to lose weight doing aerobics or step aerobics, how much these exercises burn calories and how to get the desired result faster..

Due to what we are losing weight. Is step aerobics suitable for weight loss?

Step aerobics for weight loss is an ideal solution if you exercise for more than half an hour and keep an eye on nutrition.

Step aerobics for weight loss is an ideal choice, provided that the training lasts more than half an hour and you follow the diet.

In order to answer this question, you first need to understand the mechanism of weight loss. A person loses weight at a time when the amount of energy expended by him exceeds the amount received. This is simple math and the statement is quite obvious..

You spend a large amount of energy in the classroom, and we can conclude that any kind of aerobics for weight loss is simply ideal. Step aerobics is no exception. But if everything was so simple, thousands of women would not be tormented by the question of why training is attended regularly and weight does not go away..

Our body receives energy along with food and distributes it to our own needs. What remains «superfluous» – puts off in reserve. Energy resources for various needs are formed by the body in various forms..

There is some reserve of energy that the body always holds, which is called, «in quick access». Suddenly you need to urgently climb the tenth floor by stairs or run a hundred meters.

This supply of energy, which helps to quickly mobilize your strength, accumulates in the form of carbohydrates (glucose, glycogen) in your muscles. This stock is enough for 20-30 minutes of intensive work.

When you have spent this resource, but by force of will you force yourself to continue training – nothing can be done, the body has to extract energy from more valuable resources – fats. Accordingly, you begin to lose weight after half an hour of intensive step aerobics.

I will not focus on the fact that a step aerobics workout for weight loss should be continued for more than half an hour, since the standard time for a fitness club is 45-60 minutes. Of course, if you study at home, make sure that you have enough time to fully work out.

So, you left the hall, came home and sat down to eat. The body replenished the spent carbohydrate reserves. Eat further – the carbohydrate reserve is full, excess energy is stored in the body in the form of adipose tissue. All that you spent today – you immediately restored.

This is where we came across the second reason preventing you from losing weight while doing step aerobics. Of course, step aerobics for weight loss is effective, but without an appropriate diet, it is hardly possible to achieve a result. The situation seems hopeless, doesn’t it? And how to understand how many calories you spend on training and how you build your diet. More on this later..

How many calories step aerobics burns

Energy costs are traditionally expressed in kilocalories. Calorie consumption during step aerobics depends on your weight (the heavier the body, the more energy is spent on moving it), as well as on the intensity of exercise, age and some other factors.

Well, on average, step aerobics burns how many calories, you ask. The answer is below..

  • Low intensity step aerobics. You take steps and do exercises, but you can calmly talk (breathing does not go astray). In this case, step aerobics burns calories hardly more than vigorous walking. This is about 250 calories per hour. To lose weight with aerobics in this case, you are unlikely to succeed, or succeed, but very, very slowly. Better to pull yourself together and try to give all the best during class.
  • Medium intensity step aerobics. You try to repeat everything after the trainer, take energetic steps, sometimes jumping, you can make a couple of sentences, but this is already difficult – breathing is lost. With such exercises, step aerobics for weight loss is much more effective. You’ll spend about 350-400 calories per hour.
  • High intensity step aerobics. You fly around the steppe with great speed, make jumps, add hand movements. Congratulations, with this training intensity, you will burn about 500 calories. However, if you are active and regular, the question is «Does Aerobics Lose Weight??» most likely you are not standing in front of you.

Now, knowing how many calories are burned during aerobics and adding your usual daily energy costs, calculated according to your lifestyle, age and weight, you can plan your diet and deal with the second factor preventing you from losing weight – excess calorie nutrition.

But be careful. In order for the weight to start to go away, it is enough that the calorie content of daily food intake is 20% less than required, but no more.

In conclusion, I will say that the effectiveness of step aerobics for weight loss is associated not only with energy consumption. Classes aerobics step positive effect on metabolism, which also serves as an important factor contributing to the finding of harmony..