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Flexibility lies not only in the ability to easily reach the floor with your hands or sit on the twine. A flexible back is responsible for the formation of a harmonious silhouette and perfect posture. In addition, she is responsible for coordinating movements and helps to achieve excellent results in dancing and in other sports. Exercise for flexibility of the back will help develop plasticity of movements and make the spine healthy..

Exercises for flexibility of the back make the body more flexible

Exercises for flexibility of the back will significantly expand the capabilities of your body.

Get the maximum effect.


  • Get the maximum effect.
  • We care about health
  • Getting started with the training (example of a lesson)

How to develop back flexibility most effectively?

  1. Perform exercises for flexibility of the back in comfortable clothing that allows the body to breathe and does not constrain movement. Many people prefer barefoot, but you can wear lightweight sneakers or Czech shoes..
  2. For convenience, use a special mat or towel when doing exercises on the floor.
  3. Never start a lesson without preheating. Spend 5-7 minutes turning the body, jumping and running in place. Such movements will prepare the body for the load..
  4. Performing exercises for flexibility of the spine, concentrate on those parts of the back that you train. At the same time, try to control your breathing: exhale and relax as much as possible..
  5. Avoid jolts and jerky movements.
  6. Start with 8 repetitions and gradually bring their number to 15. After a month of training, try adding 1 more approach after a 2-minute rest.
  7. After 2-3 exercises, take a short break to restore breathing. Do not stand still! Walk around the room and take a few sips of water.
  8. It is advisable to practice 4-5 times a week. Since the training described below will take no more than 20 minutes, you can easily find time for it in your schedule.

Trainers are advised to measure their height before starting classes. Repeat the measurement after a month. Surely you will be pleasantly surprised! Visual results will not only prove the effectiveness of training, but will also serve as additional motivation for their continuation.

We care about health

Exercises for flexibility of the spine should be done carefully.

Do not forget that exercises for flexibility of the spine should be performed very carefully, avoiding sudden movements.

The exercises for spinal flexibility presented in this article are universal. They are suitable for people of any age and both beginners and advanced athletes can begin to implement them..

Preliminary consultation of the therapist before starting classes is necessary in case of:

  • injuries or operations on the spine;
  • soreness of ligaments and joints;
  • serious cardiovascular disease.

Experts do not recommend doing exercises for flexibility of the back before lunch or including them in the morning exercise. The fact is that in the morning the back muscles are in a relaxed state, and this greatly increases the risk of injury. It is best to conduct a lesson in the evening an hour or two after a light dinner. This will help relieve the accumulated nervous tension during the day, relieve back pain and set you on a relaxing holiday..

Getting started with the training (example of a lesson)

So how to develop back flexibility? Start with a short warm-up. Then proceed to the exercises..

Sitting spine wave

Sit on your knees on the floor. Lower your buttocks on your heels, straighten your back, straighten your shoulders and chest, lower your hands down. While inhaling, stretch your crown upward, trying to “stretch” your head out of your shoulders as much as possible, and as you exhale, relax and gently lower yourself forward, rounding your back and resting your body on your knees. Lower the stomach first, then the chest, then the head. Start lifting from the bottom of the body, first the lower back, then the middle part of the back, shoulder blades and head.

Your spine should make a kind of continuous “wave”. Perform the required number of repetitions. After that, increase the amplitude of motion. On the exhale, go down as far as possible, and on the inhale, rise and stretch back. Fix your hands on the floor, round your back and go to the deflection.

Bends forward sitting on your knees

Sitting on your knees, hips on your heels, put your straight arms a little further back for yourself. Fix the body in the deflection trying to stretch up the chest, do not throw your head back. Point your chin to your chest and as you exhale, lift your pelvis up to increase the amplitude of the deflection. Take a breath on your heels.

In order not to strain your neck, keep a look on your knees. When performing the last repetition, lift the pelvis up and linger in this position.

Large amplitude spine waves

The next exercise for flexibility of the spine is a classic yoga pose. Climb to all fours. Put your pelvis on your heels, your stomach on your hips and your forehead on the floor, relax. As you exhale, raise your pelvis, round your back, and lean forward with your body. Lower the hips to the floor first, then lower the hips to the floor. Slowly sagging, vertebra after vertebra descend to the floor the whole body. Bend your arms and place near the chest.

As you inhale, move in the opposite direction: gradually rise up first with your head and chest, then with your lower back, and at the end, round your back and place the pelvis on your heels. Repeat this exercise several times..


Lying on your stomach, place your hands in front of you on your forearms. On inspiration, stretch the crown up. Stops and tailbone reach back. On the exhale, straighten your arms and, bending down, lift the chest and hips from the floor. Lock in this position for a few seconds..

After bending, you need to rest

After deflections make compensation – relax with a straight or rounded back.

Then sit down on your stomach and relax. Bring your hands to the hull and make the “Boat” by lifting straight legs and the hull up. Hold this position for several breathing cycles. After that, sit down on the floor and relax with your palms under your forehead. Repeat exercise.

Bends forward with a straight back

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs in front of you. Stretch forward with your heels, the foot is shortened. Straighten your back, clasp your palms in the lock and extend your arms up above your head. As you exhale, lean forward as straight as possible, keeping your spine straight. Grasp your feet with your palms and try to lower as low as possible. Keep your backline straight. Relax your muscles and take a breath up.

How to develop back flexibility is important for all girls to know.

Now that you know how to develop back flexibility, making a spectacular beach photo is easy!

Now you know how to develop back flexibility. In the case of regular classes, you will immediately feel their positive effect. Your well-being will improve, lower back pain will pass, and maintaining a beautiful posture throughout the day will be much easier.