Step platform exercises – the basics of training


Exercises on the step platform are an exciting and dynamic training that allows you to quickly transform the body and develop endurance. A relatively new area of ​​aerobics quickly gained popularity among customers of sports clubs and soon became available for homework. Regular training affects the body in a complex way, developing muscle strength, flexibility and making the body more slim.

Exercises on the step platform tone the muscles of the lower body

Exercises on the step platform will help you build a beautiful figure and tone your muscles.

Pros and cons of step


  • Pros and cons of step
  • Varieties of step training
  • Contraindications and possible side effects
  • Important Rules
  • Training example

Advantages of exercises with a step platform:

  • weight loss due to high calorie consumption during classes;
  • harmonious development of the muscles of the lower extremities;
  • strengthening the muscles of the abs and back;
  • improved coordination of movements;
  • dynamism of training;
  • stress relief.

In addition, exercises with a step have a very important advantage – they can be carried out at home. For training, sports equipment is practically not required. You only need a step platform, which you can make yourself if you wish. You can find instructions on how to make a step platform with your own hands on the website.

Performing exercises on the steppe has the following disadvantages:

  • increased load on the knee and hip joints;
  • contraindications.

For more information on how classes on the step platform affect the human body, you can see the article on the benefits and harms of step aerobics.

Varieties of step training

Exercises with a step platform are performed with additional weights.

Exercises with a step platform can be performed with additional weights.

In most fitness clubs, classes on the step platform are divided by difficulty levels from 1 to 4. They differ not only in the pace of training, but also in the complexity of the ligaments, turns, and the need for simultaneous coordination of the upper and lower limbs. Moreover, at the last levels there are fewer repetitions for learning a new element..

Training also varies depending on the equipment used. Classes for beginners are held on step platforms with a height of 15-20 cm, while professionals train at a height of 35 cm. Two platforms are used in the double step, which significantly increases the number of possible movements and makes the lesson more interesting..

Workouts with weights are very popular. But the opinion of fitness instructors about them is mixed. On the one hand, weights make the occupation a force and allows you to work out a larger number of muscles. But at the same time, the load on the knees increases sharply and the risk of possible injuries increases. With confidence, only one thing can be said – independent weight training is categorically not recommended for beginners.

Contraindications and possible side effects

In what cases are steppe exercises contraindicated?

  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Periodic lower back pain, diseases of the spine and joints.
  • Varicose veins or predisposition to its occurrence.
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys in the acute stage (intense movements can worsen the condition).
  • Pregnancy.

A fairly frequent side effect of classes on the step platform is pain in the knee. It is caused by improper exercise technique. During training, it is important to ensure that the knee does not wrap inward and the legs are not too straight. In order to feel the amplitude that is right and convenient for you, slow down and do each exercise thoughtfully.

Many girls avoid stepping, mistakenly believing that they will make their legs and calves pumped. Such fears are absolutely in vain! In order to build muscle, it requires intense power loads and significant changes in the diet. If the fear of step training persists, you can not stop only at this type of load. Just include this type of aerobics in your schedule for a change. Dance elements and peppy music will certainly cheer you up!

Important Rules

In order for the exercises to bring only benefit, you must follow certain rules:

  • during the exercise, keep your back straight and shoulders straight;
  • perform each movement due to the work of the leg muscles, do not overstrain the lower back;
  • make sure that the knee of the supporting leg does not protrude beyond the toe;
  • Avoid abrupt and too fast movements – they can lead to loss of balance and injury;
  • never leave the platform so that it is behind you;
  • conduct classes in comfortable shoes;
  • exercise no more than 3 times a week.

Training example

Performing exercises on the steppe, adjust the load by changing the height of the platform

The higher the platform height, the greater the load you get when doing exercises on the step.

For those who are eager to start classes as soon as possible, we offer a description of 4 universal exercises on a step platform. These simple movements can be combined with each other. For classes you will need a step platform with a height of 15-20 cm and rhythmic music. All beginners of step aerobics are recommended to start with 20-minute classes, gradually bringing their duration to 45-60 minutes. Do not repeat uniform movements for more than 2 minutes.

  1. Take a step on the platform with your right foot. Lock it and step with your left foot. First return the right foot to the floor, and then the left. Repeat the movement, starting with the step with your left foot.
  2. Place your right foot on the step and place your left foot on it. First remove the left foot, then the right. Next time, run an element starting from the left foot.
  3. Bend your right leg at the knee and place it on the platform. Move with your left foot as if you were also going to set it on a support, but after lifting, lower it to the floor. Repeat for the other leg..
  4. Move your right foot to the step, and bend your left knee and pull it as close to your chest as possible. After that, lower the left foot to the floor and place the right foot on it. Repeat this exercise with your right foot..

Interested in? See a detailed description of the basic steps of step aerobics with the expansion of the account.

If you still don’t have enough motivation, think that exercise with a step platform burns more calories than traditional types of aerobics. Practice shows that just a few lessons are enough to get into the rhythm and begin to enjoy the load. Soon, additional incentives for training will not be required – the best result will be the result seen in the mirror..