Useful tips: how to get rid of stretch marks


Recently, we examined the question – how to get rid of the second chin, and today we will consider the topic of stretch marks. Without exception, all the girls want to look beautiful, have a perfect figure, luxurious hair, beautiful skin, etc. One of the problems that young mothers encounter after giving birth to a baby or girl who wants to quickly lose weight and exhaust themselves with diets is the appearance of ugly stretch marks on the body. The main problem areas are the stomach, chest, buttocks and hips.

How to prevent the appearance or get rid of stretch marks for a long time?



Stretch marks are small pale scars that look extremely ugly on the skin and spoil its surface. The main harm of stretch marks is exclusively aesthetic. Getting rid of stretch marks is not so easy! It takes time, patience and special procedures with your skin. Before answering the question: how to effectively get rid of stretch marks, you need to understand the cause of their occurrence.

The causes of stretch marks on the body

Common causes of stretch marks:

  • hereditary low skin elasticity,
  • hormonal disruptions in the body (especially in adolescence),
  • sudden fluctuations in weight,
  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding,
  • very active strength exercises, etc..

The mechanism for the appearance of stretch marks is extremely simple – excessive skin tension leads to the fact that our body does not have time to replenish the missing cell mass, because of which the skin is thinning, eventually tears appear. Over time, skin scars become white. They are especially visible on a tanned body, because on the damaged areas of the skin, the pigment responsible for tanning is completely absent..

Collagen and elastin are responsible for the elasticity of our skin. With their lack, the skin gradually loses its elasticity and, under loads, “breaks”.

Significant changes in our skin undergo during pregnancy. It will take a lot of effort to quickly restore your skin to an attractive and healthy look..

Stretch marks after childbirth: how to get rid of them?

Modern cosmetology offers many effective remedies for getting rid of stretch marks on the abdomen that appear after childbirth. The methods can be completely different. You can address the problem of stretch marks to a professional cosmetologist, or you can regularly carry out the necessary procedures at home.

Unfortunately, stretch marks on the skin will not disappear without a trace! Beauticians are often asked the following questions: how to get rid of stretch marks on the body forever. Do not hope that after a course of massages, the use of miraculous and healing folk remedies, visits to even very expensive beauty salons, stretch marks will disappear completely. Small traces of stretch marks will still remain. “It’s better not to solve the problem, but to prevent its occurrence”.

The appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen after pregnancy can be prevented

You can get rid of stretch marks on the stomach with the help of simple preventive measures aimed at maintaining skin elasticity:


  • Use oils and creams to intensely moisturize the skin, containing collagen and elastin.
  • Do not forget about physical activity. Muscle stretching exercises, they beneficially wag to increase skin elasticity.
  • Eat right! Eat more vegetables, fruits, and high protein foods. This will saturate your body with the necessary vitamins. It is better to refuse sweets, pies and rolls.
  • Control your weight. Follow a diet, do not drink plenty of fluids.
  • Buy special underwear that supports your chest and stomach. Remember that it is important to choose the right size. Consult with your doctor..

Novelty in the field of cosmetology. Bio oil – oil from stretch marks

Bio oil (Bio Oil) – a cosmetic product (oil), designed specifically for women who want to have beautiful skin. Numerous studies have proven that this Bio oil allows you to deal with specific skin problems, in particular, it is used as oil for stretch marks and scars. In addition, Bio Oil cosmetic oil (Bio Oil) significantly evens out skin color, and it is also recommended for combating age-related skin changes. This unique product in the field of cosmetology has won over 200 awards! Among the cosmetic skin care products aimed at getting rid of stretch marks and scars, Bio Oil (Bio Oil) is a leader in sales in 18 countries.

Developed by leading cosmetology experts, the Bio Oil formula is an oil-based formula enriched with plant extracts and a complex of vitamins. Bio Oil (Bio Oil) contains PurCellin Oil ™. This is a unique ingredient that makes the oil quickly absorbed. It leaves no greasy marks on either skin or clothing. Moreover, all vitamins and plant extracts contained in Bio Oil are very easily absorbed into the skin..

Oil from stretch marks Bio Oil has successfully passed the examination, and was found to be safe for use (including during pregnancy) in accordance with the requirements of the European Parliament. It does not contain impurities harmful to the body and is recommended for daily use..

Bio Oil really effectively prevents the appearance of stretch marks on the stomach. It is advisable to start using the product at 4-5 months of pregnancy, when the tummy begins to grow rapidly and the skin on it stretches significantly. Daily intensive moisturizing and skin care will save you from a problem in the future: stretch marks on your stomach and how to get rid of them.

Draw your attention to! Despite the fact that numerous tests and reviews indicate a high quality product, Bio Oil will not be able to completely eliminate already existing stretch marks on the body. It only helps to reduce their visibility. That is why it is recommended to take care of the fight against stretch marks in advance. Also, to prevent the occurrence of new stretch marks, continue to use Bio Oil (Bio Oil) after birth. Apply oil to the body twice a day. Pay special attention to problem areas: stomach, chest and hips. It is in these places that hate stretch marks most often occur.

You can buy Bio Oil (Bio Oil) in the pharmacy chains of your city.

Oil bio oil reviews

On the Internet you can find many reviews on the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of oil from stretch marks Bio Oil. In most countries, cosmetic oil has won the trust of customers and received positive reviews from women who, with its help, managed to maintain the beauty and youth of their skin.

Why do negative reviews appear? Unfortunately, you need to be realistic, and if you didn’t eat properly, actively stretching the skin, did not care for it during pregnancy, then there is no such miraculous remedy that would instantly save you from stretch marks. There are no miracles! Bio Oil or some other cosmetic product (such as Bepanthenol, which is also considered a good remedy) can prevent stretch marks. Oil helps restore skin elasticity and gradually reduce stretch marks. But absolutely all traces of stretch marks will not be deleted. To do this, it may be better to resort to the help of cosmetologists and special procedures: peels, injections, wraps.

How to get rid of already appeared stretch marks


The main course for getting rid of stretch marks at home is to alternate several procedures aimed at intensive nutrition and skin renewal.

Three steps to get rid of stretch marks

First, baths with oils and salt. To prepare a bath with aromatic oils, dissolve a teaspoon of salt and a few drops of various oils. For baths with salt, it is better to use a mixture of sea salt and baking soda (the amount of ingredients should be equal). Take a bath no more than 15 minutes.

Second, massage using a scrub. Helps to effectively get rid of the upper layer of the epithelium, increase blood circulation, smooth the skin. In addition, the removal of the upper layer of the skin catalyzes the process of active production of the necessary substances (elastin and collagen). With intense mechanical stress, recovery processes are mobilized.


Third, intensive hydration with oils. After skin massage, when the pores are still open, you need to rub moisturizing oil. It actively nourishes skin cells and promotes the rapid restoration of its elasticity. You can prepare a mixture of oils at home. To do this, jojoba oil, jasmine, lavender oil, as well as orange and almond oil are suitable. Light creams with aloe juice are also very effective for moisturizing the skin..


Also, with the problem of stretch marks, you can contact the salon to beauticians. The most popular way to get rid of stretch marks on the body is mesotherapy, the essence of which is to maintain a specially developed composition under the skin. Biologically active substances contribute to the restoration and renewal of the skin. To improve the effectiveness of this procedure, skin peeling is additionally carried out.

Before choosing procedures to eliminate stretch marks, it is necessary to consult a cosmetologist. He will make an individual complex that suits you.