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Oriental manicure is a delicate matter! photo with nail design ideas


If you want to make an unconventional and effective nail design, then oriental manicure is what you need! But to entrust the creation of this type of manicure is better to a good talented master, because The technique of its implementation is quite complicated. However, it is worth noting that the modern beauty industry offers a rich toolkit for express manicure, and this greatly facilitates the work of a nail art master. But back to the eastern theme. Oriental style manicure is characterized by its own unique features that set it apart from others..

Features of oriental manicure

Traditional oriental manicure is distinguished by luxury and richness, dark saturated shades with tints of gold or reflections of precious stones. All the originality, originality and beauty of the East is also expressed in the ornaments that adorn the nails. Depending on the given topic, patterns also differ:

  • Arabic manicure – natural floral ornaments, curls;
  • Indian manicure – henna drawings, peacock feathers, paisley or so-called Indian cucumbers.


Classic colors of oriental manicure: rich burgundy, emerald, navy, beige, warm brick, deep orange and scarlet. Although it all depends on your imagination and skill, there are no strict prohibitions on the use of other shades..

To create a truly oriental manicure, you may need beads, large stasis and gold acrylic paints.

If we talk about the design of nails / manicure in the Arabic style, then it is characterized by the absence of straight lines, on the contrary, the ornate and bizarre patterns are welcome. Straight lines are possible in the form of imitation on the nails of a mosaic, one of the established decorative elements of the oriental style.

Oriental style manicure techniques

  • stamping plates and stickers

If you are still new to nail art, then to create an oriental manicure you can use specialized stickers or stamping plates. These simple tools will facilitate your work and protect you from errors..



  • decor with beads and rhinestones

To make oriental manicure more interesting and voluminous, intricate patterns on the nails can be laid out with small beads or rhinestones.





  • feather manicure

Due to its ease of implementation, this technique has become quite popular. Such a fashionable manicure looks natural and refined. To create it, peacock feathers are used, which are sealed on nails between layers of transparent gel polish.



  • art manicure

The most painstaking and time-consuming type of manicure. The master manually with the help of varnish or acrylic paints literally draws patterns on your nails. Such work is worth a lot and looks like a real masterpiece.



Oriental manicure: photo with ornaments

Traditional oriental ornaments consist of tightly interwoven flower stems and spirals; patterns from geometric shapes such as rhombuses and triangles are less common. Experienced craftsmen often combine geometric and natural ornaments together. There are no strict canons, rather, on the contrary, the uniqueness and originality of the picture is welcomed..












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