Foot Care

The most necessary constant attention, the place of our body is the legs and skin on them. The skin on the legs is less sensitive, so it is not necessary to apply frequent care to it. Our legs are very hardy, they carry a heavy load during the day, the skin can withstand any uncomfortable shoes, which can cause corns, calluses or cracks. And if we pay close attention to facial skin care, we rarely remember about legs. How to prevent such results and how to properly care for your feet?

Daily inspection


The skin on the legs should undergo daily cleansing, during which it is imperative that a number of certain rules are followed. Do not use hot water to wash your feet. If you wash your feet in hot water, the skin on your legs will quickly become dry. To wash your feet, it is best to use room water, and in the end it is recommended to wash your legs with cool water. If your feet sweat a lot, you can use a bactericidal soap. In any other case, any oily soap will do. After a properly taken shower, be sure to treat your feet with a special cream that suits your skin type. It is not necessary to buy a cream; you can prepare a variety of ointments or compresses at home. To do this, just mix vegetable oil and lemon juice, orange in a ratio of ten to one. Apply this compress daily.

To get rid of hard heels, it is enough to process them with pumice every day. To massage the feet, you can use a hard washcloth or brush. You can thus massage not only the feet, but the entire leg. This procedure is contraindicated only for those who have a tendency to dilate veins..

Feet care. How to keep your legs looking beautiful?

The first and most important thing is a pedicure. This procedure must be done once a month. Before pedicure, lower your legs in a warm soapy solution for about 10-15 minutes. This will further facilitate the removal of excess from your feet. Be sure to push the skin on the nails, which will give a more beautiful and neat shape. Do not cut your nails too short; this may cause them to grow. If you have already encountered such a problem, the following method may help you. Put gauze moistened with petroleum jelly on a sore fingernail and hold them for a while. If this does not relieve inflammation, do not delay and immediately consult a specialist. Remember also the color scheme of your pedicure. It should match or harmonize with the color scheme on the nails of your hands..