Fashionable makeup spring-summer 2017


With sophisticated sculpting techniques or perfect arrows in the style of the Egyptian queens, now you will not surprise anyone. Color and shine come into fashion, completely blocking the classics with its regular shapes and well-adjusted strokes..

To meet the fashion trends of the spring-summer 2017 season, you will have to change the idea of ​​perfect makeup and radically renew your makeup bag. Now it’s acceptable to abandon the shadows, but draw careless thick arrows with bright eyeliner or go out into people with almost no eyebrows.

So be patient and start experimenting in front of the mirror – by the beginning of spring 2017 you can still get used to the most radical makeup solutions.

Ruddy cheekbones and whiskey

Games with color begin with an unusual trend: lead makeup artist Pat McGrath offers to erase the line between shadows and blushes and blend shadows far beyond the border of the upper and lower eyelids.

Rosy cheekbones and whiskey spring-summer 2017

This technique was used at fashion shows by Adam Selman, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton and Fenty x Puma, where the abundance of color became the main focus of the whole image..

Rosy cheekbones and whiskey spring-summer 2017

Bright red lips

And not made-up eyes – another radical decision from leading designers. Bright red lips and not a single gram of makeup on the eyes – makeup with red lipstick was used at many shows: Mary Katrantzou, Valentino, Giambattista Valli, Simone Rocha, Jason Wu, etc..

Bright red lips spring-summer 2017

And to make the faces of the models look fresh, some make-up artists nevertheless cheated – they applied a few shades of natural tones and gave the face a light shine with a highlighter.

Makeup with red lips spring-summer 2017

Dark lipsticks

The shows of DKNY, Acne Studios and Gareth Pugh reminded that the lips can be not only red. In the coming spring, you have the right to choose defiant shades – from dark gray to almost black – and wear them as a main accent or combining them with discreet arrows.

Lipsticks dark shades spring-summer 2017

As a top coat you can apply glitter to make your makeup look brighter and more interesting.

Makeup with dark lipstick spring-summer 2017

Moreover, makeup artists argue that it is not necessary to perfectly draw a lip contour with a pencil. Sloppiness is in fashion, lipstick should look like you applied it in a hurry five minutes before leaving the house.

Makeup Smoky eyes

Confidently in the top beauty solutions, smoky smoky eyes are kept, which emphasizes the deep look and adds mystery to the image. Moreover, the trend is not at all dark graphite and black shades, but rather light, almost transparent gray shades, as well as colored smokey ice.

Makeup smoky eyes spring-summer 2017

Makeup smoky eyes in the spring-summer 2017 season should be weightless, to match the warmth and blooming colors.

Makeup smoky eyes spring-summer 2017

Clear eyeliner

If the blurry edges are not your option, arm yourself with a pencil or black liquid eyeliner and learn to let your eyes down. You think you already know how? Better practice at home, because makeup artists have made it clear that the trend is only perfectly traced inter-eyelash space and a thin line on the lower eyelid. No shading or negligence – just two perfect lines connected in the outer corner of the eye.

Clear eyeliner spring-summer 2017

And it’s not necessary to take just black eyeliner, in the summer you can afford any bright colors.

Color eyeliner spring-summer 2017

Feline arrows

If the cat-eye makeup in its usual performance bored you, take a look at the shows of Fendi and Moschino. The models are not just trendy thick arrows – they are drawn both in the outer and inner corners of the eye. It’s probably not suitable for every day, but for a party it’s very.

Cat arrows spring-summer 2017

Colored shadows

Makeup artists are also advised to abandon the banal classic makeup at least in the summer and add bright shades even to everyday looks. And the brighter your shadows, the better. Especially in the favorite in the upcoming spring and summer season 2017 will be blue, cyan and all kinds of shades of the sea wave.

Colored shadows spring-summer 2017

But if the color of the spring sky does not harmonize with your color type or clothes, you can always choose any other shades. If only it was bright, extraordinary and noticeable. Images of Marc Jacobs, Nina Ricci, Sportmax, etc. can be considered an example of a successful selection of spring eyeshadows. Jill Stuart went even further: combined 2-3 shades of eyes to make the eyes look really spring-like.

Colored shadows spring-summer 2017


To shine, you must lose weight, renew your wardrobe and learn how to use colored sparkles not only in the process of nail art. Add them to the moving eyelid, lips, eyebrows, cheeks … And if the cut of the dress allows, then on the shoulders.

Glitter spring-summer 2017

The only rule: you can use small sparkles in everyday makeup, and leave large ones for an evening look. Fendi and DKNY demonstrated this trend most clearly..

Glitter makeup spring-summer 2017


As you can see, the designers abandoned the heavy means for sculpting and used highlighter to highlight certain areas of the face. They are right: the natural radiance of fresh well-groomed skin attracts much more attention than the contouring foundations that can change the face beyond recognition.

Strobing spring-summer 2017

For those who do not like to paint their eyes, make-up artists advise to make a lightweight version of strobe makeup – apply highlighter or light pearlescent shadows on the inner corner of the eye. This is enough to make the look more open, and the eyes – visually larger. Makeup artists have shown that with an almost complete absence of makeup, such an emphasis can save the situation. And if you have a couple more minutes – apply a drop of the product on the dimple of the upper lip and cheekbones to look younger and fresher.

Strobing spring-summer 2017

Bright graphic arrows

Some make-up artists abandoned the neat black arrows and summed up the eyes of the models deliberately carelessly. Thus, bright wide arrows became the main trend in makeup in the spring-summer 2017 season.

Bright graphic arrows spring-summer 2017

It looked like someone had drawn a thick colored pencil over the moving eyelid for fun: no repetition of the contour of the eye, thin tip, beautiful bend. Just a bright line.

Bright wide arrows spring-summer 2017

Bright arrows under the eyebrow

The name of this trend has not yet been invented – it is something between the arrow and the brightly colored eyebrow. Although there is a drop of common sense in this decision: such makeup will appeal to owners of overhanging eyelids or deep-set eyes, suffering from the fact that shadows and arrows are almost invisible.

Bright line under the eyebrow spring-summer 2017

Moreover, makeup artists did not limit themselves either in the length of the stroke, not in shape, or in color. As part of the Salvatore Ferragamo and Cividini show, models drew bright arrows raised one and a half to two centimeters above the eyelash line, Sabbina drew a strip of glitter under the eyebrow, and at the Antonio Marras show, makeup artists limited themselves to a single black square emphasizing the eyebrow.

Bright line under the eyebrow spring-summer 2017

Emphasis on eyebrows

Eyebrow experiments will continue in the new season. If last spring there were thick, “fluffy”, sometimes careless eyebrows in fashion, now the catwalk makeup artists have relied on an unusual color or no eyebrows at all.

Focus on eyebrows spring-summer 2017

So, if you do not intend to emphasize eyebrows, then you can safely whiten them, and then abundantly powder with shadows of pastel shades. Choose a shade according to your mood: pink, turquoise, yellow, peach and even pale green eyebrows were demonstrated at the Gucci show.

Powdered eyebrows spring-summer 2017

Natural makeup

Natural beauty, perfect skin tone and natural shades – nude makeup – the main trend for several seasons in a row. Lips are lightly stained, a highlighter minimum and transparent shades of warm natural shades only emphasized the natural beauty of the models. It turned out the so-called “makeup without makeup” – the perfect solution for going to the gym or visiting relatives.

Natural makeup spring-summer 2017

Many make-up artists completely left the faces of models without makeup. Singing the beauty of naturalness, they nevertheless cheated a little: they evened out skin tone, put in order the eyebrows, worked on the hairdo.

The complete lack of makeup spring-summer 2017

Now you are familiar with all the key trends in makeup spring-summer 2017. It remains to make up a cosmetic bag in accordance with the new rules and work out each technique to meet the spring fully armed. And do not forget – this season only those who are not afraid to go beyond are fashionable!

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