Stretch marks on the chest

The beauty of the female breast has been described by artists and poets at all times. Unfortunately, there are annoying little things that can spoil the true picture. These little things include such unpleasant formations on the body as stretch marks on the chest. There is an opinion that these ugly scars appear only in pregnant women. But this is not so. Many women who have not previously had stretch marks suddenly find bluish scars on their bodies.

Of course, they are surprised and wonder why it happened and how to remove stretch marks on the chest.?

These unpleasant stripes on the body and mammary glands of a woman are inherently scars that appeared due to the strong tension of the skin. And there may be several reasons for their appearance and this is not only pregnancy.

Why stretch marks occur

Rapid enlargement of the pectoral muscle. This factor can cause stretch marks on the chest in adolescents..

This happens quite often and it is most reasonable to take preventive measures, which we will discuss below:

Fast weight gain or dramatic weight loss is one of the reasons why nutritionists

categorically opposed to quick weight loss. Once you sharply gain or lose a couple of kilograms, wave-like bands form on the body, which in the future will become real scars. That is why, sitting on a fashionable diet, you should carefully monitor the hydration and nutrition of the skin;

Disruption of the hormonal background. If an unexpected cause of striae on your body, you should immediately consult a doctor. The causes of breast stretch marks can be hidden behind serious hormonal disorders: adrenal disease, malfunction of the endocrine system and so on;

Postpartum stretch marks are the most common type of striae. The woman’s body is undergoing major changes, her stomach is growing, and additional milk lobes and fat deposits appear in the chest. When a woman begins to feed her baby, her mammary glands increase significantly and it is sometimes impossible to notice the appeared striae. An unpleasant mood comes, with a decrease in the size of the mammary glands after weaning the baby from the breast. In order not to spoil the beauty of the body and maintain skin elasticity, it is necessary to use a cream from stretch marks on the chest, even during pregnancy.

How to get rid of stretch marks

If you notice the appearance of dark scars on your body, you should immediately take the necessary measures to save your beauty. Modern medicine has a sufficient number of quick and effective methods for removing stretch marks on the chest. But these methods are not affordable for everyone and there are some contraindications, for example, age under 18.

That is why we will describe several ways in which it is absolutely harmless and inexpensive to remove even stretch marks on the chest in adolescents:

You need to take 5-10 drops of your favorite cosmetic oil (olive, almond, etc.), add 1 drop of geranium and ylang-ylang oils. Stir the mixture, place in a small jar and in this form it can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. Use such a mixture, you need daily for 1 month. Before applying the medicinal product, it is necessary to wash and steam the skin well. Apply to the chest in a circular motion, avoiding the area of ​​the nipples;

A mixture of honey and aloe treats striae well. To prepare this remedy, you need to take 5 tbsp. tablespoons of natural (unheated) honey and 3 tbsp. tablespoons of aloe (twisted in a meat grinder). Stir the mixture to a homogeneous consistency, after which it can be used. The course of treatment with this tool lasts at least 2 months. On a well-washed and steamed body, apply the mixture. After 15 minutes The bust is washed with warm water and moisturized with any cosmetic cream. Contraindications – allergy to honey products;

Make more invisible and prevent stretch marks on the chest, a decoction of chamomile flowers will help. We take 5 tbsp. tablespoons of chamomile and pour 1 liter. water. After boiling, reduce the heat and cook for another 15 minutes. After this, the saucepan with a decoction is wrapped in a terry towel and left for another few hours. When our broth cools down, it is necessary to strain the chamomile through cheesecloth. The remaining liquid must be poured into molds and put in the freezer. If you wipe the bust skin with such a cube every morning, then you will not only avoid the troubles with the appearance of unwanted striae, but will also make your “pride” beautiful and elastic.

A high-quality cream for stretch marks on the chest will help to solve the current problem. It can be either cream from the store or cooked at home. If there are stretch marks on the chest during pregnancy, then it should be indicated on the store cream that it does not have any contraindications and is made specifically for use by pregnant women.

At home, you can prepare a mixture based on any baby cream, with the addition of essential oils – 150 g. cream accounts for 25-50 g. lavender oil or rose oil. This mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for several months. The cream is applied to the body daily after taking a shower or bath. The course of treatment depends on the size of the stria and its old age..

Striae Prevention

Most often, stretch marks appear on the chest during pregnancy.

In order to prevent this unpleasant phenomenon and not resort to drastic measures, it is better to regularly perform some actions:

Helps to avoid the appearance of ugly scars, a properly selected bra. The mammary glands increase in size very quickly, blood circulation increases, the body becomes sensitive. Therefore, the bra should be made of natural breathable fabrics on wide and strong straps. He will be able to maintain a heavy bust, preventing the skin from stretching;

Every day after a shower, a cream from stretch marks on the chest or home-made lotions should be applied to a well-steamed body;

The nutrition of a pregnant woman should be complete and contain the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.

If you are not lazy and use all of the above tools correctly, you can remain young and beautiful for many, many years to come.!