Mummy against stretch marks

The problem of the appearance of stretch marks is familiar to many women. Most often they are formed in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. These ugly scars on the body can spoil the appearance of even the most well-groomed lady. There can be several reasons for the appearance of unpleasant grooves: pregnancy, a sharp loss or weight gain or lack of collagen. To eliminate this drawback, women spend a lot of time and money.

All kinds of expensive masks in fashion salons, imported creams that do not bring any effect, are forced to give up. Against this background, a mass of complexes can develop: reluctance to show your body during intimacy and the shyness of undressing on the beach bring women to nervous breakdowns.

What to do and where to look for a way out of this situation?

Cream with mummy for stretch marks will help solve the delicate problem of getting rid of striae.

Mumiye is a great natural remedy that was used in ancient times to treat various diseases, its benefits are also undeniable in our time..

What is a mummy?

This is a unique product which includes: rocks, resins, animal excrement,

small particles of plants and about 30 biologically active components. The main trace elements useful to humans, which are part of the mummy, are: iron, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, nickel and various amino acids.

This homogeneous dark brown mass has a peculiar smell and a bitter taste. Most of the eastern elixirs are prepared using this magic tool..

Mumiye – improves skin elasticity, enriches it with vitamins, has excellent regenerative properties. That is why the mummy from stretch marks is used as a preventive and therapeutic agent, which can be very easily prepared at home.

Homemade recipes for creams with mummy

Homemade remedy for stretch marks with mummy is very simple to prepare and has a fairly long shelf life.

This natural medicine can be purchased in almost every pharmacy in the form of tablets or capsules..

Classic recipe: in a small bowl, squeezed 100 gr. baby cream. 2-4 gr. Mummies must be dissolved in a small amount of purified water and added to the cream. Transfer the prepared product into a small jar and store in the refrigerator (3-4 months). The cream is applied daily, rubbing into the skin with massage movements for 15 minutes;

Cream with the addition of essential oil: the cooking recipe is similar to the first, only at the end you need to add an essential oil with anti-cellulite properties (orange, rosemary, lavender). In addition to its enhancing anti-cellulite effect, essential oils are able to neutralize the unpleasant odor of mummies;

Oil cream: since the tablets do not dissolve in oil, they must be diluted in a small amount of clean water (mineral water), then add mint or rose oil. For 1 tablet means 1 tbsp. spoon of oil.

How to get rid of the smell

If you purchased a quality mummy, then it will have a rather unpleasant odor inherent in mountain resin, which is not easy to get rid of. Essential oils can help betray your remedy for stretch marks with mummy.

By adding only a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the cooked mass, you will not only get rid of the specific smell, but also give your skin a pleasant aroma.

How to apply cream for stretch marks

The prepared cream with mummy from stretch marks should be applied to pre-cleaned and well-steamed skin. Ideally, you should dial the bathroom and thoroughly clean the body with a scrub and washcloth.

In this case, beneficial substances and trace elements are absorbed into the skin faster. Apply cream in massaging movements, clockwise.

The procedure should last about 15 minutes. until the cream is completely absorbed.

Cream during pregnancy

It is recommended to use a mummy from stretch marks during pregnancy 2-3 times a week. This will increase the elasticity and tone of the body, make existing stretch marks less noticeable and prevent the appearance of new ones..

Since the mummy contains quite active biological substances, it is not recommended to use it throughout the pregnancy period. Before using the mummy from stretch marks, you should consult your doctor who can tell you exactly if this remedy can be used in your particular case..

Stretch Mark Cream Tips

Usually after 1 month of regular use of cream with mummy, stretch marks will show a positive effect.

But if you want to speed up the process and make unpleasant scars on the body less noticeable or even get rid of them altogether, follow simple and effective rules:

If your cream has become liquid after prolonged storage, do not panic. It is necessary to change the brand of the cream used or to reduce the constituent part of the mummy;

If you want to achieve the result as quickly as possible, apply the treatment mixture 2 times a day (after a shower). The product is absolutely natural, has no contraindications and will not be able to harm your skin (the exception is personal intolerance to the components);

A special massage roller will help speed up the healing effect. With it, you can increase blood flow to the skin, thereby increasing the absorption of the drug. Massage is contraindicated in the stomach of pregnant women;

Nursing mothers are not recommended to apply the product on the chest area, so that it can not get into the baby’s mouth;

It is not recommended to take a shower or bath within 4 hours after applying the treatment mixture;

If after using the mixture there are dark spots on the skin, they can be easily removed with lemon juice or makeup remover;

Dark stains from cream on clothes and linen are washed with a mixture of laundry soap and lemon juice.

Beauticians advise using a mummy from stretch marks, in combination with peeling. This allows you to speed up the time when stretch marks disappear and the skin becomes perfectly smooth..