Cream for stretch marks

The cream from scars and stretch marks intensively moisturizes and softens areas of the skin that, due to overstretching (pregnancy, feeding, rapid weight gain), were injured and lost their elasticity. Cosmetics increase the ability of the skin to renew and help restore the old, and even better appearance of the skin. In addition, the cream against stretch marks prevents the appearance of edema due to the drainage effect, which means that it helps to avoid additional stretching of the skin, its fatigue and possible sagging.

Active substances

Effectively solve the problem are capable of products containing natural moisturizing and nourishing components:

retinol and vitamins C, E, A;

aloe vera;

hyaluronic acid;

collagen of plant origin (soybeans, green peas);

wheat germ extract;

oils (shea, jojoba, cocoa, avocado).

The action of such funds is aimed at intensive skin nutrition and stimulation of its regenerative function.

Cream Choice Rules

When choosing a cream for stretch marks after childbirth, it is important to follow simple rules:

  • study the composition, make sure that the natural components are presented at the top of the list (which means that their mass fraction is quite large);
  • make sure that there is a note on the tube that the product is hypoallergenic and can be used during pregnancy and lactation;
  • use the probe or test the cream directly in the store, applying a small amount to the inner fold of the elbow, then within 2 days observe the skin reaction to the new product.

Cream for stretch marks should have a natural unobtrusive smell and absorb well without leaving greasy marks on the skin.

Rules for applying cream for stretch marks

In order for the cream from stretch marks to really work, it must be applied regularly – twice a day for 2-3 months. It is necessary to apply on clean skin of problem areas with light massaging movements until completely absorbed. Ideal to use after shower cream.

During pregnancy, the cream can be used starting from the second trimester, and continue to be used with weekly intervals until the 3rd month after delivery.

Overview of creams for stretch marks

The appointment of cream for stretch marks is a key point in choosing a remedy. The cream can be designed to prevent stretch marks or to combat an existing defect.

Cosmetic companies produce creams separately for the abdomen and chest. If the part of the body is not indicated on the tube, a cream suitable for sensitive skin should be chosen for the breast.

Cream for stretch marks “9 months” – with vitamins E, B1, B6, PP, A, dimiticon, shea butter and jojoba.

Moisturizes the skin of problem areas, reduces the appearance of cellulite, prevents the appearance of new stretch marks and removes existing ones. Stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Elancyl Galenic – with Algae and Vitamin C.

Significantly reduces the visible manifestations of stretch marks, their depth and width. Recommended after delivery.

During lactation, it is also allowed, subject to careful hygiene – the remnants of the cream should not get to the baby with milk.

Mama comfort – with olive oil, chamomile, horse chestnut.

Nourishes and moisturizes sensitive skin prone to dryness.

Sanosan – with Wheat Protein and Olive Oil.

For the prevention of stretch marks, it can be used before and after childbirth. Increases firmness and elasticity, reduces the risk of injury to the skin from overstretching.

Vichy with thermal water.

Promotes skin regeneration, healing of thin scars and stretch marks, gives skin elasticity.

Avent – with seaweed, shea butter, almond and papaya.

Moisturizes, tones, strengthens the fibers of the skin, soothes itching and helps to remove excess fluid. Use before and after childbirth as prevention and removal of stretch marks.

Chicco – with vitamins PP and E, rice bran oil and wheat.

Moisturizes the skin, makes it supple and supple. The product is easily absorbed, leaves no greasy residue after application..


Prophylactic and corrective agent at the same time. Nourishes, softens, moisturizes the skin.
Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin – fibers responsible for skin elasticity. Reduces the red tint of stretch marks.


Start using after breastfeeding has ended. This cream fights against stretch marks that have already appeared. You can notice the results 2 months after the start of use.


Restores the shape of the breast, makes stretch marks less noticeable, leads the skin to tone.

The problem of stretch marks needs to be fought with intensive measures, however, you cannot mix two or three creams at the same time. After choosing a cream, you should use it daily and wait patiently – the skin is restored gradually, over several months.

It will be good to complement body skin care with delicate pilling, massage, contrast shower, aromatherapy, swimming.