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Scrubs for scalp at home: what are the benefits. How to make a scalp at home


Scrubbing is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It gives an instant effect: the skin of the face becomes smooth, beautiful, fresh, smooth. However, deep cleansing requires not only the face, but also the scalp, as well as the hair rods themselves.

Scrub for scalp at home: what is it for?

Scrubs for scalp and hair are not as common as facial cosmetics with a similar effect. Many girls have never heard that such products exist. But in vain. The fact is that the scalp is dirty no less than on other parts of the body, and in the same way needs to be cleansed of dead, dead cells.

Hair scrub at home allows you to:

• deeply clean the upper stratum corneum of the skin;

• remove sebaceous plugs from the pores and improve blood circulation;

• get rid of dandruff;

• normalize the sebaceous glands;

• provide the skin with cellular respiration

increase the penetration of oxygen through the skin into the tissue;

• clean hair rods from chemical residues.

The constant use of paint, varnishes, balms and other care and styling products gradually spoil the appearance of the hair. An ordinary shampoo is not able to wash all chemical residues that have accumulated between the scales from a porous hair shaft. Hair quickly becomes greasy at the roots, looks lifeless, dull.

As a result of the use of scrubs for scalp at home, hair growth accelerates and stops increased loss. After scrubbing, the curls look alive and healthy. Greasy hair becomes less dirty, while dry hair begins to shine and stop breaking..


It is not necessary to buy scrubbing hair products in the store, as they can be done quite simply by yourself. It will turn out a natural product of home cosmetics, budget and completely safe for health.

The basis of a hair scrub at home

You can make a hair scrub at home from simple components. The basis can be any abrasive substance:

• table or sea salt;

• white or brown sugar;

• baking soda;

• ground bones;

• ground sleep coffee.


An important nuance: if it’s easy to work with salt and sugar, then bones and coffee can be difficult. The fact is that salt and sugar dissolve, and therefore it is not difficult to rinse the composition with curls. But to rinse hair from particles of insoluble coffee or chopped walnut shells is not an easy task. Therefore, you can use solid insoluble abrasives only on short hair, but for owners of long curls, the base should be different.

It is important to remember that salt dries the skin, and therefore it is not worthwhile to abuse salt hair scrubs at home. It is enough to do the procedure once a week, after one and a half months of regular use for two months, stop deep salt cleansing.

Scrubs for scalp for all hair types

If the scalp is normal and the hair does not have any problems, you can use any of the scrubs below. They are universal, do not require any special ingredients, and therefore are very convenient in the care of curls..

Salt (sugar) plus base oils

1. The simplest way to deeply cleanse the scalp is to take 2-3 tablespoons of sugar or salt, pour 1 tbsp. rub a spoonful of water and the resulting slurry into the roots, massaging the head from the back of the head to the periphery.

2. A little complicate the recipe will help any cosmetic or edible oil. Suitable base apricot, almond, peach, grape or ordinary olive oil. It must be mixed with sugar or salt base and rub the mixture into the skin. By the way, due to oil, the effect will be gentle, the skin will not scratch much.

3. The third version of the simplest hair scrub at home is to mix salt (sugar), cosmetic or edible oil and a little ordinary care shampoo. The mass is rubbed into the skin with massaging movements, then washed off. If an oily film remains on the curls, you need to rinse them with shampoo again.

WITHol, pepper, base oil and cinnamon

A hair scrub based on salt, cinnamon and hot pepper will bring special pleasure to the owner and her owner. You can’t use it on sensitive skin, no matter how you want to see the result. And it will be amazing, because pepper, causing a rush of blood to the head, provides active growth of strands. Cinnamon has a similar effect, which also favorably affects the structure of the hair shaft and smells great.

To prepare such a mask, you need to mix the third part of an ordinary glass of salt (or sugar) with two tablespoons of ground hot pepper and the same amount of cinnamon powder, dilute with any base oil until a pleasant mass is easily distributed throughout the hair. It is applied to wet hair and holds like a mask for 15 minutes.

Important: if the skin started to burn, wash off the scrub immediately, and rinse the skin with a weak decoction of celandine or chamomile.

Sugar, honey, yolk, cognac and butter

Any type of skin will benefit from a scrub mask, the basis for which will be not only salt or sugar, but honey. It also has excellent adsorbent properties. It will provide a nourishing and cleansing foundation that instantly revitalizes curls, makes them elastic, resilient.

You will need a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of brandy, three tablespoons of base cosmetic / edible oil and one raw yolk. All components must be combined until a thick mixture is obtained, treat the head with massage movements and leave the mixture for another 10 minutes.

Such a scrub is especially good in winter, when curls are constantly dried out in a room with central heating and under a hat.


Scrubs for scalp by hair type

Hair care requires knowledge of the type of hair. Do not wash oily hair with shampoo for dry hair, and damaged colored hair will not be delighted with ordinary shampoo for normal hair.

This rule applies to the special cleansing care for the scalp and curls. If your hair is oily, you need a scrub with a drying effect, if dry, with a nourishing and moisturizing effect. Separate cleansing is necessary for sensitive skin, the attitude to which should be careful.

Salt (sugar), kefir

Sensitive hair scrub is made from any scrubbing base (sugar or salt), mixing it with a fermented milk product. It does not have to be kefir. It is easily replaced by sour cream and yogurt. It will result in a mass with a delicate texture that gently cleanses the skin. Kefir or another sour-milk product nourishes the hair rods, the curls will become thick and strong.

Salt (sugar), apple cider vinegar

If the hair quickly becomes greasy, they can help with vinegar scrub. That’s just vinegar must be a natural apple. The benefits of this wonderful product are so great that even just rinsing the curls in apple-vinegar water after washing makes them shine and makes them silky to the touch.

To prepare a scrub for the scalp at home based on salt and acetic acid, you need to take a scrubbing base with 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar (up to 6 percent of the concert). That’s all: the scrub is ready. But do not rush to immediately rub the composition into the roots. First you need to conduct an allergy test by applying a scrub to the inside of your wrist or elbow. If redness and burning did not appear, the composition can be used for its intended purpose.

The effectiveness of this tool is very high, including due to apple cider vinegar. This product (if it is natural and not flavored table) causes a rush of blood to the scalp, enhancing hair growth, improving their nutrition and blood circulation. In addition, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, and the curls cease to be quickly contaminated.

Blue clay, salt

Another scrub recipe for oily scalp includes blue clay (sold at a pharmacy or cosmetics store) and an abrasive base. To prepare the composition, you need to mix two tablespoons of clay and six tablespoons of sugar or salt. Pour some water into the dry mixture to get a pleasant consistency..

Apply the composition to wet clean hair, massage and leave for ten minutes, so that the clay can work on the skin, absorb excess sebum, dead skin particles, toxins and other dirt. Rinse hair thoroughly.


After the procedure, not only the skin, but also the hair rods in the basal area will be cleaned. Hair will gain a lively shine, become elastic, will stay clean longer.

Honey, salt and cream

If the scalp is dry, it needs to be cleaned and moisturized at the same time. To do this, three tablespoons of sugar / salt should be combined with a tablespoon of natural honey, mix. If the honey is old, it can be pre-ground with cream to make it easier to mix with salt.

Add the cream warmed up to room temperature to the mixture so that the composition of the desired consistency is obtained. It should not leak and at the same time application should be easy. The scrub should be applied to the roots, rubbed into the skin and left for 15 minutes as a nourishing mask. Then rinse with warm water.

Salt and aloe

Excellent cleansing and moisturizing gives a scrub with juice or pulp of aloe. Of all the cleansing formulations, it is this variant of scrub for the scalp at home that acts most gently and delicately. He will soothe dry, irritated skin, relieve dandruff, and make your hair silky, docile, smooth.

Regular deep cleansing of the scalp will achieve such results that the most expensive shampoo will not give. Be sure to include scrubbing in home care for curls.

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