Do home cellulite scrubs help: what is the secret to success? Recipes of anti-cellulite scrubs at home


Over the past few years, the beautiful half of humanity has been actively struggling with such a nuisance as cellulite. What is it? Speaking in scientific terms, this is the formation of fatty deposits in the subcutaneous tissue. The structure of the fat subcutaneous layer changes, which leads to a violation of microcirculation and outflow of lymph.

Between themselves, women call it “orange peel”, primarily due to the fact that the skin takes exactly this form: uneven with tubercles and hollows. Many mistakenly believe that thin women bypass this problem. Cellulite happens both in full and in slender.

Causes of the appearance of cellulite, stage of development. Do anti-cellulite scrubs help in the treatment?

Scientists have proven that the appearance of cellulite is more dependent on a genetic predisposition. In addition, there are a number of reasons leading to the appearance of an “orange peel”:


• improper and unhealthy nutrition;

• sedentary lifestyle;

• hormonal changes (pregnancy, puberty) or hormonal failure;

• bad habits;

• frequent stressful situations;

• frequent significant weight fluctuations.

These are the most common causes of cellulite. As you can see, it’s very easy to “earn” an orange peel on your hips, buttocks and stomach, but getting rid of it is much more difficult.

Many doctors attribute cellulite to diseases and allocate 4 stages in it. The sooner a problem is detected, the easier it will be to get rid of it..

Stage 1: pre-cellulite. At first glance, identifying the problem is not possible. At this stage, a slowdown in blood flow begins, outflow of lymphatic fluid. The only hint of incipient cellulitis may be a slight swelling of the tissues and the appearance of small bruises even with minor bruises.

Stage 2: initial. Problem areas begin to swell, less oxygen enters the tissue, toxins begin to accumulate. If you take the skin into a fold, then it will take the form of the very “orange peel”.

Stage 3: micronodular. The once elastic septa of subcutaneous fat become very stiff and rough. Rough knots appear that are easily palpated. Outwardly, the skin has already taken the form of an “orange peel”, this becomes noticeable without special tests.

Stage 4: macronodular. This stage is characterized by severe stagnation of lymphatic fluid, impaired venous outflow. Externally, in addition to the “orange peel”, nodes that are soldered to the skin are clearly visible. They are very tough and painful. In affected areas, tissue temperature may even change..

The last stage of cellulite is very rare, and it requires urgent medical intervention. At the first stage, few people pay attention to the problem, since it is not visible from the outside. The most common are stages 2 and 3. It is with them that women most often fight with the help of a huge amount of cosmetics. But the most effective are anti-cellulite scrubs, by the way, which can be prepared independently at home..

Anti-cellulite scrubs at home: rules of use

The first and most important rule of scrub use – it can not be used more than twice a week. In general, once is enough, but in especially advanced cases, two are allowed.

What are the general rules for applying scrubs against cellulite:


1. Before use, the skin needs to be steamed well. It is ideal to use a scrub after a bath or sauna, but if this is not possible, then it is enough to lie down for 15 minutes in a hot bath.

2. Any home scrub needs to be mixed well until smooth..

3. Homemade scrubs, which contain salt or sugar, must be prepared immediately before use, as these abrasive particles dissolve easily.

4. If there is butter in the scrub, then before mixing the remaining components, the oil needs to be slightly warmed up in a water bath.

5. If chocolate is included in the scrub, then you need to use only a really high-quality product, which is first rubbed on a fine grater, and then heated in a water bath.


6. Any scrub against cellulite (and especially hot!) Must be applied only to intact skin. If there are acne, cracks, or other problems, cleanse should be delayed..

7. It is best to rub the anti-cellulite scrub with a special massage mitten or hand massager. The effect of the procedure will be much greater. Just do not get carried away and put strong pressure on the skin.

8. The scrub is rubbed with active hand movements, in the direction of the lymph flow – from bottom to top.

9. There are two ways to wash off the scrub: warm water or a dry cloth (if the scrub is not greasy).

10. After applying the scrub, a contrast shower and applying a nourishing cream will help strengthen its effectiveness..

11. When using anti-cellulite scrub, it must be remembered that it removes the upper stratum corneum. If the procedure is carried out in the summer on a tanned body, then the tan in the problem areas will come off. This should be considered if you plan to bask on the beach in a swimsuit..

How to choose a cellulite scrub composition at home

Many women prefer not to buy a finished scrub, but to do it on their own. The main advantage of home remedies is the naturalness and the complete absence of all kinds of chemical components. Then the logical question arises: what components to include in the scrub? Here skin type comes to the rescue. It is worth starting from this when preparing a scrub.

If the skin is dry

As a base, you can take: apricot, olive, almond, sunflower or peach oil. Suitable abrasive ingredients should be very small: sea salt, coffee, chopped oatmeal, zest, nuts. Also, for dry skin, honey, cream and sour cream can be added to the scrub..

If the skin is oily

From anti-cellulite oils (base), those that do not form a film are suitable: sesame or any stone fruit. Abrasives are allowed to take the following: salt, sugar, coffee, crushed cereals and fruit seeds. Instead of water, you can add decoctions of herbs to the scrub. It is also allowed to include the following components: oat, pea or rice flour, cosmetic clay in a liquid state.


If the skin is mixed

In this case, you can make a scrub based on chocolate, pulp of berries and sour fruits, as well as oily moisturizing bases. It is allowed to use such powerful oils as red pepper, peppermint, lemon balm, all citrus fruits, cinnamon, juniper, cypress, eucalyptus. Only with such oils should be careful and add no more than 8 drops per serving of scrub.

Cellulite scrub recipes at home

The basis of all home scrubs should be abrasive substances and biologically active substances (primarily essential oils). This is due to the principle of action: first, the abrasive substance removes the keratinized layer and polishes the surface, allowing the active substance to penetrate deeper under the skin, stimulating metabolic processes.


Almond Butter Coffee Scrub


• 2 tbsp coffee;

• 1 tbsp olive oil;

• 1 tbsp almond oil;

• 5 drops of peppermint or cinnamon essential oil.

A well-mixed scrub is applied to the skin, which is massaged for 5 minutes. Then wash off with warm water. This hot anti-cellulite scrub is suitable for all skin types. During use, coffee can stain the skin – this is normal, do not be scared.

Honey scrub


• 0.5 cups of honey;

• 1 tbsp coffee;

• 6 drops of lemon essential oil (you can use a mixture of oils: lemon and juniper, bergamot and orange).

A scrub is applied to problem areas that are massaged for no longer than 5 minutes. It should be noted that the procedure with such a scrub is painful, therefore, in order not to injure the skin, you do not need to massage the same place for a long time.

Chocolate Berry Scrub


• 3 tbsp Chocolate

• 7 drops of any essential oil;

• 0.5 cup mashed strawberries, apples or peaches.

A scrub is applied to the problem area, which is massaged in a circular motion for 15 minutes. This procedure is suitable for sensitive and dehydrated skin..


Hot scrub


• 0.5 cups of sea salt;

• 0.5 cups of sugar;

• 5 g of ground red pepper;

• 5 g ground cinnamon;

• Warm olive oil for breeding.

The resulting mixture is applied in a circular motion to the problem area. Massage is performed until it starts to burn the skin (no longer than 10 minutes!). Scrub is NOT suitable for damaged and dry skin..

Coffee scrub with honey


• 0.5 cups of coffee;

• 1 glass of honey.

The resulting mass is massaged problem areas for 10 minutes. Such a tool is suitable for any skin..


Coffee with shower gel

This version of anti-cellulite scrub is very simple and suitable for those who do not have time or desire to prepare a separate scrub.


• a handful of coffee;

• shower gel.

A small amount of shower gel is squeezed into the cup, a handful of coffee is added to it. The resulting mixture is applied to problem areas and rubbed well..

Anti-cellulite scrubs: when and what results to expect?

Using anti-cellulite scrubs, women are primarily interested in: when to wait for the first results? We can say with confidence that if everything is done correctly, then after a couple of first procedures the skin will become noticeably smooth and toned. But for cellulite to completely disappear, it may take more than one month of regular procedures.

It is also necessary to understand that although anti-cellulite scrubs are effective means, nevertheless, in the fight against cellulite it is necessary to apply complex measures: review your diet, exercise (at least just move more!), Give up bad habits, lose weight.