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Coffee grounds scrub: effective and aromatic. Useful properties and benefits of coffee grounds scrubs


The aromatic coffee drink can be considered truly universal – it is able to energize and invigorate the body not only from the inside, but also from the outside. And the coffee grounds help him in this, which many just pour out, and very in vain. Used as an ingredient in scrub, it can be used to cleanse any part of the body: face, arms, legs, as well as to combat cellulite in problem areas.


Purpose of coffee grounds scrub: use in cosmetology

Scrub is a composition by its nature, which includes abrasive components that can gently remove keratinized skin particles and the upper layers of the epithelium without damaging the skin and deeply cleansing it. With regular use of scrub, you can notice such positive results:

• finding the skin soft and smooth;

• improvement of blood circulation;

• deep cleansing of pores from accumulation of contaminants.

Even after a single use, you can notice how the skin gets a rested appearance and looks refreshed. After the scrubbing procedure, cosmetics can penetrate much deeper into the epidermis, and decorative cosmetics will lie smoother and last longer.

In their appearance, scrubs resemble a creamy texture with the addition of solid particles of different sizes. The most popular abrasive ingredient in cosmetology is sea salt, ground coffee beans, nuts, fruit and berry seeds.

Usually use a scrub after pre-steaming the skin and before applying cosmetic masks, creams, lotions.

Compared to similar products, coffee grounds scrubs have some advantages:

• the appearance of instant results – after the first procedure, positive dynamics are visible;

• safety for the body – you can use such a scrub even during pregnancy;

• prevention of skin diseases – caffeine materiality reduces the risk of skin cancer;

• possession of antibacterial effect;

• is an excellent antioxidant;

• coffee grounds are suitable for use as a scrub component on any part of the body, and not just on the face;

• high efficiency anti-cellulite scrubs based on thick;

• rich composition of active substances capable of removing toxins from the body and harmful chemical compounds;

• product availability – all coffee lovers will not spend a dime on creating a scrub, since thick can also be used as a separate scrub product.

Useful properties of coffee grounds scrubs

To prepare healthy and natural scrub without harmful impurities and chemical constituents, you will need a thick present, not instant coffee. In addition, it has such useful properties:

1. In the course of numerous studies, it was found that the thick is able to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

2. The composition of coffee grounds is saturated with vitamin E and fatty acids, which make the product a powerful antioxidant. It protects the skin from the problems of photoaging, as well as inflammation and skin diseases..


3. It is able to significantly reduce wrinkles, the greatest effect is noticeable in the area near the eyes, where the “crow’s feet” are most often formed, increase skin tone and elasticity.

4. The stearins included in the composition help to retain moisture in the skin cells, as well as maintain the necessary turgor.

5. Due to the large amount of caffeine and chlorogenic acid in the composition, coffee grounds are able to restore a healthy appearance to the skin, restoring the damaged structure and protecting against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

6. When applied externally, caffeine effectively fights swelling and inflammation. At the initial stage, coffee grounds prevent the development of inflammatory processes, improve blood circulation, increasing blood flow to selected areas of the skin, which helps to effectively fight cellulite.

7. Coffee acts as a good exfoliant, it is this quality that makes the product a suitable ingredient for skin peeling.

Numerous beneficial properties allowed coffee to become an indispensable component in a number of cosmetic preparations and salon procedures, such as spa therapies, body wraps, professional peels in the fight against cellulite and skin aging.

Rules for using coffee grounds scrubs

In order for the scrub effect on the skin to be correct and effective, it is necessary to properly prepare the coffee mixture, and certain recommendations will help to do this:


1. It should be chosen, as an ingredient in a healing scrub, only grain coffee, which will need to be ground into powder. You can also give preference to ready-made ground coffee, but the greatest effect is given by a green drink..

2. Coffee should be prepared according to a certain technology, for this it is necessary to pour green ground powder with boiling water and let it boil for several minutes. In this case, do not add sugar or cream to the drink.

3. Ready coffee can be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly closed preferably dark container for no more than 5 days, the place should also be dry.

4. If the scrub is prepared for the body, then it must be applied after taking a warm shower on wet skin.

5. A scrub with anti-cellulite effect should be used no more than 2 times a week, with dry skin type, procedures should be performed less often – about 1 time in 10 days.

6. When using coffee scrub to cleanse delicate skin of the face, it is necessary to start rubbing the composition with light movements, and after some time intensive, so as not to damage the dermis with hard particles.

7. Upon completion of the scrubbing procedure, it is necessary to lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream to avoid drying out.

8. Do not use scrub on areas of the skin with microdamages, acne. People who have an individual intolerance to coffee components should completely abandon the procedure..

Varieties of coffee grounds scrubs: recipes for any skin type

There are recipes for scrubs that are considered universal. Only depending on the density of the skin should you choose the degree of grinding of the grains, for a thin or sensitive dermis it is necessary to choose the smallest abrasive particles.

1. Scrub recipe includes coffee grounds and ground oatmeal flakes. Ingredients must be prepared in equal proportions. If the skin is dry, you can add a little sour cream to the mixture, and if it is oily, then natural yogurt without adding flavors. The finished mass must be mixed well, applied to the skin of the face and massage for several minutes.

2. Scrub for oily skin contains 2 servings of thick and yogurt and 1 portion of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Rinse off the skin with cool water.

3. Scrub for dry skin is quite simple to prepare. You will need cottage cheese with a high percentage of fat and coffee grounds, which should be 2 times less than the prepared amount of cottage cheese. If the cottage cheese is natural and homemade, then you can use the prepared product for sensitive skin. However, owners of this type are often not recommended to carry out the procedure; the optimal amount is 1-2 times a month. Moreover, the concentration in the composition of coffee grounds should be lower than 1/3 or 1/4 part of the curd. So that the scrub simultaneously cleanses, softens and nourishes dry skin, you can add a couple drops of almond oil to the mixture.

4. Coffee scrub for the body. The easiest way to make showering even more beneficial is to add coffee grounds to the shower gel. The ratio of products should be like this – for 1 tablespoon of gel goes 2 pinch thick. This scrub needs to massage the skin for 8-10 minutes.


5. Nutritious body scrub. In order to diversify the effect of the scrub on the skin and add additional useful functions to the product, it is necessary to diversify its composition. At the same time, skin areas will be able to nourish and cleanse the scrub by mixing honey of vegetable oil, for example, almond or olive, and the coffee mass itself. All products are taken in such proportions 2: 1: 2, respectively.

6. Scrub to fight cellulite is simple. It is necessary to mix the following components: coffee grounds 2 servings, sea salt 1 serving. To make the scrub more liquid, you can dilute it with sour cream. Before scrubbing, it is imperative to steam the skin, massage procedure lasts from 8-12 minutes, too much effort is not necessary to apply, so as not to damage the skin.


7. Enhanced recipe for anti-cellulite coffee scrub. To increase the effectiveness of coffee grounds scrub in the fight against orange peel, you can use, in addition to the mass of coffee and sour cream, additional ingredients in the form of essential oils. Only choose should be those that have anti-cellulite properties. The proportions of the main components remain unchanged, as in the previous recipe, if necessary, sour cream can be replaced with shower gel or body milk. When the ingredients are mixed, then at the end you can add 2-3 drops of essential oil. Suitable varieties for this purpose are citrus aromas, needles, cloves, myrrh, rosemary, ginger, rose, geranium, thyme, cinnamon, sandalwood, lavender. A rather large list allows you to choose the most pleasant smell.

You should not use these recipes and any others in case of damage to the skin..

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