Coffee Wrap & Scrub

The anti-cellulite properties of coffee are often used to combat the “orange peel”. Coffee has long been recognized as an effective tool to reduce the symptoms of cellulite and is part of many cosmetic creams, scrubs and wraps. This natural tonic is good for salon treatments and home body care..

There are many reasons to learn how to make a cellulite coffee scrub and wrap problem areas based on this unique product..

Using coffee, you can effectively reduce subcutaneous fat deposits, making them softer and evenly distributed in the skin.

This helps the body with the help of metabolic processes to easily remove excess subcutaneous fat and makes the skin surface smoother..

Caffeine, penetrating the skin when wrapping, stimulates blood circulation in small vessels (capillaries), warming those areas of the skin that are poorly supplied with blood by the influence of cellulite deposits, are cool to the touch and have a grayish tint. The course of coffee wraps restores the ability to nourish problem areas to the body and makes the skin supple and smooth..

How to make weight loss coffee wrap

One of the methods of body care at home is coffee wraps of problem areas. Only ground coffee should be used for them. Fine grinding will provide soft exfoliation of keratinized cells from the skin surface and will contribute to better penetration of nutrients through the skin barrier to the deeper layers, where cellulite deposits are located.

Before doing the wrap, you need to cleanse and soften the skin well. To do this, parts of the body (for example, the waist and hips) are massaged with warm jets of the shower for about 5 minutes, then rubbed with a washcloth of medium hardness until the skin becomes slightly reddened – with a shower cream or gel with exfoliating particles.

After washing off the foam and wetting the body from excess moisture with a towel, they begin to wrap.

About 1 hour, a coffee wrap acts on problem areas – at this time you should rest lying down and try to relax as much as possible. The next step is to remove the film and rinse the coffee gruel under the shower, and then moisturize the skin with a cream, a little more than usual. It is important to correctly complete the wrapping procedure: you should not eat for about 2 hours and not take a shower for 6 hours, so as not to wash off beneficial substances from the skin.

How to make a coffee mix

The coffee wrapping mix is ​​made from 50 grams of natural ground coffee. The grinding must be poured with hot water so that a thick slurry is obtained. This warm gruel should be applied to areas of the body that require correction. With a thin plastic film, it is not easy to wrap the places covered with coffee gruel twice and wrap.

To increase the effectiveness of coffee wrapping, you can add skin-friendly components to the prepared pulp:

  • natural honey;
  • brown algae powder;
  • cosmetic clay;
  • cocoa butter, grape seed, sesame;
  • essential oils of lemon, grapefruit, rosemary, lavender.

The recipe for coffee wrapping from cellulite with oils: 1 tablespoon of almond oil + 3 drops of lemon essential oil + 2 drops of rosemary essential oil + coffee pulp from 50 grams of ground coffee. Coffee wraps can not be performed for skin diseases, high temperature and pressure, gynecological diseases, as well as an abscess rash or wounds on the skin. The full effect is achieved in 10 procedures that can be performed intermittently in 2-3 days.

Coffee scrub for smooth and firm skin

An excellent remedy for cellulite, which can be used independently at home, is a coffee scrub. Ground coffee ground scrub recipe: 3 tablespoons ground coffee + 1 tablespoon finely ground sea salt + 1 tablespoon sesame oil + 3-4 drops of grapefruit essential oil.

Coffee and yogurt scrub: 3 tablespoons of ground coffee + 2 tablespoons of yogurt without additives.

Rub the prepared scrub for 5 minutes with light massage movements into the areas with cellulite.
In this case, you must avoid the inner surface of the thigh close to the bikini area. Then rinse off the scrub under the shower and dab excess moisture with a towel. After the procedure, oil should be felt on the skin, which will actively nourish the skin for several hours. Coffee scrubbing can be done once a week..

The main purpose of such a scrub is to clean the surface of problem areas and transfer to the skin a part of the beneficial substances contained in the scrub.

Body care with the help of products based on ground coffee can and should be combined with honey body masks, wraps with chocolate or seaweed, massage, contrast shower.