Eyebrow extensions – the image of your dreams


Already this season, the trend has not lost ground on wide and thick eyebrows – the more natural and careless they look, the better. What to do if the hairs are too light and so thin that in general it is difficult to see on the face?

Eyebrow extensions – innovative techniques and techniques

A new breakthrough in the beauty industry is eyebrow extension, is it worth resorting to hair restoration procedure and how effective is eyebrow extension in principle.


Before and after

The procedure for restoration and eyebrow extensions is expensive and the work takes from 1 to 2.5 hours. That is why girls with problematic eyebrows need to do extensions only before important events, such as a wedding, birthday or graduation party, when a lot of money and effort is invested in creating the image. After all, beautifully defined eyebrows are one of the components of perfect makeup.


Eyebrow extension begins with the formation of the correct shape: together with the master, you choose the most suitable design and proceed with the correction. Next, the eyebrows must be painted with professional paint, after which, with the help of special glue, the makeup artist begins to lay out artificial hairs in those areas where by nature they are not enough.

Tattooing or microblading

Another way to get dream eyebrows is through tattooing or microblading. This is a manual technique for the surface introduction of pigment, which in one procedure allows you to achieve truly impressive results. The master jeweler will finish the hairs where they are missing, thus correcting the asymmetry of the eyebrows and filling them with color. An undoubted advantage of this procedure is its long term. The effect of the procedure will last up to a year.


Before and after

Sleek Brows Building hair structure restoration

Among innovative methods for restoring damaged eyebrow structure is Sleek Brows Building restoration technology. Appearing for the first time in England, the procedure combines nanotechnology and the latest advances in organic chemistry. Its peculiarity is in the finest synthetic hairs that are attached to your eyebrows, as well as in a patented textured dye that is applied directly to the skin in the form of a pattern that imitates the missing hairs. The result will last up to 4 weeks and will be a great alternative if you are afraid to get a tattoo.


Despite the fact that tattooing guarantees a longer and lasting effect, it looks less natural than a quality restoration. That is why today one of the most popular salon procedures is eyelash and eyebrow extensions. The fact is that these techniques help create an image that is as close as possible to the modern standards of the beauty industry with its trend towards naturalness. Thanks to innovative dyes and high-quality materials, with the help of which the extension procedure is performed in most professional salons, the beauty industry is gradually reaching a radically new level, turning the usual correction and tattoo of eyebrows into real art. Using the new technology, you can make eyebrows like those of Cara Delevingne or any others that you liked.