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Castor oil for eyebrows: instructions for using the product. Castor Oil Recipes for Eyebrow Growth and Thickness


Beautiful thick eyebrows emphasize the attractiveness of the female face and the mysterious look. This “natural decoration” requires especially careful care. There are many masks that can be used at home. One of the most popular products is castor oil for eyebrows. It is used in its pure form, with regular procedures gives an amazing result. Female eyebrows will remain thick, obedient.

The benefits of castor oil for eyebrows

It is not surprising that castor oil is most often used to care for eyebrows. It is popular in modern cosmetology, often added to the composition of various care products. There are a number of reasons for this..


1. The product is completely natural. It contains a complex of vitamins and nutrients that deeply penetrate the structure of the hairs, strengthen it from the inside and restore.

2. Castor oil “awakens” the hair follicles, saturates them with oxygen. As a result, eyebrows will grow faster, become thicker and more expressive.

3. The tool improves the appearance of eyebrows. The product sticks together keratin flakes, as a result of the eyebrows will remain smooth and well-groomed. In addition, they will delight a woman with a healthy unobtrusive shine.

4. Castor oil intensively moisturizes and nourishes the hair structure. Eyebrows will be elastic, add more expressiveness to the look..

5. Castor masks are useful not only on eyebrows, but also on eyelashes. These products significantly accelerate their growth. Eyelashes will become thicker and more attractive after 2-3 months of regular cosmetic procedures.

6. Castor oil nourishes the skin of the eyelids, which is also important. It will allow you to forget about what morning swelling is forever..


The benefits of castor oil for eyebrows are beyond doubt. Absolutely every representative of the fair sex can afford this natural product – the price is more than affordable. Regular use of the product will accelerate the growth of eyebrows, preserve their healthy appearance. The expressiveness of your gaze will conquer others from the first seconds.

Rules for using castor oil for eyebrows: detailed instructions

Before you start treating eyebrows daily with castor oil, you need to understand how to do it correctly. Only in this way will it be possible to achieve a better result.

Step-by-step instructions for daily cosmetic procedures

1. Before using the oil, you need to wash your face well, clean your skin and eyebrows from any makeup residue. This is necessary so that the product can penetrate deep into the cells of the hairs..

2. A cotton swab is wetted in castor oil. Its consistency is rather thick, so you have to wait until it drains a little. After that, the eyebrows are treated with a cotton swab with oil. You need to let him dig in for 1-1.5 hours. Residues are removed with a dry cloth..


The procedure is best planned for the evening, after it you do not need to wash. Castor oil can also be used after eyebrow tattooing in order to restore hair follicles after damage. In this case, the product is applied to the desired area at night, washed off in the morning.

Important! No need to wait for the result of applying castor oil for eyebrows in a week – there will be no effect in this period of time.

The procedure is required to be carried out daily for 2-3 months. Only after that the result will be noticeable.

Castor oil for eyebrows: the best recipes for masks

As has been said many times, castor oil for eyebrows gives a miraculous result. It can be used not only in its pure form, but also added to other recipes for nourishing masks. A woman can make such masks “in reserve”, they are perfectly stored in the refrigerator. It is very comfortable. All ingredients for recipes are absolutely affordable..

The best recipes for masks with castor oil for eyebrows

1. For 1 tablespoon of castor oil, 2-3 drops of vitamin A are added, as well as a little carrot juice. These components nourish the structure of the hair. In addition, vitamin A is an excellent stimulator of eyebrow growth. The mask can also be applied on the eyelashes 3-4 times a week..

2. Castor and olive oils are combined in the same proportion. The mask is characterized by nourishing, regenerating and firming effects. A mixture of oils restores the beauty and healthy glow of the eyebrows, makes them thick and expressive..


3. Castor oil is mixed with burdock. For eyebrows, such a mixture is extremely useful. Frequency of procedures – 3 times a week.

4. A mask made from castor, almond and peach oil acts very well on the condition of the eyebrows. These substances contain a huge supply of useful vitamins and minerals. The mask nourishes the eyebrows, maintains moisture balance in their structure and accelerates growth.

5. If you add a little extract of herbs such as calendula or chamomile to castor oil, you can get a real “youth elixir” for the skin of the eyelids. The mask will not only accelerate the growth of eyebrows and make them thicker, but also take care of the condition of the skin of the eyelids. The components of the composition disinfect the dermis, remove traces of puffiness and fatigue. The woman’s look will always remain expressive.

6. If a woman has too rare eyebrows – this is not very beautiful. A mixture of camphor and castor oils will help to cope with the problem. The components are connected in the same proportion. The mask is allowed to be applied to the eyebrows no more than 1 time per week, otherwise the opposite effect can be provoked. In addition, in no case should you touch the mucous membrane.

The presented recipes are proven masks with the best effect. Which one to choose is a personal decision of each representative of the fair sex. The main thing is that there is no allergy to individual components. You can choose any one mask, or you can alternate recipes.

Castor Eyebrow Oil Compress

If a woman is faced with the fact that her eyelashes and eyebrows are actively starting to fall out, a compress with castor oil will help her. Such a tool is very effective. After 2-3 procedures, it will be noticeable that the eyebrows and eyelashes no longer fall so much.


Step-by-step process for preparing and applying a compress

1. 1 teaspoon of castor oil is poured into a small bowl, it must be heated in a water bath, but not allowed to boil.

2. 2 cotton pads are prepared, moistened in a solution and applied to the eyes so that they cover the eyebrows and eyelashes.

3. The compress is held for 5 minutes, then the cotton pads are removed, excess oil is removed with a dry cloth. You should not wash your face after the procedure, therefore, it is best to carry it out before bedtime. In the morning it will be useful to wipe the eyebrows and the whole face with an ice cube.

Useful recommendations for the use of castor for cosmetic purposes

1. If a woman in the morning constantly encounters swelling around her eyes, she is not recommended to make lotions with castor oil for eyebrows before bedtime. In this case, the cosmetic procedure should be done during the day or immediately after coming home from work, so that the skin has time to “rest”.

2. Before applying castor oil, it is strongly recommended that an allergy test be performed. It will not take much time, but in this way it will be possible to prevent unwanted side effects. A small amount of castor oil is applied to the elbow or wrist. It is necessary to wait 40 minutes, remove the oil with a napkin, but do not rinse. If on the next day the treated area is not red, castor can be used for eyebrows.

3. In order to stimulate better penetration of castor oil components into the skin of the eyelids and the structure of the eyebrows, it is recommended to warm the product before use. This is done in a water bath. Castor is literally heated for 3-4 minutes, you can’t do it any longer, otherwise the product will boil and lose most of its useful properties. Apply oil in a warm form to pre-cleaned skin.

4. Castor oil for eyebrows should be used daily to achieve a better result. However, after 20 days of procedures, you need to take a short break (5-6 days). Then you can continue to process the eyebrows with castor oil..

5. For a comprehensive nutrition of the skin of the eyelids and accelerate the growth of eyebrows, it is recommended not to be limited to just one recipe for a mask. The first week you can make compresses, the second – mix castor oil with essential oils. This will saturate the structure of the eyebrows with oxygen and moisture, accelerate their growth. In addition, such masks will be useful for the skin of the eyelids..

Contraindications castor

Castor oil is a natural product, the fair sex at any age can use it to stimulate the growth of eyebrows. However, there are some nuances..

Use of the product is prohibited in the following cases:

β€’ in the presence of individual intolerance to the drug, identified using an allergy test;

β€’ if there is damage to the dermis in the area of ​​the treated area;

β€’ with severe skin irritation.

If you use castor oil for eyebrows correctly and regularly – the result will not be long in coming. Usually, after the first month of the cosmetic procedure, improvements are noticed. Eyebrows become thicker, look healthier. The main thing is not to forget about the basic rules for using castor oil in order to avoid negative consequences.

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