Where to go in Munich – top places in Bavaria

Munich is Germany’s third largest city and the capital of the Free State of Bavaria. Here you will find a number of attractions for every taste: It doesn’t matter if you love the magnificent architecture of ancient cathedrals and palaces, spend time in extensive parks or street cafes or are interested in fun traditional holidays – there is guaranteed to be suitable entertainment for any guest of the city. Discover the most beautiful places in Munich, its culinary features and get acquainted with the cozy Bavarian lifestyle.

What to see in Munich
Munich – Bavaria

Munich Attractions

If you are planning to visit Munich, the capital of German Bavaria, first draw up a tourist plan. There are so many attractions, interesting and unusual places in the city and its environs that even a week is not enough to get around them.

Most likely, you will fly to Munich by plane, then the first thing you will be surprised at is Munich Airport. It is one of the five best international airports and takes an honorable first place among European airports. Munich Airport is a kind of city in the suburbs of Munich: its area is 1,620 hectares, 160 shops, 60 bars and restaurants, playgrounds, an ice rink, a chain of hotels, a medical center. The only brewery in the world located at the airport and nearby is the Beer Garden, where you can enjoy a farewell mug of beer when you fly back home.

The airport
Munich – Bavaria

Start your walk in Munich from the central square – Marienplatz. Here are the old and new town halls – the so-called buildings designed for the work of the city authorities.

Munich - Bavaria
Munich – Bavaria

The new town hall, 85 meters high, is equipped with an elevator, with which you can climb to the observation deck to enjoy the city from above. Every day at 11 o’clock 43 town bells begin to “beat” here, and in special open niche windows 32 mechanical dolls of human growth act out scenes from ancient city life.

Munich – Bavaria

Be sure to go to the pinakothek (museums in our opinion). There are three of them: old, new and modern. The Old is the most famous world art gallery, which presents paintings of 13-17 centuries by German, Flemish, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish painters.

Munich - Bavaria
Munich – Bavaria

In the new Pinakothek, you can see paintings by famous impressionists Van Gogh and Eduard Manet.

Munich – Bavaria

Visit the world-famous BMW Museum – the legendary German car brand. Here is a unique exhibition of cars and motorcycles of this brand for the entire time of its existence..

Munich – Bavaria

The Olympic Park, which was built on the eve of the 1972 Olympic Games, is still the largest sports ground in Europe, and the most famous sports competitions are held here. The architecture of the sports complex is somewhat reminiscent of alpine peaks, which you will certainly need to go to.

Munich – Bavaria

The English Park is an ideal place for relaxing on the grass, picnics, horseback riding and sunbathing. There are even artificial river structures for surfing. Do not be surprised if you see a picture unfamiliar to our eyes, sunbathing naked on the side of a local resident. In Germany, it’s not customary to be shy, especially since local authorities have legislatively fixed the park as a place for a nudist beach.

A park
Munich – Bavaria

In the vicinity of Munich there are a huge number of royal castles, the most famous is Neuschwanstein Castle. Built it and then lived in it the Bavarian king Louis II. Fairy-tale king – so he was also called for his incredible love for the castles that he built in the foothills of the Alps.

Munich – Bavaria

On the way to the Alps, you can admire the small villages and towns in which houses are decorated with fairy-tale and mythical plots. All the drawings are made with such professionalism that they can compete with any contemporary artist..

House 2
Munich – Bavaria

If you are planning on going to Munich in the fall, be sure to plan one “hoppy” day. In October, the city hosts the most famous world beer festival, Oktoberfest, which attracts tourists and ordinary beer lovers from all over Europe. The festival lasts for two whole weeks, so you will have time to see the sights of Bavaria and relax in the company of cheerful German Hans and Reinholds.

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