Where is Goa located?

According to legend, the first European who set foot on Goa – the Portuguese Afonso Albuquerque – wanted to exclaim “Wow!”, But choked on port wine – so amazed his open look. The colonialists immediately made Old Goa the capital of Portuguese India, recognizing that the buildings they discovered were superior in beauty to all the temples of the formerly subordinate East.

Where is goa
Goa – India

Where is Goa, Goa, a place in India Goa

The youngest and smallest Indian state is Goa, but probably the most popular among tourists, especially lovers of “lazy relaxation.” Where to look for him, how to get there and what is worth seeing?

Goa should be sought on the southwestern coast of India; this state is washed by the ever-warm Arabian Sea. Goa is not an island, but a state in India.

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Goa – India

Goa is significantly different from the rest of India. Firstly, it is much cleaner here; sanitation conditions are close to optimal. The restaurant will offer you two or three menus – in English, in Hindi and in Russian. This is explained by the fact that Goa attracted Russian tourists for a long time, so much so that many here remain for a long time, if not forever. Therefore, Russian speech here is a common occurrence. The cuisine in Goa is also more adapted to European stomachs. Of course, there are many spices, but it gives piquancy and does not cause a feeling of fire in the mouth.

Goa – India

The territory of Goa is conditionally divided into 3 regions – Northern, Central and Southern. Tourism business began to spread from the North. Northern beaches, such as Arambol, Chapora, Vagator, Anjuna and others, have the most developed infrastructure. This is a real paradise for lovers of lying on the beach at their best. The beaches are wide, clean, there are even deserted secluded areas. The Northern Territory is a favorite vacation spot for young people. The famous “trance” discos are concentrated here.

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Goa – India

In the south of Goa calmer. There are few hotels, markets, peace and quiet due to the lack of noisy discos and bars. It is better to go here as a family with children.

Goa – India

If you want to get the maximum experience, you need to go to the State Center and enjoy the excursion program. Despite the fact that the staff is quite small, there is something to see. Moreover, it is not necessary to book a guided tour, if you want to travel on your own, you can easily get to the right places by public transport or rent a scooter or motorcycle. This way of traveling is very popular among tourists here..

Goa – India

Goa Center is ready to demonstrate how real spices grow on a special plantation. Also nearby are several nature reserves, in one of which, almost in the jungle, the beautiful Dudhsagar Falls is hidden. You can get to it on special SUVs or on elephants.

Dudhsagar-in-Goa Waterfall
Goa – India

On the coast of Goa, many different forts are scattered, in different states of destruction. This is a legacy from Portuguese ancestors. Admire the ruins advised in the rays of the setting sun.

Goa – India

The capital of Goa is the city of Panaji. All the attractions of this largest city in the state are concentrated close to each other, so traveling around the center of the capital is a pleasure. A lot of excursions can be offered to you. You choose – to travel independently or under the supervision of a guide.

Goa – India

Goa is an unforgettable vacation thanks to the local contingent. The people here are friendly and welcoming. He is happy to make contact, always sincerely trying to help and suggest. But don’t yawn! For all his goodwill, a true Indian will not miss the opportunity to cash in on a tourist. In the markets, a prerequisite is to bargain to the last! So you can save significantly by buying a thing several times cheaper than its initial cost.

Good luck!

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