Where to go in Jordan

Jordan is an Arab state in the Middle East. Its more precise name is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Almost 90% of the territory is occupied by deserts and semi-deserts, but, nevertheless, in this country there are so many historical places that no other country can compare with it. It borders with Israel and the border runs along the Jordan River.

What to see in Jordan
Jordan Attractions.

What to see in Jordan – Sights of Jordan.

The Jordan River is the most important Christian shrine; pilgrims from all over the world come to visit the place where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. Scientists disagree on where this sacrament actually happened. Someone claims that this place is in the territory of Israel, someone – in Jordan. Nevertheless, having been in Jordan, it is worth a trip to Beit Hani to the site of the baptism of Jesus from Nazareth. Since ancient times, there is a belief that the waters of the Jordan cure the most terrible diseases, so the traveler just needs to plunge into the sacred river.

Sights of Jordan.
Jordan Attractions.

The entire heritage of the ancient state is preserved in only three museums of the capital. In Amman you can visit the Archaeological Museum, the Folk Museum and the National Art Museum. But museums are not the most interesting thing in Jordan.

Sights of Jordan.
Jordan Attractions.

One of the seven “Wonders of the World” – the ancient city of Petra, is located near Eilat. Petra was built in the 7th century BC, and was opened only in the 19th century. All surviving structures of the ancient city are carved into the rocks, which consist of red sandstone.

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Jordan Attractions.

Petra consists of the upper and lower cities, through the streets of which you can walk and try to understand how the ancient people lived. The upper rocky city is all decorated with frescoes, sculptures and decorative carvings. And the lower one is more modest, but there is a real amphitheater with several thousand seats.

Jordan Attractions.

The third most visited tourist destination in Jordan is the Wadi Rum Desert. Its unusual mixed landscapes attract both camel lovers, climbers who can climb the highest mountain of Um al-Dami, and ordinary travelers who can enjoy amazing views from the Burda stone bridge. The natural bridge is an ordinary rock, but spread out at an altitude of 35 meters above the canyon.

Jordan Attractions.

The Dead Sea in Jordan is as much a miracle as architectural and natural attractions. Water, incredibly saturated with salts, can cure many skin diseases. Be sure to visit a local resort and swim in the sea, if you don’t even know how to swim..

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Jordan Attractions.

Scuba diving enthusiasts in Jordan can also have a great time. After visiting the sights of the country, you can dive in the Gulf of Aqaba. The most beautiful are the Rainbow and Japanese Gardens reefs..

Jordan Attractions.

And before leaving the country, where you will find many more interesting places, visit the market in Aqaba, where you can buy real colorful oriental goods. The only negative of this market is that they are not traded here, as in other Arab countries. But the prices of goods are not very high, so you will only have a pleasant impression of Jordan.

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