Where to go in Iceland.

Distant Iceland became especially interesting for tourists, when in March 2010 Eyyafyatlayokutl volcano as a result of its eruption scared the entire civilized world. Then, due to the huge amount of ash that rose into the air, air traffic in Europe was even paralyzed. And now the island in the North Atlantic attracts tourists from all over the world as a magnet. The main attractions of Iceland – its amazing nature.

What to see in Iceland

The main attractions of Iceland – its amazing nature

What to see in Iceland – The most interesting places in Iceland.

Active volcanoes, thermal springs and eternal glaciers – such a cocktail to taste the real extremals. Favorite route of travelers is a kind of Golden Ring. It includes the largest Gutlfoss waterfall, which is especially beautiful in winter, when the water freezes in it..

Frozen Waterfall


The Thingvellir Valley also enters the ring – a tectonic fault passes between America and Europe along it. As well as the water-filled crater of the inactive volcano Kerid and the Valley of Geysers.

Iceland Geysers


The Golden Ring is in close proximity to Reykjavik, which also has something to see. This is the Museum of the First Settlers, which is located right on the excavation site of the dwellings of the first settlers of Iceland, the unique Fallological Museum, and the unusual Lutheran Church of Hallgrimskirkja 75 m high.

Church like a peak


In the Old Port of Reykjavik it is worth taking a pleasure boat to go on a whale safari. So here they call walks in the open ocean, where you can see real whales.



The same boat will sail next to the deserted small islands located around. Incredibly decorative Atlantic puffins nest here (emphasis on the first syllable), or as they are also called – sea clowns. It got its second name due to the fact that under water it makes almost acrobatic stunts..

Two birds


Skaftafetl Ice Cave, which inside consists of centuries-old ice layers. It is located in the eponymous nature park between the cities of Kirkubeiarklaustur and Höbn. It is noteworthy that in addition to Iceland, such ice miracles are still only in Greenland, Antarctica and Kamchatka.



After the frozen ice caves, you just need to go to the Blue Lagoon – the local geothermal resort. There you can enjoy swimming in the warm lakes, which were formed due to the presence of many hot geysers in the area.

Warm waters


For the warm memory of cold Iceland, buy yourself warm, woolen items, hand-knitted from sheep’s wool. For many years, a sweater, hat and mittens will remind you of an incredibly interesting country, which you will definitely want to return to more than once.

Have a nice trip!

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