How to relax in the Maldives. Maldives is a fabulous country.

In the Maldives, pristine nature, warm ocean, clean beaches, attractions worth seeing. Rest in this place will leave pleasant memories for a long time. If scientists are not mistaken, then by 2020 some islands will disappear under water, so you need to hurry to see all this.

How to relax in the Maldives
Maldives – a fabulous country

Trip to the Maldives


The fact that the state is visa-free also speaks in favor of choosing a vacation in the Maldives. Enough stamp in the passport, which you will put at the airport after landing at the final destination. The presence of a passport is a prerequisite. From this day in the country you can be a month. Do not be surprised if you are asked to show tickets in the opposite direction and confirm that you have the necessary funds. The daily cost of living is $ 30. On the plane you will have to fill out an immigration card. From it you will only have a spine, which should be saved. Be also prepared for strict customs control. Also: if a special fee is not included in the ticket price, you will pay it upon returning home.

Maldives - a fabulous country
Maldives – a fabulous country


You should start your trip by contacting a travel agency. There they will select a tour for you,

perhaps even a burning one, they will take care of housing, so that you have a guide. In general, everything will be taken into account, but you just have to rest. You can fly with one change or with two, which will be a little cheaper.

Maldives - a fabulous country
Maldives – a fabulous country


From the first month of winter to March, the dry season is in the Maldives. This period is the most wonderful for

recreation. Although it is warm throughout the year, in April there is a strong southwestern monsoon

will drive the rain clouds and the wet season will begin, lasting until October. You can rest in these

conditions, because wet sand will quickly dry the hot sun, and swimming in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean will bring indescribable pleasure. The most turbulent is the sea in June.

Maldives - a fabulous country
Maldives – a fabulous country


You will not find extensive apartments on the islands. Settle you in small bungalows,

located on the shore or directly to the sea. These mini-hotels have no familiar stars. The gradation is different:

“Standard”, “Superior”, “Deluxe”. What it means is easy to guess. Standard can

cost $ 100, and “Deluxe” – all 500. The highest prices in the dry season. The only thing that can

a little upset during the rest, so this is food, because not everyone loves seafood, but they are here

offer every day.

Holidays in the maldives in april1
Maldives – a fabulous country


From entertainment, diving comes first. Even if you have never dived, the hotel must

this will be taught. Scuba gear, masks, snorkels, flippers and even a boat can be rented without problems. If

want to relax from the beach and swimming in the ocean, go on excursions. Visit the capital of Mali, and there Sultan Park, the Islamic Center, enjoy a water safari. Do not forget that the main religion in the Maldives is Islam. Therefore, follow the dress code, otherwise you can get into an unpleasant situation.

Maldives - a fabulous country
Maldives – a fabulous country


It does not hurt to take a first aid kit with you. In the Maldives, pharmacies are very expensive. The stock of money is also not

will hinder.

Maldives - a fabulous country
Maldives – a fabulous country

Go to the Maldives: you definitely won’t have to regret it.