Where to go in Milan. Attractions in Milan

Milan is not only about fashion shows and shopping. Television programs mislead us, which now and then discuss the next collection of eminent couturiers. In the capital of the fashion industry, there are many interesting places that deserve special attention and will become a valuable find for adults and children. If you are a true shopaholic and your soul trembles at the sight of the boutique Giorgio Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Prada or Versace, then do not rush to burden yourself with purchases, but for a start enjoy acquaintance with the historical values ​​of the city.

Where to go in Milan
Where to go in Milan

Travel to Milan – Best Places in Milan

The Duomo Cathedral in Milan is a unique symbol of Catholics. The monumental building was erected from marble in the style of Flaming Gothic. Given the fact that the Cathedral of Milan was entirely dedicated to the birth of the Blessed Virgin, the design also corresponded to the late Gothic style. Here Napoleon Bonaparte himself was coronated. The cathedral is open for visits daily, and, in addition to a simple tour, you can climb the terraces and make a photo shoot. However, remember – you need to pre-issue a permit and after not using the pictures for profit, these are the terms of the contract.

Travel to Milan
Travel to Milan

Gallery Emanuel II, or as the people say the “living room” of Milan, connects the two squares. The creation of the project was entrusted to the Italian architectural professional Giuseppe Mengoni. The construction took 20 years, the opening took place only in 1877. The opening day was overshadowed by a tragic event – the creator of the gallery died on the eve, falling from a building scale. A sad circumstance did not portend a holiday. Since King Victor Emmanuel II was present at the opening ceremony, the gallery was named after him.

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Travel to Milan

Be sure to see Sforza Castle in Sempione Park. The symbol of the city and the ancient reminder of the Milanese have survived in their lifetime numerous events that have entered the history of the world. If during the laying of the foundation and the erection of walls the castle was located outside the city, now Milan has grown so much in all directions that Castello Sforzesco castle is now located in the city center. The castle was previously used as an observation and defense fortress. The rich historical past brought ruin, and the walls of the castle were restored when relative peace came..

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Travel to Milan

La Scala Opera House is built on the ruins of the church of Santa Maria de la Scala. Every year, the opera hosts concerts of the most famous compositions and solo artists. Here you can also witness wonderful performances, ballet performances. Often, tickets are all booked in advance by travel companies, which without fail include a theater performance in the tour program. If you are lucky enough to witness an enchanting concert, then the memorable event will leave a trace in your memory forever.

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Pirelli Tower, until recently, was the highest skyscraper in Italy. The project of the hereditary descendant Alberto Pirelli, along with Gio Ponti, have been implemented for ten years. After the construction was completed, all participants, including Pierre Luigi Nervi, received a generous reward. The height of the building is 127.1 m. In 2002, an unpleasant incident happened – a small plane crashed into a skyscraper, 3 people died. Today the Pirelli tower is a kind of symbol of the restoration of the economic system of Milan and a memorable historical and architectural object of the city.

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For young tourists, the Toy Museum will be a great venue. Three spacious halls with a huge collection of exhibits not only from different eras, but also from countries. The industrial production of puppet rarities dates back to 1700. One hall is entirely dedicated to Pinocchio, and museum workers are very pleased to demonstrate clockwork toys.

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Travel to Milan

Another great place for young and curious is the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology. Here, children can see the structure of a real submarine, look at the sky with a telescope, get acquainted with the creations of the famous artist, and also see wooden sketches of the inventor.

Steam locomotives_in_museum_science_and_technique_leonardo_da_vinci, _milan
Travel to Milan

Despite the fact that the main share of tourists comes precisely with the purpose of acquiring fashionable things, time is also on getting to know the cultural, spiritual and historical part of the city. Milan, like other cities, has a rich past, its secrets and mysteries. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting a couple of museums. For example, in the gallery of Emanuel II you can not only see the exhibition halls, but also look at fashion boutiques, and then take a break for a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe.

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