Morocco Oriental Tale


Morocco is a beautiful eastern country, which is famous for its ancient traditions and a special unique atmosphere. Unique natural landscapes, magnificent beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, an abundance of interesting sights attract a huge number of tourists in Morocco.

Where to go: Attractions in Morocco

In Morocco, there are many attractive places for tourists. For example, Arabian equestrian competitions are held here, accompanied by shooting from rifles. Of the natural beauties, picturesque cedar forests, the evergreen forests of the Atlas, and the unique gorge of the Rdat River cannot be ignored. The country has a large number of unique cities. In Meknes, the Sultan’s palace is striking; in Rabat you will find many interesting museums, a 69-meter minaret, which is more than 800 years old, and a royal residence. If you are interested in history and archeology, then be sure to visit the museum in Tetuan. It contains the largest collection of exhibits dedicated to the Carthaginian and Roman periods, as well as a rich exhibition of Islamic art. In addition to architectural and cultural monuments, Morocco is rich in resort areas. For a beach holiday, Agadir is ideal. It has an excellent climate, endless sandy beaches. And, of course, the highlight of the country can be called Moroccan bazaars. Whatever you see here – gambling, snake charmers, magicians and monkey trainers.


Morocco is the variety of leisure activities this country offers. There are sunny beaches on the Atlantic coast, and ski resorts. If you want to get acquainted with the history and culture of Morocco, study its museums and cultural monuments, then welcome to Marrakesh! No less interesting for tourists is the city of Casablanca. Infrastructure Morocco offers a wide selection of resorts. In places where you can find a big wave, there are hotels for surfers, and beach lovers will find places with a wide sand strip. There are also spa areas specializing in thalassotherapy.


It is impossible to fully experience the charm of this beautiful country without visiting its heart – the ancient city of Marrakech, located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. The most popular place in the city is the famous Jamaâ El Fna Square, which is located in Medina – the old city of Marrakech and is very popular among both visitors and Moroccans. Near the square is one of the main attractions – Koutoubia Mosque. Places of interest are the Yusuf bin Tashfin Mausoleum, the Bab Agvenau Gate, the Golden Apples Mosque – Kasbah, the Saadi Mausoleum, Bahia and El Badi Palaces, the Ali bin Yusuf Mosque, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Bert Flint Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art and the Dar Museum -Si Said. You should definitely visit the magnificent Menara Gardens and the famous Marrakesh markets..


Shopping in Morocco

As in other eastern countries, Morocco decided to bargain. Therefore, do not hesitate to go for souvenirs to the eastern bazaar and bargain to exhaustion. Every city in Morocco has its own favorite crafts that locals do..


In Essaouira, it is better to buy souvenirs – paintings, leather lamps, national clothes and thuja products. In large salons, the quality is higher, but the price is appropriate. In Medina, in shops everything is cheaper by 30-50%, but the quality is lower. In Casablanca, the European things of famous model houses are sold at half the price. Smuggled watches of famous brands – from 10 to 50 USD. In Fes – souvenirs, gold. In Rabat – souvenirs, carpets, leather. In Marrakech, prices are higher, many European goods.

Security in Morocco

There are a lot of pickpockets in Morocco, so you should take the usual security measures – do not carry the wallet in the pockets of clothes that are easily accessible from the outside, cameras and handbags – only on the belt, do not leave anything in the car or park cars only on guarded parking lots, specially serviced by security guards, they should be uniform tokens.

Emergency Phones in Morocco

Ambulance – 15

Police – 19

Fire Service – 15

Gendarmerie and roadside assistance – 177