Low cost flights – save your money

Low Cost Low Cost Airlines Have Strongly Gained Passenger Confidence in Many Countries.

Benefits of Low Cost Companies

The first thing that comes to mind is the cheap cost of flights. What explains such low and attractive fares for passengers? In reality, everything is extremely simple: the cost of a Low Cost airline flight does not include anything except the fare itself and fees.


Low cost flights – save your money

For any additional service you will have to pay separately. We are talking about meals on board, expedited check-in, the carriage of your luggage or changes to the date of departure. However, these nuances on the popularity of low-cost airlines are not reflected. Today their representative offices are open in many countries of the world. The most sought-after carriers are Wizz Air, Air Berlin, Pegasus Airlines, Norwegian, Easy Jet and Air Arabia. These low-cost airlines are actively adopting experience in reducing the cost of flights from each other and are developing new strategies for cheaper flights.

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Low cost flights – save your money

Another feature of Low Cost is the online booking of airline tickets. This is done in order to exclude additional costs for passengers that arise when paying for services of agencies booking flights. But the level of comfort does not suffer from tariff reductions. Low Cost companies are the choice of business people who are more important in a short time to be in point B, while spending a minimum amount, because there can be several such trips during the week.

Low Cost – Important Nuances

All additional services to the passenger must be paid separately. So, you can carry free carry-on baggage with you for free only if its weight and dimensions do not exceed permissible standards. Some Low Cost carriers also differentiate their luggage by dimensions (small, large). So, if your luggage is recognized as large, then you will have to pay about 10 euros. Sometimes for one piece of luggage you have to pay about 20 euros. And further! These amounts are valid only when paying online, at the airport these services will cost 50% more.
It should also be noted that the Low Cost ticket is non-refundable and subject to immediate redemption.

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Low cost flights – save your money

Change the date if necessary, you are unlikely to succeed. And if the company provides such a service, then it will not do without additional payment. That’s why it’s better to pay for a ticket by bank transfer in order to win about a day thinking about the date.
Please note that there is no business class in Low Cost, and boarding passes are issued to passengers without a seat. If it matters to you where to sit, then it is better to get to the airport in advance, and check-in is one of the first. Some companies allow you to reserve ordinary places or places with legroom (for a fee).


Tip: the cost of tickets for low-cost carriers, as well as for ordinary ones, is significantly reduced on the eve of departure.


If online registration for customers of Low Cost companies is free, then at the registration desk for the service they will ask for 10 euros.
You can’t rely on either free food or drinks. Typically, in order to save companies, airports also choose the most remote ones, which entails additional transfer costs.
Anyway, having set all the priorities, you can still save on flights if comfort is not in the first place.

Have a nice trip!

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