How to make a hairstyle with curls for long hair with your own hands


Every woman wants to shine, surprise and catch the enthusiastic looks of men. Makeup manicures will not look profitable without neatly styled hair. If you are a fan of curls and you have long hair, then this article is for you.

Hairstyles with curls for long hair: features

This kind of hairstyle is suitable for the holidays, and as an everyday option for styling. The main feature of such styling is their long-term creation. Sometimes such a hairstyle takes up to an hour and a half of your time, but it’s worth it. Beautifully curled and at the same time healthy curls are a sign of grooming and accuracy of their owner.

If you like the look of such hairstyles, and you do not get tired of curling your hair again and again, then it is worth considering. Perhaps it is better to do permanent styling once and not to torture your hair and yourself with curlers, tongs or a curler. Nowadays, salons and hairdressers offer a gentle styling that lasts up to a year, for which a correction is made over time.

Hairstyles with curls for long hair with already curled hair

To create these hairstyles, the hair must already be curled. Therefore, before you start doing a hairstyle with curls for long hair, curls curl all over your head.

Bohemian curls

Stage 1

Braid two braids from the sides. Hair is not taken from the temples, but from the forehead or bangs. Tie them up and do not touch yet.

Stage 2

Now work with volume. You need to raise the hair at the top of the roots. To do this, you can make a small pile in this area or spray the roots with varnish.

Stage 3

Now grab the hair from your temples using a comb with a sharp tip. Gather them in a loose tail at the back below the back of the head, but don’t tie with an elastic band. Add pigtails to this tail, one on each side, and now you can put an elastic band on this tail. Pass the free end of the tail into the space between the head and the elastic once.

Stage 4

With the sharp edge of the comb, collect all the hair, leaving only a thin strip at the neck untouched. Braided hair together with the free part of the tail into a tight braid. Fluff her and tail by removing a couple of curls from her.

Stage 5

Insert the scallop on the back of the head to the tail. Twist the ends of the curls with hair tongs if they have lost their shape. Sprinkle the entire hairstyle with hairspray, while with the other hand lift and hold the curls.

Basket of curls

The look of this hairstyle resembles a complexly braided basket. Arm with a sharp-pointed comb and hairpins. Strands on this hairstyle are taken in stages in layers. The more often and thinner you take the strand, the more difficult and beautiful it will turn out.

Stage 1

With a sharp edge, comb from the sides on a small lock and fasten it with an elastic band at the back of the head below the back of the head. Skip the free end of the tail between the head and the elastic 2-4 times. So you get side strands twisted into flagella. With a hairpin from underneath, fasten the tail on the head a few centimeters higher than the level at which it is now.

Stage 2

Gather from the sides still in the same lock and do the same thing as described above. Make levels as many as possible.

Stage 3

Pull the individual curls, as if slightly pulling them from the tail, but not to the end. So you get a more magnificent hairdo. Spray with varnish both the entire hairstyle at once, and individual curls separately. If any of them are fluffy, then you can curl them slightly.

Curls and two braids

This is a simple hairstyle to create which hair should already be curled.

Stage 1

Separate from the sides of the temple by strands and braid each in a pigtail.

Stage 2

Lay your loose hair in a lush, neat hairstyle, give them volume on the crown. This can be done using a pile or varnish that is sprayed at the roots. Sprinkle hair on top of hair. They must lie so that they no longer have to shift.

Stage 3

Bring the pigtails behind the head under the back of the head and fold them in horizontal lines one to one. Hide the tips so that they are not visible as much as possible. With one hand, lift and hold the curls from underneath and sprinkle well with varnish.

Hairstyles with curls for long hair with straight hair

These are not complicated in their execution, but at the same time they look stunning. For these hairstyles it is not necessary to immediately induce curls. You can curl curls at the end of the whole composition.

Spikelet in curls

This is everyone’s favorite spikelet, which is braided with a simple pigtail, and after that it is framed.

Stage 1

For those who know how to braid the braid with a spikelet, everything became clear already from the proposal above, and those who do not know how to let them read further. Gather bangs hair and divide it into three strands. Put the rightmost strand on the middle, and then put the left strand on the right, which has already become middle.

With a sharp-edged comb, grab a small lock of loose hair at the right temple and weave it into a braid. Do the same with the left side. Thus, you must spin the braid to the base of the head and stop. Gather the hair in that place in an elastic band.

Stage 2

From the braid, carefully completely remove a few thin strands. No need to grab a large lock in the braid. You will need to be very thin, but as much as possible.

Stage 3

Twist these locks into curls with hair tongs and lay them on the head with curls. You can reinforce the most naughty locks with a hairpin or invisibility. Spray it all with varnish. The braid is almost completely hidden under curled ringlets on the back of the head..

The free-hanging tail is curled into curls with hair tongs. You can twist them together, then you get a tight tail of twisted curls.

A pair of reverse spikelets

These are ordinary spikelets braided by reverse weaving.

Stage 1

Divide all hair in two in the center. You should get right and left sides.

Stage 2

Braid the spikelet on the right side (as described above), but not in the usual style, but with the reverse weaving. This is a weaving in which the extreme strand of the braid does not throw on the middle strand, but lays under it. And so along the entire length. Having reached the neck, stop. Scythe should be and keep only on the roots. Fix hair invisible or vice versa with a decorative rubber band. Make the same braid on the left side of the head.

Stage 3

Take out several curls from the bottom of both braids along the entire length, and fluff the strands of the braid slightly. This can be done with your hands or with the thin end of a comb..

Stage 4

Curl free-hanging curls in curls with the help of hot hair tongs. Spray varnish thoroughly. You can decorate your hair with hairpins with rhinestones or scallops.

Hairstyles with curls for long hair: tips from professionals


• When using a curling iron or curling tongs, try not to overheat the ends of the hair. From extreme heat the hair dries, splits and does not look presentable.

• If you are a lover of curls and often do such hairstyles for yourself, then more often than everyone else you will have to cut the ends of the hair by 1-2 cm.

• To restore and maintain the health of long hair every time after washing your hair, use balm rinse. It nourishes the hair with health, gives shine and protects against the aggressiveness of environmental factors, which strive to ruin everything..

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