Hairstyles for a triangular face – choose a new look!


It’s so customary for stylists that they “test” each of us for one or another “attitude” to ideal face shapes to help us create a beautiful image.

As you know, the ideal shape of the face, taken as the basis, is an oval. In order to determine your face shape, it is enough to remove the hair, tying the tail to open the borders of the forehead. If you have a wide forehead and narrow cheekbones, then you have a triangular face.

For this face shape, you need to choose hairstyles that hide a wide forehead.

What hairstyle to choose for a triangular face


short haircuts are contraindicated for ladies with a triangular face shape.

Do not open your entire forehead. This will visually expand it and reduce the chin, and we need harmony in the image.

voluminous bangs in the hairstyles for a narrow face creates an unnecessary emphasis on the upper part of the face.

Avoid the top of the head. This haircut will shift attention and focus to the upper part of the face, which is completely wrong.

Hair styling inward (to the face) is also not always advantageous. In this haircut option, hair length is important..

The best hairstyles for a triangular face (photo)


Owners of long hair can be “played” with hairstyles. Give preference to soft waves. Ideal with a voluminous lower part of the hair or with asymmetry.

We select the best haircut for a triangular face (photo)

As you know, there are a number of basic haircuts that, depending on the shape of the face, can be changed for a better and more stylish look. To choose the right hairstyle, consider several options for different types of hair and their length.

Short haircut. This hairstyle can successfully emphasize your personality. Give the fringe a “playful” negligence.


A bob haircut is another basic and stylish haircut. Ideally, this haircut will look if it is made more elongated, to the level of the ears.

 haircuts for a triangular face (photo) based on a square

A hairstyle that suits almost everyone, regardless of the shape of the face. This haircut can have several options and each of them is perfect for a fragile female nature. “Bob” can be called a universal hairstyle.

This hairstyle visually corrects your face. You can always add decorative elements to it, which will create an evening version of the hairstyle and will delight you with a variety.

“Bob” looks very beautiful and with straight hair. The hairstyle will look very feminine. She in a special way gives grace to her mistress. Elongated “Bob” with straight hair is another great option for creating a stylish look..

 haircuts for a triangular face (photo) using graduation


Hairstyle Cascade – Great Choice!


Be the most beautiful beauty! Good luck!