Cherry Cheesecake

Fast and delicious dessert with cherries for the festive table. For it, you can use both cottage cheese and ordinary cottage cheese, which, together with cream in a blender, turns into a gentle smooth cream. Bon Appetit!


Shortbread Cookies – 150 grams
Butter – 70 grams
Curd cheese (or cottage cheese) – 400 grams
Cream 32% – 200 grams
Powdered Sugar – 100 grams

How to make a cherry cheesecake in a glass

Mix cherries with sugar and lemon juice. Grind cookies into crumbs, melt butter. Mix cookies and butter, put on the bottom of the glasses.
Beat curd cheese, cream and powdered sugar with a mixer at medium speed until a firm, dense mass. Put the cream on top of the cookies, then lay the cherries. Make 2 layers of dessert. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours before serving..

Bon Appetit!