Avocado Salad

This wonderful dish will surprise you and your loved ones on New Year’s Eve! Bon Appetit!


200 gr chicken fillet or shrimp
4 pcs eggs
1 pc avocado
1 pc cucumber
0.5 pcs lemon
50 gr olive oil (vegetable)
Salt, pepper – to taste
lettuce to your taste

How to make avocado salad

Boil and finely chop meat and eggs. Also finely chop the cucumbers (best in cubes). Pour these products into a separate bowl and mix thoroughly with mayonnaise. Season with oil (preferably olive), add the juice of half a lemon.

Now avocado.

Cut the fruit “at the equator” into 2 equal slices. The bone is carefully removed so as not to damage the external structure of the fetus. We extract the juicy pulp with the help of a spoon – it will become the decoration of the “New Year’s salad”. Put the salad in the avocado peel, place the dessert on top – avocado pulp.
You can also use cucumber as a decor. It can be cut in the form of a Christmas tree or other holiday figures! If you like shrimp, then replace the chicken fillet with shrimp. Happy New Year!

Bon Appetit!