Couple in love – Taylor Swift and Drake

The rapper introduced the girl to his mother

Every day, in Hollywood, another couple breaks up, but new unions also appear. For example, Drake recently officially introduced Taylor Swift to his mother, as well as other relatives who gathered to congratulate the musician on his thirtieth birthday..

Union in Love – Taylor Swift and Rapper Drake

A month ago it would be logical to suggest that the singer Rihanna could take the honorable place of the birthday party’s companion, but who expected her role to be played by the recently re-released Swift.


According to insiders, Drake had long dreamed of introducing Taylor to his loved ones: the musicians have been maintaining close relations since 2013. Despite the fact that at the rapper’s birthday party, young people did not step away from one another, sources close to the couple say that there can be nothing between them except friendships.


Recall that a month ago in the press there was information about the breakup of Drake and Rihanna: after a romantic declaration of love from the scene of MTV VMA, the rapper soon received a resignation from the temperamental beauty.

As for Taylor Swift, whose legends are loving in Hollywood, after breaking up with DJ Calvin Harris


the singer quickly found solace in the arms of Tom Hiddleston. True, she was happy with him no longer than three months.