Kanye West says he plans to run for president: Chloe Kardashian is the first to support him

The musician has repeatedly said that he was going to run for president. At first I wanted to fight for the “throne” in 2016, then I threatened to do it in 2020, and in the fall I announced a new date – 2024.

“Yes, it will happen one hundred percent. I will participate in the presidential race in five years,” Kanye told listeners at Power 92 in September.

Kanye West

It seems that this time he was not joking. At least, caps in the style of his beloved president – Donald Trump – have already begun to distribute. A red baseball cap labeled “Make America Great Again” has become a symbol of the campaign of the current US leader. At Kanye, it turned into beige (one of the key shades of all West Yeezy brand collections) with the slogan Kanye For President. Chloe Kardashian put her first on shopping with her sister Courtney.

Kanye West says he plans to run for president in the 2024 election, and it looks like he has one big supporter – Chloe Kardashian !!!

Why not! What do you think about it?

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