Why do teeth turn yellow and how to get rid of it?

We all dream, watching TV screens, to have the same dizzying smile as actors and singers. But it should be recognized that in ordinary life most people have problem teeth, often encountering yellowness and plaque. Focusing on unattainable idealized images created by popular culture, many townsfolk suffer from external data and try to fool nature.

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Why teeth turn yellow and how to get rid of it?

Why teeth turn yellow?

Scientific studies prove that often the color of bone tissue is genetically programmed in a child, and there is nothing to be done about this natural phenomenon. By nature, people do not have white incisors at all, the shade varies from gray-blue to yellowish beige for any of us.

Remember, the desire to have dazzling white teeth is purely cultural, imposed by social stereotypes about the canons of beauty. You should not be ashamed of your naturalness.

Celebrities spend a lot of money and time on creating the effect of a luxurious smile, which in the end, even from the screens and the scoreboard looks unnatural.

But it also happens that the jaw of an adult or child changes color and not for the better. And this has nothing to do with heritability and natural color. Let’s find out what teeth can turn yellow?

  Common causes of tooth enamel discoloration:

In the first place – the influence of tobacco smoke. The smoker suffers not only lungs, but also significantly worsens the condition of the skin, nails and dentin.

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Why teeth turn yellow and how to get rid of it?

The enamel is covered with cracks from the constant action of hot nicotine and resins. Smoldering and burning processes release tobacco tar molecules, which cover the cavity with a yellow coating.

It is very difficult to get rid of pathogenic inclusions that attract microbes due to the presence of cracks;

Among the most harmful drinks are coffee and strong black tea. Do not get involved in the use of these hot drinks, they act on the cavity like cigarettes. In this case, the color of the enamel will darken and you will have to return to the dentist’s chair;

There is a list of products that are harmful to enamel..
Among them, the most dangerous products that contain dyes. It can be sweet waters and juices, cheap sweets and candies. In combination with acidic, their negative effect is manifested to a greater extent.

Acids corrode unprotected or damaged areas, forming spots. Then it’s very easy to color these areas when you eat junk food..

Acid acts as a fixative for pigments and makes bones sensitive to external stimuli;

Fine enamel. Yellow color can be caused by the innate thinness of the enamel layer in a child. Over time, this layer under the influence of external factors is depleted and exposes the dentin located under the upper layer. Dentin itself is yellow; it is its natural color. To change the color in this case is very difficult, you can only replace the teeth with dentures or wear special pads;

Natural aging. Elderly people are faced with the natural aging of the body and the extinction of certain body functions. Vitamin B and calcium are very poorly absorbed, which significantly worsens the condition of hair, nails, cartilage and bone tissue. That is why the jaw loses its attractiveness and healthy appearance. This process cannot be stopped by observing the rules of oral hygiene, using expensive pasta and special elixirs;

Bad habits. By harmful we mean all those habits that negatively affect the health status of your body. They can be listed endlessly – these are alcohol, smoking, physical inactivity, non-observance of personal hygiene rules, poor nutrition, stress, lack of sleep. Even the habit of biting pens and pencils, biting off sewing threads and polyethylene;

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Why teeth turn yellow and how to get rid of it?

Neglect of oral hygiene. If a child is not taught to systematically and properly brush teeth from early childhood, it will be difficult to save them not only from clouding, but also from tooth decay and premature loss;

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Why teeth turn yellow and how to get rid of it?

Do not forget to undergo a seasonal examination at the dentist. If dentin is sick, it can change color, while destructive processes occur inside: the root rots, the nerve becomes inflamed, and the pulp dies. If your dentin is different from the neighboring ones, you should immediately go to the dentist’s office;

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Why teeth turn yellow and how to get rid of it?

The harmful effects of antibiotics. The abuse of pills and various drugs worsens the condition of microflora and contributes to the development of infections in the oral cavity. Tetracycline, which disrupts potassium-sodium metabolism, is especially undesirable. Be sure to find out the causes of the disease when you notice that the teeth turn yellow.

Some tips on preventing yellowness:

  • drink only purified water,
  • refuse delicacies with dyes;
  • observe oral hygiene;
  • After eating, you should use a mouthwash;
  • quit smoking and give up hot coffee.

If you notice a clear yellowing of the dentin enamel, then there are several ways to get rid of this unpleasant problem.

Many people, having not fully understood why the teeth turned yellow, and how this could be avoided, immediately decide to whiten them.

This should not be done, because the color of dentin, as well as the color of skin, hair and eyes, can be natural. And medical intervention will lead to a weakening of the protective functions of enamel. Specialists note that the yellowish coating is much stronger than other patients.

Many parents do not understand why their child’s teeth have turned yellow, and they immediately panic. If you have yellow teeth in general satisfactory health, it is better to refuse whitening. It should be remembered that when lightening, the protective layer of the bone suffers, which in the future will lead to problems of caries.


Lightening is by far the easiest and fastest way to eliminate the causes of imperfection..

This procedure is especially important for public people working in the service sector and media workers. If career success depends on your ideal appearance and smile, you can whiten the problem area.

Choose the right type of enamel improvement in the clinic with your dentist. This correction should be carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist..

Artisanal bleaching methods with soda, powder and ash can permanently damage your enamel..

There are several methods of color correction: The most effective and safe – laser brushing. Its only drawback is the high price, which is quite explainable by the painstakingness and complexity of this process..

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Why teeth turn yellow and how to get rid of it?

In addition, not all dental clinics can afford expensive equipment;

You can also whiten with ultrasound. This method is quite effective, especially in the treatment of stains from coffee and tobacco smoke;

Another alternative is to bleach with photocells. In this case, the effect is achieved by applying a chemical that, in contact with ultraviolet light, frees the enamel from plaque;

In the case of especially neglected, if the dentin turns yellow due to caries, infection or the death of the nerve, they are replaced with veneers or put on special prostheses.

Do not worry, veneers are selected to match the color of the remaining teeth and the difference will not be noticeable when in contact with people and in communication.

Take care of the health of your smile from childhood, do not eat enamel-corrosive substances, lead a healthy lifestyle, and the result will not be long in coming.

If the shade of dentin bothers you or your child, consult a specialist for advice, do not kill the protective layer with whitening with citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, or other alkaline solutions..