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How to fix crooked teeth: choose methods for correcting the dentition


The scientific curvature of teeth is called dentoalveolar deformation or abnormality. Many people consider this a problem, they are ashamed of their smile, while others, on the contrary, say that this is their highlight. Problems in this area are dealt with by an orthodontist. All measures aimed at leveling are carried out jointly with the dentist, since it is possible to correct such anomalies only after the elimination of all types of diseases of the oral cavity.

Why do some people have crooked teeth?

There are several reasons that lead to this phenomenon. Most often, this happens in childhood. However, the doctor still cannot reliably say what exactly causes the deformation.

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Why do some people have crooked teeth?

Why is this happening:

  • Lack of stimulation of tooth growth. This happens in infancy with natural feeding, when the nipple opening is quite large;
  • Bad habits: sucking a finger, biting a lip. They can lead to non-closure of the jaws and lengthening of the upper jaw relative to the lower;
  • Nibbling pens and pencils. Such a bad habit occurs in children 5-7 years old who are preparing for school;
  • Heredity. If parents have problems of this kind, then similar can be observed in their children;
  • Lack of solid foods in childhood. Solid food helps to erase milk teeth and promotes proper formation of permanent teeth;
  • Shortened frenum of tongue or lip. Pathology leads to defective chewing of food, impaired speech, exfoliation of the gums;
  • It is necessary to treat milk teeth. Premature loss or decay leads to the fact that permanent teeth grow crooked;
  • Rickets and a number of other pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. After all, teeth are bones; therefore, if they are disturbed in the musculoskeletal system, they also suffer;
  • Bad habits of the mother during pregnancy. This includes smoking, alcohol, inhalation of chemical fumes, and stress..
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How to fix crooked teeth?

How to fix crooked teeth?

Specialists in this field are divided on when to start fixing a similar problem..

In children, the last permanent teeth erupt quite late – at about 12 years of age. The full formation of the series will take several more years. The final “bite points” form at about 16 years old. It is by such that you can judge the wrong arrangement of teeth. In addition, it often happens that a tooth that previously lacked space in the mouth finds it over time.

However, in the case where the cause of the defect is too obvious, radical steps must be taken. Severe anomalies are recommended to be corrected as soon as possible..

This is due to the fact that incorrectly growing teeth can deform the jaw, spoil the appearance of a person, cause complications associated with chewing food, failures in the digestive tract and respiratory tract.

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Why do some people have crooked teeth?

It should be noted that in adults the wrong bite is much easier to fix than in children. However, there are situations when too crooked teeth cannot be corrected even with the help of innovative methods of dentistry. In this situation, there is only one thing left – to resort to the installation of dentures.

In addition, one must take into account the fact that the younger the person, the higher the ability of his body to regenerate, so staples and plates are prescribed from about 18 years old. An experienced orthodontist or dentist can assess the chances and preliminary results. The specialist conducts a study, makes a jaw impression or tomogram.

How to fix crooked teeth?

This problem can be classified into two options:

Aesthetic difficulties and pathological complications. In the first case, specialists are addressed only because people do not like their appearance.

In the second case, it is simply necessary to solve the problem, since deformation is observed, which leads to caries, dysfunction of the oral mucosa, problems with internal organs, etc..
It often happens that a person cannot independently determine what kind of problem this refers to, whether any serious pathologies are hidden behind it. Therefore, in any situation, consultation with a specialist orthodontist is required, which will establish possible causes and determine treatment methods.

Before starting to fix the problem, you need to visit the dentist, cure all affected teeth, get rid of stones and caries.

This is a very important point that should not be missed, as caries can be aggravated, which will lead to aggravation of existing problems..

Why do some people have crooked teeth

Why do some people have crooked teeth?

What to do if you want to straighten crooked teeth?

The curvature can be eliminated by two methods: removable and non-removable devices.

Removable are various plates, which are made individually for each patient. These are based on plastic, to which wires, cogs and springs are attached, depending on the complexity of the anomaly.

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Why do some people have crooked teeth?

Fixed – these are braces – devices in the form of squares or rectangles that have grooves for fastening. They are fixed with a wire that stretches all over the jaw..

Braces, in turn, are divided into metal, lingual and aesthetic.
The latter look most beautiful, but, accordingly, are more expensive than the others. They are made of ceramics, composite, sapphires. A feature of lingual braces is that when correcting crooked teeth, they are attached to the inside of the teeth, unlike all others.

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How to fix crooked teeth?

These are often used precisely in adulthood. It is important to note that they are characterized by the least efficiency..

In addition, there are special expanding devices and lingual arches that help fix the teeth in the right position. As a rule, the latter are applied after operation of braces.

It is quite difficult to answer the question of how long it will take to achieve the final result. In each case, the wearing of brackets or plates requires an individual time. The dentist determines this moment. When using such products, you will have to visit a doctor every month.

He will check how the treatment is going, and when wearing braces – whether they have shifted. Also, the doctor will evaluate the condition of the oral cavity, since often such products adversely affect enamel.

It happens that braces are worn for years, and the result is negligible. Others have six months to fix the whole defect..

In many ways, this factor depends on the body, the presence of vitamins, the speed of regeneration and recovery. It should be noted that it is quite important to saturate the body with the necessary useful substances, in particular magnesium, calcium and iron.

How to fix crooked teeth without using braces?

Eliner – a silicone or plastic mouthpiece that repeats the shape of the jaw. Acts on the principle of braces.

Advantages: imperceptible, can be removed if necessary, minimal toothache when getting used to, no nutritional restrictions, oral care is not complicated, can be treated by a dentist when hypoallergenic, can be used for whitening, has no contraindications. Disadvantages: high price, you need to remove before eating, it may fall out, long production time, ineffective with complex anomalies;

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How to fix crooked teeth without using braces?

Trainer – a multifunctional orthodontic device resembling a capa.

Advantages: it can be worn by children under 10 years of age, helps to correct children’s problems (sucking a finger, improperly positioned tongue), effective at any age, can be worn only at night and at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, you can buy it yourself, use it to correct diction, and are effective for malocclusion and anomalous location, do not interfere with a meal, do not require care, there are no difficulties with addiction, the relative cheapness of the product. Disadvantages: long-term treatment – at least 1 year, can cause soreness during the addictive period, may occur at night.

Crooked teeth: negative impact

Such a defect can adversely affect speech. Often this interferes with chewing food normally, as a result of which digestive system diseases occur.

Defects affect the overall appearance. Most people want to look attractive at any age. Those with similar anomalies are often shy about smiling.

Orthodontic treatment will allow you to feel more confident, relieve complexes about your appearance. Only one correction will allow you to cope immediately with two problems: aesthetic and functional. In addition, it will positively affect a person’s self-esteem..

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